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Try viewing them as a new person, instead of holding on to a previous version of who they once were.&nbsp; However do not be "boo boo" the fool twice.&nbsp; Be mindful of why things happened the way they did, and create a new relationship with the person who hurt you and set boundaries for yourself and forgive the person as well as forgiving yourself.&nbsp; We all deserve happiness and a lighter spirit. &nbsp;68453forgiveness, channel, feelings, motivation, powerblogs/9-2016/68453-forgiveness-channel--s.jpgStop Judging People Based Off of The Image You Created by breed1cl0, 28 Sep 2016 00:41 GMTAlot&nbsp;of times we pre judge people without actually knowing them.&nbsp; For example: people may think an attractive man or woman may be arrogant or snobbish based off of their physical appearance. &nbsp; It is wrong to judge a person based off of their appearance.&nbsp; We all have our own internal &amp; external struggles we are all individually facing.&nbsp; Most of the time the judgements or perceptions we create of other people are actually our own insecurities. Be open to learning, and accepting people as they are. &nbsp; 68452judging , motivation, #stopitEpisode 6 Breedlove Podcast Season One by breed1cl0, 11 Sep 2016 02:42 GMTClick below to listen to episode six of the Breedlove Podcast:&nbsp; <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>67943motivation, positive, podcast,blogs/9-2016/67943-motivation-positive--s.jpgEpisode 5 Breedlove Podcast Season One by breed1cl0, 11 Sep 2016 02:41 GMTClick below to listen to episode five for the Breedlove Podcast:&nbsp; <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>67942motivation, positive, podcast, blogger, blog,blogs/9-2016/67942-motivation-positive--s.jpgEpisode 4 Breedlove Podcast Season One by breed1cl0, 11 Sep 2016 02:39 GMTClick below to listen to episode four of the Breedlove Podcast:&nbsp; <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>67941motivation, podcast, positive,blogs/9-2016/67941-motivation-podcast-po-s.jpgEpisode 3 Breedlove Podcast Season One by breed1cl0, 11 Sep 2016 02:37 GMTClick below to listen to episode three of the Breedlove Podcast: <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>67940motivation, wisdom, podcast, blogger, positive,blogs/9-2016/67940-motivation-wisdom-pod-s.jpgEpisode 2 Breedlove Podcast Season One by breed1cl0, 11 Sep 2016 02:35 GMTClick below to listen to episode two of the Breedlove Podcast. <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>67939podcast, postive, bloggerblogs/9-2016/67939-podcast-postive-blogg-s.jpgEpisode 1 Breedlove Podcast Season One by breed1cl0, 11 Sep 2016 02:31 GMTClick below to listen to episode one of the Breedlove Podcast.&nbsp; <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>67938podcast, positive, motivation,blogs/9-2016/67938-breed1cl-podcast-posi-s.jpgStop Extending Yourself To People Who Don't Want to Be Reached. by breed1cl0, 20 Jul 2016 01:45 GMTWe all have that person in our life whether it be a friend, peer or family member. &nbsp;Some people are one sided in human relations and engaging in other peoples lives. &nbsp; &nbsp; Personal Experience: I remember a close friend I had, his name was Tiago.&nbsp; I always found myself reaching out to him, and always concerned with how he was doing.&nbsp; I ended up finding myself desperate to maintain a friendsip with him.&nbsp; (I was giving to a person who did not want to reciprocate in the friendship). &nbsp; &nbsp; A few ways you can stop extending yourself are to question yourself: &nbsp; What does this person do for me? &nbsp; How does this person make me feel? &nbsp; Is this person consistent in interacting with me or engaging with me? Do they ask about me or talk mostly about themselves? &nbsp; Does the person motivate you, or put you down? Do they give what you give to them? &nbsp; If this person makes you feel bad about yourself, why continue giving parts of yourself to a person that doesn''t value you?&nbsp; If a person de-values you, puts your dreams and aspirations down, disrespects you, ignores you, those types of people do not deserve a spot in your life. &nbsp; Something I am learning is: you cannot force people to feel how you feel about a situation or understand 100 percent how you feel about the situation. If the person uplifts you, seeks to understand you and is consistent that is a person to appreciate and extend to. &nbsp; If you are constantly making an effort to call or communicate with someone and they never return your calls, whats the point of keeping unreliable peoplle around that don''t value you.&nbsp; They are dead weight. &nbsp; &nbsp; When we extend to people that don''t want to be reached, we strain ourselves.