81hiphophttp://www.blackvibes.com/the81hiphop/The Founder Mont Phillips aka DJ Zar The A&R from Cleveland OH, Delivered a concept in 2006 to underground artist across the globe, covering all music genres. The concept was to give unknown and unsigned artist an outlet to be heard. It seemed to be an instant success. Artists and Bands from across the nation and beyond started to send Mont Cd's to be played on his online station and as a keeper of promise artist that mainstream radio listeners have never heard were given a chance to be judged by everyday music lovers. We Hold these same standards today at 81hiphop. 81hiphop was founded 2014. We are a brand new break out Radio Station. The Music industry is not the easiest of professions to break into not only does it take a lot of hard work and dedication it also includes marketing, advertising, promoting, concerts and you need to know the "right" people. We offer artists and bands an outlet that targets A&R's, Producers, DJ's, Labels, and ETC... We play a big part in marketing for artists and bands without them feeling financially crunched. We want to hear from you, as we all grow together with one common goal, "TO BE HEARD"en-uscomzartheanr@gmail.comhttp://81hiphop.comOfficial81HH81hiphop81hiphop115968ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/9421626631ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3568931435http://www.blackvibes.com/images/bvc/125/25443-photos-tab-header-81h.jpghttp://www.blackvibes.com/images/bvc/125/25444-videos-tab-header-81h.jpghttp://www.blackvibes.com/images/bvc/125/25449-radio-tab-photo-81hip.jpg599886582800000000e218182167592515B01ANCC8KO12/30/1899 12:00:00 AMthe81hiphophttp://www.blackvibes.com/the81hiphop/http://www.blackvibes.com/images/users/18701-the81hiphop.jpgVintage Nation - Cuz I'm Blackhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-vintage-nation-cuz-im-black/features/blogs/the81hiphop-vintage-nation-cuz-im-black/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-vintage-nation-cuz-im-black/#commentsFri, 12 Feb 2016 05:17 GMTVintage Nation is a Georgia grown band comprised of lead singer and guitarist Atia Boggs, better known as Ink, and guitarist Joseph Davis, better known as Jow. These free spirited and talented musicians have made a name for themselves street performing throughout Atlanta and playing in numerous festivals including SXSW, A3C and One Music Fest. Advocates of love and good vibes, this group brings a unique sound and style to today's musical landscape. Not only does Ink write her own songs but she has also written for the likes of Usher, Rick Ross, Tamar Braxton, Keri Hilson, Moncia and Trae Tha Truth. Ink's voice is captivating and soulful and her classic sound has been recognized by some of the biggest stars like Andre 3000 and Lauryn Hill. Vintage Nation's musical inspirations include Jimi Hendrix, Arrested Development, Janis Joplin, Tracy Chapman and Bob Marley just to name a few. Currently, Vintage Nation has teamed up with super producer Polow da Don to create their debut album. Without a doubt, Vintage Nation's passion and spirit will touch the world and be the voice for the new generation. Follow @Vintage_Nation on twitter! Follow @suprememktg on twitter! <a href="http://www.CuzImBlack.com" target="_blank">CuzImBlack.com</a> <a href="http://www.suprememktg.com" target="_blank">suprememktg.com</a> The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1393" target="_blank">Vintage Nation - Cuz I'm Black</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1393" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=1393</a>56332Hip Hop, Rap, Uncategorized, 81, Vintage Nation - Cuz I'm BlackFuture - Fly Shit Onlyhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-future-fly-shit-only/features/blogs/the81hiphop-future-fly-shit-only/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-future-fly-shit-only/#commentsWed, 10 Feb 2016 12:20 GMTBusting out of Atlanta in 2011 with his hit street track "Tony Montana," rapper Future grew up in Atlanta's Zone 6 section. Born Nayvadius Cash, hip-hop was in his family, as his cousin was producer Rico Wade. It was his local crew who gave him his moniker, dubbing him "The Future of Rap," something the nation got to experience in 2010 when he partnered with Gucci Mane for the mixtape Free Bricks. In 2011, he released the street album Streetz Calling and made a guest appearance on YC's mixtape hit "Racks." In the fall of that year, as "Tony Montana" was catching fire, it was announced that Future would be signing to the Epic Label Group thanks to producer and C.E.O. L.A. Reid. Future's debut album, Pluto, landed on Epic proper in 2012. Featuring valuable input from Snoop Dogg, T.I., and Juicy J, it debuted at number two on the pop chart. Later that year, Future enjoyed high-profile credits (co-writing and performance) on Rihanna's Unapologetic with the track "Loveeeeeee Song," and early 2013 brought a compilation mixtape, F.B.G.: The Movie, on his own Freebandz imprint. Later that year, Future and Ciara announced their engagement. Future's second full-length album, initially known as Future Hendrix but later retitled Honest, was issued in early 2014. It earned both critical acclaim and popular success and peaked at number two. Two singles from the album, "Move That Dope" (featuring Pharrell, Pusha T, and Casino) and "I Won" (featuring Kanye West), charted inside the rap Top 20. A few months after the album's release, Future and Ciara's split was publicized. During late 2014 and early 2015, Future went on a creative roll with three mixtapes, as well as another major hit, "Fuck Up Some Commas." They primed his fans for third album DS2, which debuted at number one in July 2015. Only two months later, What a Time to Be Alive, a mixtape collaboration with Drake, reached the same spot. ~ David Jeffries Follow @1future on twitter! <a href="http://freebandz.com" target="_blank">freebandz.com</a> <a href="http://smarturl.it/FUTURE.EVOL" target="_blank">smarturl.it/FUTURE.EVOL</a> Contact: 213-788-4325 / <a href="http://blackvibes.commailto:Booking@Freebandz.com" target="_blank">Booking@Freebandz.com</a> The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1384" target="_blank">Future - Fly Shit Only</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1384" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=1384</a>56186Hip Hop, Rap, Uncategorized, 81, Cleveland, hip, hop, LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, Outkast, Young JeezyJ.Rosariohttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-jrosario/features/blogs/the81hiphop-jrosario/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-jrosario/#commentsTue, 9 Feb 2016 06:53 GMTJ.Rosario also Known as "Punchline J" is a Hispanic / American recording artist. Known for his "New York" style of rap, llyrical word play, and punchlines, J.Rosario is a quickly rising star in the music industry and has a noticeably large popularity among the mix tape scene. J.Rosario has released multiple mix tapes &amp; can be heard on