Knox Rocks Radio station that is centered around the local n independent music. Come hear the rising stars from the streets to the pit we gotcha covered! Mix mornings, Afternoon Hip Hop and Evening Metal! "We matter cause you matter!"en-usknoxrocksradio@gmail.com Fine Mess Fan Voted Week One by knoxrocksradio0, 25 Feb 2016 17:32 GMTAnother Fine Mess Fan Voted Week One!- Knox Rocks Radio With crushing riffs, powerful vocals, and aggressive drums, Another Fine Mess is taking the world by storm! The sound is unmistakably old school Hardcore/Power Metal, and is sure to bruise your ears! Tim Porter - Guitar Scott Roffey - Bass Roger Hoffer - Drums Timm Reed - Vocals/Guitar57056another fine mess, metal, ohio metal, rising band, knox rocks radio,blogs/2-2016/57056-knoxrocksradio-anothe-s.jpgFan Voted Week One Rising Band Across April Skies by knoxrocksradio0, 25 Feb 2016 17:25 GMTAcross April Skies- Knox Rocks Radio fan voted week one winner! Across April Skies burst onto Knoxville's metal scene in 2014, with the release of their debut album Society; or the Modern Prometheus, combining elements of metalcore, progressive metal, and post-hardcore. The band has performed at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, The Masquerade in Atlanta, and The End in Nashville. They have shared the stage with the likes of Black Tide, Gone In April, The Paramedic, and The Creatures In Secret. Members: Travis Collier - Vocals Aaron Rogers - Vocals/Keys Tristan Partain - Guitar/Vocals Ryan King - Guitar Eric McLean - Drums Touring Members: Jacob Potter - Bass If you'd like to see Across April Skies live in your city, please contact "The entire band possesses a hardcore, beautiful, fearless talent that isn't always apparent in music today. " -The Knoxville Journal57054across april skies, metal, hard core, knox rocks radio, 2 loco radio, knox, rising bandblogs/2-2016/57054-across-april-skies-me-s.jpgApril Rules Metal Meltdown by knoxrocksradio0, 18 Feb 2016 01:59 GMT<a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Attention Knoxville and Tricity Metal Heads! Join 4 killer bands at the Concourse on Saturday April 2nd, 2016! @warclown #WARCLOWN #KINGSLAYER #THEORIESOFTHEAPOCALYPSE #ZEPHANIAH Tickets: $8 at the door. Doors open at 7pm show starts at 8pm. This is an 18+ event. A valid, state issued, photo ID is required for entry. Hosted and presented by R&M Music Group in association with Knox Rocks Radio. Three pairs of tickets will be given away on Knox Rocks Radio. Keep checking back at for details and times on how to win! Metal Heads this is your chance to show Metal Lives in Knoxville! This will be the show you will not want to miss! And by supporting and buying tickets we can open up all sorts of new doors and avenues for Knoxville! Presented by Bobby Moore And Freddie Ratliff! Men who are all about the local scene and bringing new rising bands to the area! So let's get this rolling! And show up and have one heck of a moshpit and a slammin good time! WarClown (Knoxville) <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> King Slayer (Louisville,KY) <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Theories of the Apocalypse (Lexington,KY) <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Zephaniah (Fort Wayne, IN) <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> We will be there and some special surprises in store. What you may ask? Have to go to find out! It is not hosted by us. Just supporting.56600knoxrocksradio, r&m music group, knoxville, knox metal, concourse, tricities, 2locoradio, heavymetalblogs/2-2016/56600-knoxrocksradio-rm-mus-s.jpgWho runs Knox Rocks Radio they ask? by knoxrocksradio0, 4 Feb 2016 11:46 GMTIn hindsight would be me. Honestly though? Never been about me. Created this vision after reaching so many artist doing straight interviews. Felt the artist deserved more. So the Great Knoxville and Tricities Community are the hero's. The bands both locally and across the United States and The world is the sole reason we exist. Their stories many can be heard on <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> They are the ones who opened my eyes and taught me so much and the importance of any artist/band can matter! They bust their tails handing out fliers and preforming at shows. We just provide an outlet for them to reach more then they could on their own. To me it is absolutely amazing when due to us creating that outlet. That people from different parts of the USA and the world can hear their