&nbsp; Peoples actions show more than their words.64963relationships, people, love, extend, reach, out, connectblogs/7-2016/64963-relationships-people--s.jpgStop Wondering About "What If". by breed1cl0, 20 Jul 2016 01:43 GMTSometimes people (I myself included) stress ourselves out about previous relationships and why they ended&nbsp; or the possibilities(relationships and friendships). When we&nbsp;continuously&nbsp;seek to try to understand "why" a relationship ended or think of "what if"possibilities, &nbsp;it only hurts our own feelings thinking of those things. The "why" we may never know the answer to and we must learn to be okay with "no" or not full understanding why a relationship ended and accepting the fact that we will not know the answer to everything. &nbsp;Learn to focus on right now.&nbsp; Sometimes thinking of "what if" the relationship went this way or that way we would still be together.&nbsp; At this point you begin attacking yourself of your own insecurities thinking again about "what if or the possibilities". &nbsp; "everything happens for a reason".64962what, if, relationships, friendships, love, people,blogs/7-2016/64962-what-if-relationships-s.jpgWhy does Your Location Determine Your Level Of Success? by breed1cl0, 20 Jul 2016 01:42 GMTSometimes I wonder why people think that just because you live in LA, NYC, Chicago that you're successful and you're life is so put together.&nbsp; Your location does not determine your level of success.&nbsp; People need to understand that you do not need to be in these locations to be successful.&nbsp; Personal experience: I lived in LA for roughly two years and ended up&nbsp; sacrificing my life for a previous relationship in another state.&nbsp; Long story short it ended, and I ended up living back in MI.&nbsp; For awhile I was ashamed to show my face out in public because I felt embarrassed.&nbsp; I felt less valuable because of my location being redirected.&nbsp; When people would see me, first thing they would ask is "aren't you supposed to be in LA" without even asking how I was doing. Or asking why did I move back. Overall you can be successful where you are, using the tools and resources necessary to make you successful. And remember whatever a person posts on social media is not their WHOLE life it is only a snippet.&nbsp;64961location, travel, success, levels,blogs/7-2016/64961-location-travel-succe-s.jpgEveryone Wont Understand The New You. by breed1cl0, 20 Jul 2016 01:41 GMTSome people are not spiritually inclined to know or understand the "new you".&nbsp; Some people are set in their ways with no eagerness to change.&nbsp; You cannot force people to change, and you shouldn't kill yourself trying to change the actions of other people.&nbsp; In my opinion I think that many people stay focused on previous actions of another person or previous versions of that person.&nbsp; For the past people that don't understand the new you, they don't need to be present in your life.&nbsp;64960new, improved, you, understand, selfblogs/7-2016/64960-new-improved-you-3220-s.jpgInteract With People Who Intimidate You. by breed1cl0, 20 Jul 2016 01:39 GMTMost of the time we retreat when we are around someone we are intimidated by, &nbsp;instead of retreating, &nbsp;I challenge you to interact with the person who intimates you most. &nbsp; Some tips that help me interact with someone who I am intimidated by is:&nbsp; >Find a happy medium (find something that stimulates them in conversation). >Maintain eye contact.&nbsp; When eye contact is maintained it shows the other person you are actively engaged. >Pin point the reason as to why that person intimidates you and face your own insecurities.&nbsp;64959intimidate, relationship, people, interactionblogs/7-2016/64959-intimidate-relationsh-s.jpgRelationship Affirmations by breed1cl0, 20 Jul 2016 01:38 GMTMost of the time people hop into relationships without having specific standards set of what they want. &nbsp;Some people even continuously complain about their lack of a partner or complain about the negative traits of their partner, instead of focusing on the positive traits.&nbsp; Relationship affirmations help you understand what you deserve in relationships and what you truly want.&nbsp; For example (say or write):&nbsp; I desire a partner who understands my periodic mood swings. I desire _____________(elaborate on what you want your partner to be like.) "I will have a partner that fights for me". "I will have a loyal and loving relationship"&nbsp;&nbsp; "Sometimes the person we need comes in a different package than expected. Be open. " -Chris Breedlove&nbsp;64958relationships, affirmations, breedloveblogs/7-2016/64958-relationships-affirma-s.jpgYour Friends Are Not Your Therapist. by breed1cl0, 20 Jul 2016 01:35 GMTPersonally I never understood why having a therapist had such negative connotation.&nbsp; I think having a therapist is one of the best stress relievers. &nbsp; Sometimes unintentionally we over stimulate out friends or peers with our own problems.&nbsp; From personal experience; when I experienced a bad break up, I constantly vented to my friends about the same things over and over again.&nbsp; Yes it is there job to be a friend and listen, but the honest truth is they shouldn't have to put the weight of your problems with theirs too. &nbsp; It is also important to realize that we shouldn't over use our friends to listen to our pity parties.