songs with artists from DBlock, Street Family, Odg &amp; Others. He has opened up for many major artists and also professionally engineers all of his own music. Former radio personality of number one rated hip hop show. First single sold 10,000 copies as an independent artist. <center><b><a href="http://www.audiomack.com/embed4-album/jrosario-punchlinej/cocaine-city-tape" target="_blank"><div style="background:black; width:130px; height:70px"><img src="https://s.audiomack.com/images/header/am-header-logo.png" width="130" height="70" border="0" /></div></a> <a href="http://www.audiomack.com/embed4-album/jrosario-punchlinej/cocaine-city-tape" target="_blank">Listen on AudioMack</a></b></center> Follow @punchlinej on twitter! <a href="https://www.reverbnation.com/punchlinej" target="_blank">reverbnation.com/punchlinej</a> <a href="https://soundcloud.com/punchlinej" target="_blank">soundcloud.com/punchlinej</a> <a href="http://www.audiomack.com/album/jrosario-punchlinej/cocaine-city-tape" target="_blank">audiomack.com/album/jrosario-punchlinej/cocaine-city-tape</a> <a href="http://www.datpiff.com/Freck-Billionaire-Cocaine-City-Tape-mixtape.765261.html" target="_blank">datpiff.com/Freck-Billionaire-Cocaine-City-Tape-mixtape.765261.html </a> Press | Bookings | Business Contact: <a href="http://blackvibes.commailto:PunchlineJ@Gmail.com" target="_blank">PunchlineJ@Gmail.com</a> 716-680-1520 The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1380" target="_blank">J.Rosario</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1380" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=1380</a>56134Hip Hop, Rap, Uncategorized, 81, hip, hop, J.RosarioBeyoncehttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-beyonce/features/blogs/the81hiphop-beyonce/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-beyonce/#commentsSun, 7 Feb 2016 02:24 GMTBeyonc Giselle Knowles-Carter (/bi j nse / bee-yon-say) (born September 4, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she performed in various singing and dancing competitions as a child, and rose to fame in the late 1990s as lead singer of R&amp;B girl-group Destiny's Child. Managed by her father, Mathew Knowles, the group became one of the world's best-selling girl groups of all time. Their hiatus saw the release of Beyonc 's debut album, Dangerously in Love (2003), which established her as a solo artist worldwide, earned five Grammy Awards and featured the Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles "Crazy in Love" and "Baby Boy". Following the disbandment of Destiny's Child in June 2005, she released her second solo album, B'Day (2006), which contained hits "D j Vu", "Irreplaceable", and "Beautiful Liar". Beyonc also ventured into acting, with a Golden Globe-nominated performance in Dreamgirls (2006), and starring roles in The Pink Panther (2006) and Obsessed (2009). Her marriage to rapper Jay Z and portrayal of Etta James in Cadillac Records (2008) influenced her third album, I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008), which saw the birth of her alter-ego Sasha Fierce and earned a record-setting six Grammy Awards in 2010, including Song of the Year for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)". Beyonc took a hiatus from music in 2010 and took over management of her career; her fourth album 4 (2011) was subsequently mellower in tone, exploring 1970s funk, 1980s pop, and 1990s soul. Her critically acclaimed fifth studio album, Beyonc (2013), was distinguished from previous releases by its experimental production and exploration of darker themes. A self-described "modern-day feminist", Beyonc creates songs that are often characterized by themes of love, relationships, and monogamy, as well as female sexuality and empowerment. On stage, her dynamic, highly choreographed performances have led to critics hailing her as one of the best entertainers in contemporary popular music. Throughout a career spanning 19 years, she has sold over 118 million records as a solo artist, and a further 60 million with Destiny's Child, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. She has won 20 Grammy Awards and is the most nominated woman in the award's history. The Recording Industry Association of America recognized her as the Top Certified Artist in America during the 2000s decade. In 2009, Billboard named her the Top Radio Songs Artist of the Decade, the Top Female Artist of the 2000s and their Artist of the Millennium in 2011. Time listed her among the 100 most influential people in the world in 2013 and 2014. Forbes magazine also listed her as the most powerful female musician of 2015. Follow @Beyonce on twitter! Follow @MikeWiLLMadeIt on twitter! <a href="http://beyonce.com" target="_blank">beyonce.com</a> <center><b><a href="http://www.audiomack.com/embed4-large/hatermetal/formation" target="_blank"><div style="background:black; width:130px; height:70px"><img src="https://s.audiomack.com/images/header/am-header-logo.png" width="130" height="70" border="0" /></div></a> <a href="http://www.audiomack.com/embed4-large/hatermetal/formation" target="_blank">Listen on AudioMack</a></b></center> The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1376" target="_blank">Beyonce</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1376" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=1376</a>55976Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, Uncategorized, Beyonce, by, Formation, MikeWiLLMadeIt, Produced, BeyonceFuturehttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-future/features/blogs/the81hiphop-future/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-future/#commentsFri, 5 Feb 2016 17:22 GMTBusting out of Atlanta in 2011 with his hit street track "Tony Montana," rapper Future grew up in Atlanta's Zone 6 section. Born Nayvadius Cash, hip-hop was in his family, as his cousin was producer Rico Wade. It was his local crew who gave him his moniker, dubbing him "The Future of Rap," something the nation got to experience in 2010 when he partnered with Gucci Mane for the mixtape Free Bricks. In 2011, he released the street album Streetz Calling and made a guest appearance on YC's mixtape hit "Racks." In the fall of that year, as "Tony Montana" was catching fire, it was announced that Future would be signing to the Epic Label Group thanks to producer and C.E.O. L.A. Reid. Future's debut album, Pluto, landed on Epic proper in 2012. Featuring valuable input from Snoop Dogg, T.I., and Juicy J, it debuted at number two on the pop chart. Later that year, Future enjoyed high-profile credits (co-writing and performance) on Rihanna's Unapologetic with the track "Loveeeeeee Song," and early 2013 brought a compilation mixtape, F.B.G.: The Movie, on his own Freebandz imprint. Later that year, Future and Ciara announced their engagement. Future's second full-length album, initially known as Future Hendrix but later retitled Honest, was issued in early 2014. It earned both critical acclaim and popular success and peaked at number two. Two singles from the album, "Move