Sonically Speaking Rippler, the leader in inspirational media, provides you with the inspiration, motivation and roadmap to living your best life. Enhance your lifestyle with our shows about music culture and entertainment. Let the ripple of positivity radiate into your life!en-uscomchris@thechrisleeshow.comhttp://sonicrippler.comsonicripplersonicripplersonicrippler115968ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/9421626631ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3568931435, What Had Happened Was... by sonicrippler0, 25 Apr 2016 01:49 GMT&nbsp;I had taken mini-getaways and overnight trips to light the fire of creativity.&nbsp; I'd set aside entire days to writing my story.&nbsp; I would get up in the wee hours of the morning to write. About 14 months later I was 90% done with my book. I had visions of packed book signing events and hundreds of&nbsp;eBook&nbsp;sales. I was truly excited.&nbsp; What I did next was something really incredible...I sat on it...for two whole years! &nbsp; <strong>"See, what had happened was..."</strong> &nbsp; I had spoken with several vanity publishers (a publisher that charges a fee to produce a book) and several authors that had published through vanity publishers and I was scared off by the vanity publisher's five-figure cost of designing, publishing and marketing my book. <a href="javascript:launchURL('')">Purchase "From Frustration To Fulfillment"</a> &nbsp; I totally shut the project down, until I got a package in the mail.&nbsp; A couple of weeks earlier, I had spoken with my cousin Harold.&nbsp; Harold is a retired, high-level executive.&nbsp; He's also a jazz enthusiast.&nbsp; We had a brief conversation and he promised to send me a few CD's that he made for me. &nbsp;Included with the CD's was a note that said in part "...there is so much that you can offer to the world, your family and to God...get to it!" &nbsp; Those words had a huge effect on me.&nbsp; I realized that I really did have a purpose to fulfill and that purpose was bigger than any of my issues; including my fear of publishing my book. &nbsp; I also set forth the intent to publish my book, this time around I decided to let the Universe work out the "how". I stayed focused on the end result of writing a book that I was proud of and a book that would help a lot of people. &nbsp; I forwarded a draft of "From Frustration to Fulfillment" to Harold.&nbsp; He read it and forwarded it to a couple of friends that knew a thing or two about writing.&nbsp; All three people offered some great suggestions about how to improve the book. &nbsp; Around the same time I connected with my publisher, Literary Loft, and was able to reach an outstanding win-win agreement to get the book published for a fraction of the prices quoted to me by many of the vanity publishers.&nbsp; &nbsp; I credit my cousin Harold with helping me find my "why".&nbsp; Why did I write my book? Why do I want the world to hear my story? Why should I keep going when I'm ready to quit?&nbsp; Once again, my purpose is bigger than my problems, so as suggested by Harold began 'getting to it'! &nbsp; We all need that little push toward our dreams and goals to get us started. I knew I had something important to share with the world, but I had talked myself out of it. I needed a reminder. The most reassuring part of it is that the reminder and encouragement to 'get to it' came from a family member.&nbsp;60110fromfrustrationtofulfillment, chrislee, thechrisleeshow, sonicrippler, igniteblogs/4-2016/60110-fromfrustrationtofulf-s.jpgWhat If You "Decided" To Go For It? by sonicrippler0, 25 Apr 2016 01:43 GMT&nbsp;"One day, I'm going to...."&nbsp; Have you ever uttered those words to yourself?&nbsp; How many times have you said those words to other people?&nbsp; What is it that you've been delaying for the last few weeks, months or even years with those words? &nbsp; Have you ever wondered why you keep saying "one day"? You may be able to rattle of a list of things that need to align before you can get started on that project, and you may be correct in your assessment.&nbsp; There is however one thing, on small tiny thing that needs to take place.&nbsp; You need to make a commitment to yourself. &nbsp; Emotions move us to action, even if that action is to do nothing.&nbsp; For example, I had finished writing my book and I had a tremendous sense of accomplishment.&nbsp; That emotion soon became overrun with the emotion of discouragement because I didn't know what the next step was toward getting my book published.&nbsp; At that particular time I was not committed enough to overcome my discouragement.&nbsp; I put my book on the shelf and began writing another book.&nbsp; Again I felt a sense of accomplishment that was soon replaced with discouragement. I soon found myself saying "One day I'm going to get my books published." &nbsp; The turning point came for me when I went through the process of writing a book and becoming discouraged for a third time!&nbsp; Now, motivated by the emotion of frustration I made a commitment when I angrily exclaimed, "I'm going to get these book published if it's the last thing I'll do!"&nbsp; At that moment I decided that I was going to publish a book. &nbsp; At first the discouragement came back because I had trouble finding help with the process.&nbsp; I pushed through the discouragement and within 6 months all of the pieces had fallen into place.&nbsp; The catalyst for the accomplishment was the decision, the commitment to accomplish the goal.&nbsp; What have you been putting off? What if you decided to go for it?&nbsp; Give it a try! &nbsp; Today, I've decided ______________________________________________.60109motivation, inspiration, chrislee, sonicrippler, thechrisleeshowblogs/4-2016/60109-motivation-inspiratio-s.jpgThis Is Sonic Rippler! by sonicrippler0, 25 Apr 2016 00:45 GMTMy name is Chris Lee and I am the founder of Sonic Rippler. Sonic Rippler provides you with on-demand radio rooted in this simple philosophy: "We believe that change begins with a new thought process. And we believe inside you is the power to begin that process. Our mission, through inspirational media, is to help you ignite that power - because the ripple from one thought can change an entire community"</strong> Arm people with better information and they can make better choices.&nbsp; As you can tell, inspiring people is a passion of mine. My other passion is music. Our catalogue of radio shows features lot's on album reviews, artist reviews and artist interviews. Take a look around and enjoy what we have to offer. I look forward to helping you on your journey to a fulfilling lifestyle.&nbsp;60108chrislee, sonicrippler, music, crystalwatkins, neosoul, podcast, thechrisleeshow, crysandchrisblogs/4-2016/60108-chrislee-sonicrippler-s.jpg