music. That is rewarding in itself. The fact that we care enough to put the well established bands on the back burner and give the local scene no matter where that local scene is in the spotlight. And while we are very thankful for the compliments and how we impacted bands lives. And gave them the opportunity many do not. And the fans like wow! Their are talented bands not on FM, XM, etc. Makes us smile. I guess to be honest with everyone the fact we had old FM djs on for a much needed interview out of respect for all they have done for Knoxville. And yet a band member comes on and gives us props and ignored that station is amazing. And really shows how much we are wanted and needed to be that outlet. I was seriously flattered. The fact we can stream live shows is amazing and makes me and the rest of us I am sure feel like apart of the show rather then a bystander. Makes me feel like I had a back stage pass to the world biggest band. Which to be completely honest. Many of the extremely talented bands could be and have that potential to be the next Kiss or GNR or Staind or SLIPKNOT or Pantera or KRS1 or 2 pac or Jadakiss or dmx or Janis Joplin etc. And it is a honor to be the ones their from the beginning to witness how it plays out. It is a honor to be able to interview the young artist all across the country from the Extreme Music Tour. They could of chosen anyone else. When a band says Ray Ray we do interviews all the time and yours is breath of fresh air. Is amazing! For a MC and A dj to say I am a fan for life! Man I feel on cloud nine. And to think this has started from a dream and out of a simple jaguars podcast that evolved I cant express how great that feels. I cant thank thunder walrus or budnroach enough for given us the opportunity to do this. And everyone I have come across of or joined on with has been quite a magical journey. I wouldnt trade this for the world. And will continue supporting and looking out for as long as we can. This is our calling and what we do. And I have learned things from every interview and at every show attended. And still 2 years later feel like a kid at the candy store. And excited for what the future holds in store for us. And make no bones about it. Have the best group of people we work with and most importantly the best group of not just staff but friends any one could ask for. And I in debt to everyone one I could never repay sides a simple thanks. 55829knoxrocksradio, knoxrocks, knox, usa, tricity, local, independent, metal, rock, bands, 2locoradioblogs/2-2016/55829-knoxrocksradio-knoxro-s.jpgIPO RADIO if you dont know better ask somebody! by knoxrocksradio0, 4 Feb 2016 11:13 GMT<a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> is the real deal. Lead by the great Nate. Artist who want to be heard check out one of the first online digital stations around! Serving the independent bands in rock, metal, punk, hip hop, edm etc. Not many in the industry work harder then Nate and Gypsy and the great staff at iporadio. Gypsy has been interviewing bands from local to legends since the old hey day of rock n roll. Nate has been busting his tail in radio as well as managing great bands like Stands with fists. Just this past year at warped tour. The bands lined up to interview with iporadio cause their the real deal. All about networking and bringing bands together of multi genres. And doing it for the love and admiration of the music industry and truly knows what the musicians go through and gives 120% all the time. So check out ipo radio. You will be glad you did. They have taught me so much. And grateful to be apart of the bands come first network. Also check out <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> who were recently apart of the Knot Fest. And well known in the Arizona area. <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> the brand new rock/rap mix band and new hip hop artist Stacc Styles <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> who has toured with Twizted from the ICP Camp.55828iporadio, knoxrocks, ipo, lethal injektion,, standswithfist, stacc styles, metal, hip hop, arizonablogs/2-2016/55828-iporadio-knoxrocks-ip-s.jpgMetal you say! Benzotti Live is here. So check him out. by knoxrocksradio0, 4 Feb 2016 10:53 GMTWhen it comes to the metal world. Not many can touch the Great Benzotti Live Metal Show! Every Week Day night 6 PM EST/5 PM CST/4 PM PST/ Listen to Benzotti Live! A man amongst djs. Playing all the songs from all styles metal heads crave from the