That Dope" (featuring Pharrell, Pusha T, and Casino) and "I Won" (featuring Kanye West), charted inside the rap Top 20. A few months after the album's release, Future and Ciara's split was publicized. During late 2014 and early 2015, Future went on a creative roll with three mixtapes, as well as another major hit, "Fuck Up Some Commas." They primed his fans for third album DS2, which debuted at number one in July 2015. Only two months later, What a Time to Be Alive, a mixtape collaboration with Drake, reached the same spot. ~ David Jeffries Follow @1future on twitter! <a href="http://freebandz.com" target="_blank">freebandz.com</a> <a href="http://smarturl.it/FUTURE.EVOL" target="_blank">smarturl.it/FUTURE.EVOL</a> Booking: 213-788-4325 or <a href="http://blackvibes.commailto:Booking@Freebandz.com" target="_blank">Booking@Freebandz.com</a> The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1362" target="_blank">Future</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1362" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=1362</a>55939Hip Hop, Rap, Uncategorized, 81, hip, hop, FutureYo Gottihttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-yo-gotti/features/blogs/the81hiphop-yo-gotti/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-yo-gotti/#commentsFri, 5 Feb 2016 00:26 GMTYo Gotti is among the many hardcore rappers who came out of hip-hop's Dirty South school in the late '90s. He is also one of the hip-hoppers who derive part of their stage names from the late New York Mafioso John Gotti; others have included Big Gotti, Don Gotti, and Juan Gotti, among others. Not all Dirty South recordings are gangsta rap, but Yo Gotti has favored this thugged-out gangsta style, and he gets his inspiration from both Southern and non-Southern rappers. Master P and his New Orleans-based No Limit posse are an influence; so are N.W.A., Dr. Dre, and the late Tupac Shakur. Gotti's more sexually explicit lyrics also owe something to Oakland native Too Short, who was never a gangsta rapper but did a lot to popularize X-rated rap lyrics. Yo Gotti, however, isn't from the West Coast any more than he is from New Orleans; his stomping ground is Memphis, the city that gave us the Three 6 Mafia, Gangsta Blac, Eightball &amp; MJG, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, and quite a few other Dirty South artists. When Gotti boasts that he is "straight from the North," he doesn't mean the northern part of the United States; he means the northern part of Memphis, where he lived in the infamous, crime-ridden Ridge Crest housing projects. And Memphis' more dangerous neighborhoods have inspired many of Gotti's lyrics, which often describe the dangers of life in the 'hood. Gotti, however, doesn't always rap about crime and inner-city thug life; he also raps about sex quite a bit. After performing around Memphis in the '90s, Gotti started building a catalog in the early 2000s. His first album, From da Dope Game 2 da Rap Game, came out on the Inevitable label in 2000; his subsequent Inevitable releases included 2001's Self Explanatory and 2002's Block Burnin', Vol. 1. After that, Gotti signed with TVT and recorded Life, which came out in 2003. TVT released "Dirty South Soldiers" (a duet with Atlanta crunk star Lil' Jon) as Life's first single. After having his track "Full Time" featured in the film Hustle &amp; Flow, he released Back 2 da Basics in 2006. A series of Cocaine Muzik mixtapes carried the rapper to 2012 when his first major-label release, Live from the Kitchen, landed on RCA. The album I Am followed in 2013 and featured the singles "Act Right" with YG and Jeezy, plus "King Shit" featuring T.I. In 2015, he returned with the single "Errrbody" plus the mixtape Chapter One, both of them promotional tools for his fifth studio effort, The Art of the Hustle. ~ Alex Henderson Follow @YoGottiKOM on twitter! <a href="http://yogottimusic.com" target="_blank">yogottimusic.com</a> <a href="http://smarturl.it/TheArtofHustle" target="_blank">smarturl.it/TheArtofHustle</a> The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1359" target="_blank">Yo Gotti</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1359" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=1359</a>55889Rap, Uncategorized, 81, Cleveland, hip, Hip Hop, hop, Yo GottiMoreLYFhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-morelyf/features/blogs/the81hiphop-morelyf/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-morelyf/#commentsWed, 3 Feb 2016 18:32 GMTOnce again RaJah Di MessenJah also known as 16 GOD, owner and executive producer of MoreLYF Production, www.MoreLYF.com, and MoreLYF INC, Alongside his Band of Brothers SherLoc, &amp; Yung $partan(aka Gucci Prince), Known as Rastafarim(MLK)is giving us a new taste of his uniqueness and variety by the release of his brand new sound "EPIC/SOL' Music". With a Rastafarian Lifestyle, and Brooklyn upbringing, This innovative "EPIC" Music artist is proving to be exactly what the music industry needs right now!!! with the release of his latest album "THE AWAKENING (VOL. 1) on Itunes, and his single "KUSH-ites (Zonin)" {Produced by Mark Murrille} on his soundcloud Fanpage, he is sure to be the Peoples Choice all year Round! RaJah Di MessenJah has been Winning hearts with his Music since 2011 with the Release of his Holiday album "UniverSol Love", (Set for Re-release Next year). He has cultivated a Style that is unmatched and untouched by any other. With his experience of making music since the age of 8yrs old, Listening to artists like Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, and the O'Jays; he has developed a style that includes all brands of Music. EPIC/SOL' Music is a genre that consists of; Reggae, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, EDM, Pop, R&amp;B, Soft Rock, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Indie &amp; African Beat all in one. Quite the Change huh? RaJah Di MessenJah Is said to have some help on his Upcoming "MoreLYF LP: Limitless Power", from a few other Producers, Such as New Dersey Beats, Kendox, and Mark Murrille. But nonetheless, the young 24yr old Musician Independently and Passionately Composes and engineers his Own Music, as well as the Musicians on his Label "MoreLYF Prod." RaJah says that "Bringing LYF to music will finally Bring Music to LYF". He has a Philosophy that Fits and Promotes his Musical Persona very well. As you can see Life is purposely incorrect, and also scrambled. As it is an abbreviation, standing for, Luv, Yah &amp; Faith; which gives us all Wings to FLY! Having conscious and Inspirational lyrics riding over a Conceptual yet thrilling rhythm, and a Distinctive yet Soothing voice, RaJah Di MessenJah, will Definitely Bring MoreLYF to his Profession! Follow @RaJahMessenJah8 on twitter! Contact: More Lyf <a href="http://blackvibes.commailto:morelyfpro@gmail.com" target="_blank">morelyfpro@gmail.com</a> 954-870-0579 The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1348" target="_blank">MoreLYF</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1348" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=1348</a>55811Hip