&nbsp; Realize that your friends are people too and they too have struggles.&nbsp; Another thing I realized was that, &nbsp;I was tired of whining and complaining to four friends about the same thing. &nbsp;"Vent in moderation".&nbsp;&nbsp;64957relationships, friends, therapy, ventblogs/7-2016/64957-relationships-friends-s.jpgHow To Assess A Negative Person by breed1cl0, 20 Jul 2016 01:32 GMTSometimes we genuinely cannot tell if a person is bad for us, or even notice them negativity effecting us.&nbsp; A negative person could be a coworkers who complains about work all of the time, or having peers that consisntlety gossip about other people... Every three to eight months I reassess the people in my life, writing a pros and cons list.&nbsp; (this may seem harsh but it makes you realize what people make and add to your grow).&nbsp; When writing the list, the three main points that I focus on are:&nbsp; >How does this person make you feel?&nbsp; Do you get excited to see them, call or are you excited talking about ideas etc.? >Is this person going any where? (Is this person supportive of you and do they have any ambition or momentum? >Do they complain and gossip about other people more than 80% of the time?&nbsp; "It is okay to remove people who negatively effect you."&nbsp;64955relationship, assess, negativeblogs/7-2016/64955-relationship-assess--s.jpgDo You Set The Tone Of Your Safety? Traveling Affirmations by breed1cl0, 3 May 2016 22:05 GMTHave you ever worried about your safety throughout your day to day travels? For the past year and a half I profess traveling affirmations over my day to day travels. &nbsp;Before I even step foot into a vehicle, whether Im driving, or another person is driving I say :&nbsp; "Thank you for my travels today: accident free, damage free, and police free". There was a time when I was driving and I was speeding, and on this day I DID say my affirmations. &nbsp;I ended up getting pulled over, and the officer asked me "sir do you know what you just did"?. &nbsp;I replied "yes". &nbsp;He then asked me if I wanted a ticket, and I said NO, and the officer said have a good day. I am a firm believer of the use of traveling affirmations. &nbsp;Give it a try and share your story.&nbsp;60590affirmations, travel, go, car, mobile, onthego, breedloveblogs/5-2016/60590-affirmations-travel--s.jpgWhy Are People Passionate About Other People's Visions? by breed1cl0, 3 May 2016 20:38 GMTSometimes I question other people and think to myself "why are other people stimulated or passionate about the gifts of other people. &nbsp;We all are given different talents and gifts. &nbsp;Instead of being envious of others unique talents, respect your own gifts. &nbsp;Another thought I often think about is, why is it the common goal for everyone to get a job and remain passionate about another persons ideas or corporation, when you YOURSELF has the same potential to create your own empire. &nbsp;How do you feel about this?60576question, breedlove, vision, othersblogs/5-2016/60576-breed1cl-question-bre-s.jpgBe Who You Are, In Order To Have What You Desire. by breed1cl0, 3 May 2016 01:26 GMTFood For thought: I was reading this book some years ago, and I stumbled across my notes on this book. I wanted to share my outlook on this statement.&nbsp; "People attempt to live their lives backwards, people try to HAVE more things or more money, in order to DO more of what they want, so that they will BE happier. &nbsp;It is actually in REVERSE order. You must first BE who you are or who you desire to be, then DO what you need to do, in order to HAVE what you desire". These words are so profound to me. &nbsp;The way I view this is, if we don't believe in our own gifts and talents we will never have true happiness. &nbsp;I think nowadays we live in a society where people repress their talents, gifts and intuition and become complacent with watching other people live the life that they desire. &nbsp;What does this mean to you?60528manifest, law, positive, quote, analysis, breedloveblogs/5-2016/60528-manifest-law-positive-s.jpgBefore You Manifest A Bentley, Manifest A Cup Of Coffee by breed1cl0, 3 May 2016 01:11 GMTOur generation is the generation of instant gratification. &nbsp;Sometimes I notice that people strive to have unrealistic goals in achieving "materials" such as: mansions, sports cars etc. &nbsp;However they do not have realistic goals in how they will attain these things, nor do people strive to manifest the small things first. &nbsp;Small attractions should not be viewed as minute. &nbsp;We learn how to attract bigger things and opportunities in our lives by learning to attract smaller things first. &nbsp;What I mean by attract or manifest smaller things? &nbsp;Before we can appreciate "big blessings" we must first appreciate smaller ones and small acts of goodness in everyday life. &nbsp;Before trying to manifest a bentley, manifest a cup of coffee first.&nbsp;60526manifest, attract, love, law, of, attraction, positive, breedloveblogs/5-2016/60526-manifest-attract-love-s.jpg