underground to classic hits. No two shows are ever alike. Benzotti was recently on Sirius XM as a guest metal dj. Just ask all the bands in the Baltimore/PA areas who they love. They all will say Benzotti rocks! And be sure to catch his podcast at <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> 55827benzottilive, metal, hard rock, rock, 2locoradio, knoxrocksradio, knox rocks, baltimore,blogs/2-2016/55827-benzottilive-metal-ha-s.jpgFrom the classic jams to the underground of today ADSUKHIPHOP is one cant miss dj! by knoxrocksradio0, 4 Feb 2016 10:32 GMTEvery sunday all day listen from 11 AM EST/10 AM CST/ 9 AM PST <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Listen to one of the best in Old School Jamz. "Its the one and only ADSUKHIPHOP from across the pond"! Live from Manchester UK spinning classic cuts and rare Jamz. From the Legends of hip hop. As both a MC and a DJ. ADS show is one of the best around. ADSUK is apart of the talented artist in Handzupnetwork. And has met legends such as "WU TANG CLAN". So listen live and be sure to grab his new album at <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>55826adsukhiphop, adsuk, 2locoradio, knoxrocksradiojamz, knox rocks radio, hip hop, uk hiphop, classicblogs/2-2016/55826-adsukhiphop-adsuk-2lo-s.jpgBe Sure to check out D West "The voice of the Underground!" by knoxrocksradio0, 4 Feb 2016 10:19 GMTEvery weekday from 1 PM EST/12 PM CST/11 AM PST <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Check out 2 plus hours of Great Hip Hop &amp; R&B with the Legendary D West! Jam packed with talented artist, entertaining questions of the day, top songs of the hour and more! If your into hip hop and wanna hear someone real this is the place to be. And be sure to pick up some Scented Flame candles for your ladies! <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> D-West has been nominated for awards and is known through out the south. As a former Memphis DJ he knows what the underground likes. New artist can submit to dwest directly at dwest1130@gmail.com55825dwest, knox rocks radio, knox rocks radio jamz, 2locoradio, hip hop, rap, r&b,blogs/2-2016/55825-dwest-knox-rocks-radi-s.jpgMetal Heads dont miss "DaRanged" with Jammy! by knoxrocksradio0, 4 Feb 2016 09:31 GMTEvery Wednesday morning 1 AM EST/12 AM CST/ 11 pm PST Enjoy 8 hours of non stop Metal and great Rock. Jam packed with music blocks, interviews and so much more! On DaRanged with Jammy Louise. Ipo radio from 8-12 PM EST <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Followed by 1-9 AM EST. <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Jammy is a booking agent and part of Manta Ray Records. And a very informative and dynamic Radio host. If you miss her show you will regret it. Real bands n Real Interviews! New bands can submit to Daranged at darangedsubmission@gmail.com55822daranged, iporadio, 2locoradio, knoxrocks, knox rocks radio,blogs/2-2016/55822-knoxrocksradio-darang-s.jpgAlways supporting local artist/bands all across the world. by knoxrocksradio0, 4 Feb 2016 08:18 GMTNew artist/bands constantly added. Read about them, See videos, listen to more songs, Most importantly if like the band spend a dollar and buy their single. Or Album. Or better yet go see them live! We don't make a dime and we don't care cause never been about us! Can see new bands as added here. <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>55819support, local, independent, artist, bands, world, 2 loco radio, knox rocks, knox rocks radioblogs/2-2016/55819-support-local-indepen-s.jpgKnox Rocks Radio by knoxrocksradio0, 4 Feb 2016 07:37 GMTCreated from the ground up for the community that loves real music. We don't base things on genre's. We prefer to let the music speak for it self. With Great Djs/shows such as D West "The Voice of The Underground". "Dj Smashley" "DaRanged" "Benzotti Live" "ADSUKHIPHOP", and so much more. Always about musical creativity. And never going to force artist to water down their craft. Given to you real and uncensored. The way music should be! Along with top notch interviews and great live local shows. We are your listen from anywhere, at any time, on any device, from anywhere in the world station. "We matter cause you matter!" Weekday mornings Mix, Afternoons Hip Hop, Evening Metal, Saturdays Metal, Sundays Hip Hip (schedule can change due to demand or special show at any time)55817knox rocks radio, formally 2 loco radio, knoxville, knox,blogs/2-2016/55817-knox-rocks-radio-form-s.jpg