Hop, Rap, Uncategorized, 81, MoreLYFDrakehttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-drake/features/blogs/the81hiphop-drake/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-drake/#commentsSun, 31 Jan 2016 04:17 GMTDrake was a cross-platform cultural phenomenon in the 2010s. The songwriter, producer, rapper, and singer sustained a high-level commercial presence shortly after he turned to rapping in 2006, whether on his own chart-topping releases or through a long string of guest appearances on hits by the likes of Lil Wayne, Rihanna, and A$AP Rocky. Each one of the former child actor's first three albums, as well as a 2015 mixtape that followed them, topped the album charts in his native Canada and in the U.S. Though he caroused with his most hedonistic contemporaries, Drake was frequently praised for his sensitive, introspective approach to rap and R&amp;B. Known initially for his role as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation, the Toronto, Ontario-born Aubrey Drake Graham stepped out as a rapper and singer with pop appeal in 2006, when he initiated a series of mixtapes. A year later, despite being unsigned, he scored major exposure when his cocky and laid-back track "Replacement Girl," featuring Trey Songz, was featured on BET's 106 &amp; Park program as its "Joint of the Day." He raised his profile throughout the next several months by popping up on countless mixtapes and remixes, and as rumors swirled about contract offers from labels, he gradually became one of the most talked-about artists in the industry. It did not hurt that he had support from the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne. By the end of June 2009, "Best I Ever Had," a promotional single, had climbed to number two on Billboard's Hot R&amp;B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. After a fierce bidding war, Drake signed with Universal Motown in late summer and released an EP (So Far Gone) made up of songs from his popular So Far Gone mixtape. It peaked at number six on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and won a 2010 Juno Award for Rap Recording of the Year. Thank Me Later, a full-length featuring collaborations with the Kings of Leon, the-Dream, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne, was issued through Young Money the following year. It debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. Still, the artist felt his debut was rushed, so its 2011 follow-up arrived with the title Take Care, referencing the increased time and effort put into the album's creation. Receiving critical acclaim, Grammy Awards, and the number one slot on the U.S. Billboard 200, Take Care cemented Drake's place as one of Canada's biggest exports. In 2012, while on tour, Drake announced that he had started work on what would be his third studio album. Nothing Was the Same was released in September of 2013. The album spawned many singles, topped charts around the world, was shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize, and was nominated for a Best Rap Album Grammy. Soon after the album's release he hit the road on an extended tour, taking time off for collabos and a few singles, included the Grammy-nominated "0 to 100/The Catch Up." His next release was planned as a free mixtape before Cash Money decided they would rather charge for it. The decidedly downbeat If You're Reading This It's Too Late was released in early 2015 and debuted at number one, while all 17 of its songs entered the Hot R&amp;B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. What a Time to Be Alive, a mixtape collaboration with Future that featured the single "Jumpman," went straight to number one that September. ~ Andy Kellman Follow @Drake on twitter! <a href="http://octobersveryown.com" target="_blank">octobersveryown.com</a> The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1311" target="_blank">Drake</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=1311" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=1311</a>55550Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, Uncategorized, DrakeMigoshttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-migos/features/blogs/the81hiphop-migos/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-migos/#commentsThu, 28 Jan 2016 20:33 GMTWhile their rise to fame was somewhere between fast and meteoric, the Atlanta trio Migos are steeped in the Southern tradition of hip-hop groups, having come together due to their shared love of acts like the Hot Boys and OutKast. Members Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff came together in 2009 under the name Polo Club, with the name Migos becoming official in 2010. In 2012 they released the mixtape No Label, which featured the cut "Bando," a regional hit that caught the attention of producer Zaytoven and Kevin Lee aka Coach K, the manager who launched the careers of Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. The year 2013 was a whirlwind as June saw the group drop its Young Rich N*ggas mixtape, which featured the instant hit "Versace." That same year, Coach K got them on the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash, a popular Atlanta festival where Migos came across their newest fan, Drake. The rapper added a verse to the "Versace" remix and put the cut on his 2013 album, Nothing Was the Same. Featuring the hit single "Fight Night," 2014's No Label II was the group's next high-profile release, as it was a mixtape distributed by major-label Atlantic. In 2015, the label released the debut album Yung Rich Nation, which featured the single "One Time." ~ David Jeffries Follow @Migos on twitter! The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=699" target="_blank">Migos</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=699" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=699</a>55458Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Drake, GUCCI MANE, Kevin Lee aka Coach K, Offset, Outkast, Quavo, Takeoff, the HoARTIST ON THE RISE: J-starr the princehttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-artist-rise-jstarr-prince/features/blogs/the81hiphop-artist-rise-jstarr-prince/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-artist-rise-jstarr-prince/#commentsWed, 27 Jan 2016 20:51 GMTJordan Cortes (born Nov 12 1996), better known by his stage name <b>J-starr the prince </b>, is an American rapper of Latin descent from Brooklyn/Queens New York. He is powered by his team Offdahookent. J starr started releasing Freestyles &amp; singles in 2013. In 2014 he released his 1st mixtape "Let's get it" on <a href="http://datpiff.com/" target="_blank">Datpiff.com</a> &amp; began performing in clubs, venues, &amp; charities thru out NYC due to his catchy punchlines , flow creativity, explosive energy and his variety styles of music. He has been able to establish a growing fan base which has took him across the states as an opening act for artist such as <strong>Fred the Godson, Cassidy, Vado, Spliff Star</strong> &amp; many more. His biggest single to date "Take em down" featuring South side Chicago's Tay600 can be found on YouTube &amp; on soundcloud. His up an coming collaborations include <strong>Cory Gunz</strong> &amp; <strong>Philly Freeway</strong> just to name a few. Noticed for his hard work &amp; dedication to his craft Jstarr was featured with a small write up on this years 2015 <strong>XXL Magazine</strong> Freshmen edition. Be sure to follow this young man via all social media outlets as he makes a name for his brand in the music industry. <a href="http://www.twitter.com/jstarr_prince" target="_blank">http://www.twitter.com/jstarr_prince</a> <a href="<a http://www.instagram.com/jstarrtheprince" target="_blank">http://www.instagram.com/jstarrtheprince</a> <a href="<a https://m.facebook.com/JSTARRTHEPRINCE" target="_blank">https://m.facebook.com/JSTARRTHEPRINCE</a> <a href="<a https://soundcloud.com/jstarrtheprince-1" target="_blank">https://soundcloud.com/jstarrtheprince-1</a> The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=680" target="_blank">ARTIST ON THE RISE: J-starr the prince</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=680" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=680</a>55403Artist On The Rise, artist, hip, hop, j, prince, rise, star, ARTIST ON THE RISE: J-starr the princePRODUCTION: Keith Shocklee (BOMB SQUAD)http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-production-keith-shocklee-bomb-squad/features/blogs/the81hiphop-production-keith-shocklee-bomb-squad/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-production-keith-shocklee-bomb-squad/#commentsMon, 25 Jan 2016 18:20 GMTKeith Shocklee aka Wizard K Jee is an American DJ and music producer. He'll be the first to ask you not to label him 'just' a HIP HOP. "I was spinning records, diggin in crates, and throwing the best parties on Long Island before Hip Hop was even given that name." His humble beginnings from this community youth center to Spectrum City DJ's on Long Island to the Rock &amp; Roll Hall of Fame. Keith Shocklee began living the DJ Lifestyle by using self-engineered, makeshift mixers and speakers from Rock n' Roll equipment such as Peavey electronics. He is an original member of Public Enemy's super production group, The Bomb Squad (with Chuck D). As a member of the Bomb Squad, Rolling Stone named Shocklee "one of the greatest producers in hip-hop" for the innovative albums "It Takes A Nation OfMillions To Hold Us Back" and "Fear Of A Black Planet". He has since gone on to work recording artists: LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Bel Biv Devoe, Sin ad O'Connor and many other big-name acts. He co-produced the singles "BRING THE NOISE" and "FIGHT THE POWER" which were included on Rolling Stone's list of the "500 Greatest Songs of all time". In April 2013, Keith Shocklee was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alongside his childhood friends, Chuck D and Flavor Flav. And though he has written and produced multi-platinum selling artists, songs, and albums, Keith Shocklee stays true to his roots in DJ culture, by Djing parties across the globe, and keeping the traditions of DJ culture alive in the ears of many. Keith Shocklee is highly respected in the DJ world, and often shares his wisdom with the next generation of music producer and DJ. Keith Shocklee mentors, and produce young music artists and DJ's and keep creativity at its highest. He develops and produces weekly radio shows on Rap Station. www.rapstation.com In addition to producing work with life-time friend and co-producer, Chuck D, Shocklee has teamed up with a young, enormously talented producer, DJ Journey, whom together form the DJ Duo: Spectrum City. Again...Keith Shocklee in his DJ lifestyle at its roots. <a href="http://www.twitter.com/keithshocklee" target="_blank">www.twitter.com/keithshocklee </a> The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=656" target="_blank">PRODUCTION: Keith Shocklee (BOMB SQUAD)</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=656" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=656</a>55264Production, bomb, hip, hop, keith, production, shackle, squad, PRODUCTION: Keith Shocklee (BOMB SQUAFLASHBACK FRIDAYS: Kool Dj Red Alert on 98.7 Kiss Fm (1985)http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-flashback-fridays-kool-dj-red-alert-987-kiss-fm-1985/features/blogs/the81hiphop-flashback-fridays-kool-dj-red-alert-987-kiss-fm-1985/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-flashback-fridays-kool-dj-red-alert-987-kiss-fm-1985/#commentsFri, 22 Jan 2016 20:05 GMT<center><a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=5fsj98Rfrzs" target="_blank"><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/5fsj98Rfrzs/default.jpg" border="0" /> Watch Video on YouTube</a></center> I miss the way the Dj's use to rock the radio back in the days, Take a listen to the Vet <a href="http://www.twitter.com/kooldjredalert" target="_blank">DJ RED ALERT</a> do his thing back in the day on 98.7 Kiss Fm NYC The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=638" target="_blank">FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: Kool Dj Red Alert on 98.7 Kiss Fm (1985)</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=638" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=638</a>55119Hip Hop, 1985, alert, back, flash, hip, hop, red, FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: Kool Dj Red Alert on 98.7 Kiss ARTIST ON THE RISE: LIVIN PROOFhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-artist-rise-livin-proof/features/blogs/the81hiphop-artist-rise-livin-proof/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-artist-rise-livin-proof/#commentsThu, 21 Jan 2016 18:43 GMTNew York has a certain appeal that never falters. The fast pace of life, the flamboyant sense of style the city exudes leaves a lasting impression. So when it comes to those nurtured within the confines of the five boroughs, they too are intent on making their mark. Born Obress Guy, Brooklyn MC, Livin Proof is no stranger to the spotlight. He came up in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn inspired by his piano playing Grandfather, and his Grandmother, an advocate for family values. While a strong family influence was prevalent, his progression into music came after a spell of 'street life.' Here, he was 'taught good at being bad' by his friend Bingo and quickly adhered to the fundamentals of street life. Like anything he turns his hand too, this New Yorker was determined to be the best but succumbing to the streets and what they had on offer wasn't going to be Livin Proof's final destination. With Rap and Hip-Hop, being the soundtrack to his life, music was more of a necessity to Obress than an additional extra. He paid close attention to the skills displayed by local rappers such as Slim and his associate Jo Da Bully. This led to him experimenting himself, putting pen to paper and letting his own personal stories manifest into music that others could relate to. It wasn't long before he was the talk of his neighborhood; his rhymes pointing him in the direction of a legitimate career. An encounter with Rocafella Records MC, Memphis Bleek was a defining moment for Livin Proof. Bleek was impressed by his skills and it wasn't long before the Cooper Projects star was making his way over to the notorious Marcy Projects to rhyme for Bleek and his crew. This association led to him being signed to Bleek's Get Lo imprint along with Geda K, H Money Bags, No Luv and Calico. This affiliation led to five Rocafella tours, where he was personally called out on stage by Jay Z to a crowd of 30,000, and an abundance of hands on experience at what the music industry truly entailed. Eager to be seen as a notable force in Hip-Hop while being recognized and respected as an artist, Livin Proof set about achieving his goals. Teaming up with contemporaries such as Memphis Bleek, Joell Ortiz, Chi Ali, Young Chris, Torae and Matthew Ragazino in the studio widened his audience. Unions such as these and the respect of his peers was of course instrumental but having the media on side was something else he was eager to procure. It was the release of his Die for a Deal mixtape in late 2012 that saw fans and media relish everything this rap connoisseur had on offer. With production on a couple of tracks handled by Fantom of the Beat ('Magic Stick' - 50 Cent, 'Apollo Kids' - Ghostface) and with appearances by his former Get Lo label mates and Jo Da Bully, the tape fared well. Appearing on acclaimed blogs such as 2DopeBoyz.com and NahRight.com and amassing over 12,000 downloads while the single 'Krak a Ki' was being spun on Hot97 by DJ Camilo it was apparent that all eyes were watching. Livin Proof is currently working towards the release of his debut album Die for a Deal 5.0, due 06.04.13. This will be released through his own company Heavy Promotion Entertainment and Loyalty Digital Corp in conjunction with Empire Distribution. <center><a href="http://loyaltydigitalcorp.bandcamp.com/album/livin-proof-be-classic-the-mixtape-hosted-by-dj-enuff" target="_blank">Livin Proof - "Be Classic" The Mixtape Hosted By DJ Enuff by Livin Proof</a></center> <a href="http://www.twitter.com/iamlivinproof" target="_blank">http://www.twitter.com/iamlivinproof</a> <a href="http://www.instagram.com/youngplivinproof" target="_blank">http://www.instagram.com/youngplivinproof</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=615" target="_blank">ARTIST ON THE RISE: LIVIN PROOF</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=615" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=615</a>55049Artist On The Rise, brooklyn, heavy, hip, hop, living, proof, ARTIST ON THE RISE: LIVIN PROOFblogs/1-2016/55049-the81hiphop-artist-ri-s.jpgArtist On The Rise - Reic Havikhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-artist-rise-reic-havik/features/blogs/the81hiphop-artist-rise-reic-havik/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-artist-rise-reic-havik/#commentsFri, 15 Jan 2016 23:15 GMTArtist on the rise for January 15th is Reic Havik Repping The 434. Reic Havik is a new recording artist on the scene from Central Virginia. Reic Havik has been dropping mixtapes like wild fire now for the last few months,now he is about to release his first major single titled "Cant Lie" dropping January 18th worldwide. Make sure you all follow Havik on all social media outlets. @ReicHavik777 Instagram : ReicHavik777 &nbsp; <a href="https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/dj-tha-kid-quest-reic-havik-vol-3" target="_blank">https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/dj-tha-kid-quest-reic-havik-vol-3</a> The post <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=601" target="_blank">Artist On The Rise - Reic Havik</a> appeared first on <a href="http://81hiphop.com" target="_blank">81hiphop</a>. via: <a href="http://81hiphop.com/?p=601" target="_blank">http://81hiphop.com/?p=601</a>54654Uncategorized, Indie Artist, Music, New, Artist On The Rise - Reic HavikHow to Clear a Sample Part 2http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-how-clear-855521/features/blogs/the81hiphop-how-clear-855521/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-how-clear-855521/#commentsWed, 13 Jan 2016 12:53 GMTCONCLUSION: Scratching and sampling has created some of this century's most vital and expressive music, bridging the gap between popular and experimental composition. Nevertheless, using a sample without permission violates two copyrights - the copyright in the sound recording and the copyright in the underlying composition. Because the cost of legitimately clearing samples cuts into an artist's record advance and royalty rate, it is understandable why many young artists later create their own samples in the studio after they become established acts. While a sample of 1 or 2 notes is OK only if it is taken from a non-essential or commonly used phrase, another sample of 1 or 2 notes may be infringing if taken from a musically significant part of a song. Thus, taking the recognizable word "Help" from the Beatles' song, or appropriating the distinctive style of an artist's performance, such as James Brown's unique scream, would constitute an infringement. Because there is no hard and fast rule on what is safe to sample, the best advice is "When in doubt, obtain a license." Alan Korn Law Office of Alan Korn 1840 Woolsey Street Berkeley, CA 94703 Ph: (510) 548-7300 Fax: (510) 540-4821 aakorn@igc.org www.alankorn.com Law Office of Alan Korn www.alankorn.com The Law Office of Alan Korn is a law practice emphasizing art, entertainment, intellectual property and business law. Representative Clients. ** Let the Law Offices of Alan Korn know that blackvibes.com and 81hiphop.com have referred you.54411How, to, Clear, a, Sample, Part, 2How to Clear a Sample Part 1http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-how-clear-1468311/features/blogs/the81hiphop-how-clear-1468311/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-how-clear-1468311/#commentsWed, 13 Jan 2016 12:52 GMTHOW TO CLEAR A SAMPLE: Music attorneys often clear samples, although this can be somewhat expensive. Clearance agencies are usually cheaper, and many are familiar with licensing samples. Record companies can also clear samples for their artists, but the cost of negotiating and obtaining clearances will later be deducted from any recording advance or royalties the artist may be entitled to. Of course, you may decide to obtain a sample license yourself. To clear samples, it is necessary to write to the record company and publisher of the sampled song. ASCAP or BMI will likely have the publisher's current address. In your letter, ask for a quote for a clearance fee, and identify the song you are sampling and how much is used. Don't forget to include a tape of the original song, as well as a copy of your unreleased song using the sample. In granting a license, a record company may seek a flat-fee of anywhere from $100 to $5,000, or possibly more. Record companies may also seek a royalty (from $.01 to $.07 per record sold) as well as an advance. Music publishers may also ask for a flat fee or a percentage of income from the new song, or both. Depending on how the sample is used, some publisher may also demand a percentage of copyright ownership in the new composition. Because copyright owners are not obligated to grant clearances, you may have no choice but to comply with the owner's asking price, or remove the sample. Of course, a copyright owner may also deny permission to use a sample. Different factors affect how much money a record company or music publisher will want for a sample. Price may vary depending on how much of the sample is used, how many other samples are used, whether your song has already been released, and the type of rights a record company is willing to grant. For example, a music publisher may choose to license a sample for sound recordings only. In this case, you would be unable to use your song containing the sample in a motion picture, video or CD-Rom without an additional license from the music publisher. Finally, to keep costs down, some artists choose to create their own samples by first recording their own "cover" version of the sampled song. By using this technique, an artist avoids having to obtain a clearance from the original record company. Nevertheless, when creating your own sample based on another song, you will still need to obtain a clearance from the music publisher of the original composition.54410How, to, Clear, a, Sample, Part, 1Sampling Part 2http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-seek-copyright-owners-1201151/features/blogs/the81hiphop-seek-copyright-owners-1201151/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-seek-copyright-owners-1201151/#commentsWed, 13 Jan 2016 12:51 GMTOnce you're on these websites, use the search database to find the source song of the music you are sampling. If you are unable to find the song on the websites, try calling the individual organizations and ask for the song indexing department. Then, once you have the source, contact that source to ask for clearance for sampling the source music. Keep in mind that some publishers have policies against granting sampling permission. A lot of publishers refuse to grant sampling clearance to artists that they've never heard of or do not know. If you can offer to pay them upfront and show your ability to pay, they may be more inclined to speak to you. Find the Master Recording Owner After you have obtained sample clearance from the music publisher, you must obtain sample clearance from the owner of the master recording. Here are some tips to help you find that owner: * Ask the publisher * Ask the record company that releases the source music. You can check online record stores or the Phonolog directory at local record stores. Finding the master recording owner can be difficult. Once you think you're on the right track, you may find that the record company sold their copyright to someone else, or that the rights to the song have reverted back to the original artist. There are sampling consultants that you can pay to help you through the sample clearance process, should you have trouble. Although experienced sampling consultants can be expensive, in the end, they can save you time and money. These consultants are familiar with the procedures, costs, and the people at the publishing companies who grant license rights. Plan Ahead It is important to plan ahead and leave yourself alternatives in case your sample clearance is rejected. Obtaining permission for sampling can be a very long process, taking months even. Don't forget that a lot of copyright owners have a no-sampling policy. If the music you were planning on sampling has a no-sampling policy, there will be no way to get permission to sample. It is wise to plan ahead and have alternatives in mind, in case your clearance is denied and you can't use it. Alternative Solutions if Sample Clearance is not Granted Recreate the Music Sample Many artists re-record the music they want to use, instead of using the pre-recorded master. This means that the artist actually plays and records the music to sound exactly like the original one they want to sample. According to copyright law, infringement only occurs when the original master recording is used, but not when the sound is mimicked and re-recorded. This is a great solution if you cannot obtain sample clearance from the owner of the master recording. You still need permission from the music publisher, because the song itself is copyrighted. However, you do not need clearance from the owner of the master recording. Seek Copyright Owners who are Happy to Clear Samples Some copyright owners want their music to be sampled; so, they encourage music sampling. These are good samples to find and use, since the process will be less tedious and surely fruitful. Contact the Artist Directly If the artist still has some control over what sampling is cleared, you may have better luck contacting the artist directly. This is especially true when the copyright owners of the master recording and the publisher are not helpful. *** Obtaining permission for music sampling can be a long and tedious process. However, legal claims of copyright infringement could mean that you are unable to use the music sample and you may even have to pay money damages. To avoid this legal trouble, be sure to get sample clearance.54409Seek, Copyright, Owners, who, are, Happy, to, Clear, SamplesSampling Part 1http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-bmi-ascap-socan-1233481/features/blogs/the81hiphop-bmi-ascap-socan-1233481/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-bmi-ascap-socan-1233481/#commentsWed, 13 Jan 2016 12:49 GMTWhat about music which is made up of samples and loops of other songs? *** Although the arrangement itself may be original, you cannot claim copyright for any parts that are taken from any previous work. This means that although the work for the main part may be original, the parts which were copied from another track would still belong to the original author. You should certainly have permission from the original author of the samples before you consider publishing or broadcasting such a work. Sampling : music is the act of reusing a portion of another sound recording. Whether unique percussion combinations or distinguishable guitar riffs, many musicians sample other's music. Without obtaining permission from the original musician or owner of the rights to the music, many of these musicians face legal trouble, such as inunctions to not use the sample or even money damages. Obtaining permission for music sampling can be tedious, but will save you from legal action you could face if you sample without permission. Here are some tips to obtain permission before sampling music : Sample Clearance "Sample clearance" refers to the process of getting permission from the owners of the copyrighted music. Sampling music requires two sample clearances: * Clearance from the copyright owner of the SONG &#45;&#45; typically the music publisher * Clearance from the copyright owner of the MASTER RECORDING &#45;&#45; typically the recording company Find the Music Publisher In order to get these sample clearances, you will first need to find the copyright owners of the song and master recording. The music publisher is typically the easiest to find; so, start there. Performing rights organizations, like Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) or the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), collect money for public performances of artists' music. Therefore, these organizations are a good place to locate the publisher. You can find which organization controls the rights for the music you are sampling by visiting these performing rights societies online: * www.bmi.com * www.ascap.com * www.socan.ca * www.harryfox.com54408bmi, ascap, socan, harryfoxThe Law regarding Sampling Part 2http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-the-law-regarding-1442331/features/blogs/the81hiphop-the-law-regarding-1442331/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-the-law-regarding-1442331/#commentsWed, 13 Jan 2016 12:47 GMTThere is also a rumor going around that you can use four notes of any song under the "fair use" doctrine. There is no "four note" rule in the copyright law. One note from a sound recording is a copyright violation. Saturday Night Live was sued for using the jingle, "I Love New York" which is only four notes. The test for infringement is whether the sample is "substantially similar" to the original. Remember, a judge or jury is the one who determines this and these people may be much less receptive to your music than your fans. My point is you cannot rely on fair use as a defense. Sampling can also have tremendous consequences if you have a record contract. Most record contracts have provisions called "Warranties", "Indemnifications" and "Representations". These provisions constitute a promise that you created all the music on your album and an agreement to reimburse the label if it is sued. These same provisions are included in all contracts throughout the entertainment distribution chain. The record company has them with the artist, the distributors with the record company, the record stores with the distributors, and so on. Well, all these warranties point back at the artist who is responsible to everyone else! Therefore, if you violate someone else's copyright, you will be paying all the bills of your record company, distributor and any stores which incur expenses as a result of your infringement. This can run into serious money as you can imagine. You will also be in breach of your record contract. Read your record contract carefully before using any samples. Michael McCready represents clients in all areas of the music industry including music, radio, television, stage, and book publishing. His music law practice includes representing bands, record labels, production companies, recording studios, promoters, and music publishers. His work includes copyrights, analyzing and drafting contracts, trademarks, publishing, and litigation. www.copynot.org &#45;&#45;- VERY INFORMATIONAL Contrary to popular belief and practice, sampling of an original copyrighted song without permission of the copyright's owner is illegal copyright infringement. Unauthorized sampling actually violates two potential legal rights. First, the instant you sample a portion of someone's song (no matter how small), it constitutes a violation of the copyright in song itself - the symbol - which is owned by the song writer or the music publisher. Second, sampling violates the sound recording copyright - the symbol - which is usually owned by the record company or recording artist. Thus, sampling without prior permission subjects the illegal copier to a copyright infringement in federal court by the original author (or publisher) and by the record company.54407The, Law, regarding, SamplingThe Law regarding Sampling Part 1http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-the-law-regarding-248571/features/blogs/the81hiphop-the-law-regarding-248571/Posted by the81hiphop0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/the81hiphop-the-law-regarding-248571/#commentsWed, 13 Jan 2016 12:45 GMTThe Law regarding Music Sampling Sampling is the use of portions of prior recordings which are incorporated into a new composition. Sampling has become an integral part of many genres of music today. When you sample someone's song without permission, it is an instant copyright violation. It is the unauthorized use of copyrighted material owned by another. Sampling without permission violates two copyrights-the sound recording copyright (usually owned by the record company) and the copyright in the song itself (usually owned by the songwriter or the publishing company). If you want to use a sample legally, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. The copyright owner is usually a publishing company or record label. Remember that you must obtain permission from both the owner of the sound recording and the copyright owner of the underlying musical work. The fee for a license to use a sample can vary tremendously. The fee will depend on how much of the sample you intend to use (a quarter second is a minor use; five seconds, a major use), the music you intend to sample (a Madonna chorus will cost more than an obscure drum beat), and the intended use of the sample in your song (it is more costly to build your entire song around the sample than to give it only minor attention). There are two different ways to pay for a license. First, you can pay a flat fee for the usage. A buy-out fee can range from $250 to $10,000 on a major label. Most fees fall between $1,000 and $2,000. The other way to pay for the license is a percentage of the mechanical royalty rate. The mechanical royalty rate is the amount a person pays to the copyright owner to make a mechanical reproduction (copy) of the song. A license which is a percentage of the mechanical royalty rate is generally between and 3 per record pressed. Everything is negotiable and it is not unusual to get a license for free, if you ask. If all of this sounds confusing, there's hope. There are businesses devoted entirely to securing and negotiating clearances for samples. These firms charge less than an entertainment attorney would charge and are generally more knowledgeable about the going rates for uses. If you use samples without obtaining the proper clearance licenses, you have to be aware of the penalties. A copyright infringer is liable for "statutory damages" that generally run from $500 to $20,000 for a single act of copyright infringement. If the court determines there has been willful infringement, damages can run as high as $100,000. The copyright owner can also get a court to issue an injunction forcing you to cease violating the copyright owner's rights. The court can also force you to recall all your albums and destroy them.54406The, Law, regarding, Music, Sampling