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Listen live on the App!61481interviews, music, artist, singles,blogs/5-2016/61481-interviews-music-arti-s.jpgFuture Getting Joint Custodyhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-baby-future-atlanta-75155/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-baby-future-atlanta-75155/Posted by vibingwithresse0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-baby-future-atlanta-75155/#commentsWed, 18 May 2016 02:37 GMTAfter months of being in a 15 million dollar lawsuit, Ciara accusing Future of defamation, slander and being a unfit father. She was asking for the court to be granted full custody and 15 thousand a month in child support. Umm Future never came out of character just remained humble and kept making hits, After the hearing today he was granted joint custody of his son. &nbsp;61477baby, Future, Atlanta, news, entertainment,blogs/5-2016/61477-baby-future-atlanta--s.jpgWhat happened at The Kevin Gates and Boosie Badazz Concert?http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-jewelhouse-boosie-kavin-gates-913455/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-jewelhouse-boosie-kavin-gates-913455/Posted by vibingwithresse0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-jewelhouse-boosie-kavin-gates-913455/#commentsThu, 12 May 2016 15:49 GMTAccording to XXL Magazine...&nbsp; This two had a concert together at the same venue this week in Louisville,KY&nbsp; When Gates got off the stage the entourages of both rappers got into a brawl. Its seems that these 2 guys have had some tension for a few years now. Going back to a Affiliate of Gates named Nussie was murdered back in 2009, one man claimed it was Boosie who ordered the hit, however Boosie was found innocent in 2012. Gates and Boosie also have a common homie behind bars- Lee Lucas They have both names friend in songs and Gates went to visit Lee Lucas in Louisiana State Penitentiary which he has pictures and videos up on his Instagram. Both of these artist are legends have carried their state on their backs. We want to see them work together maybe they could make a few hits for the summer.&nbsp; link for video:&nbsp;<a href="javascript:launchURL('https://youtu.be/rCr5gGerFSE')">https://youtu.be/rCr5gGerFSE</a>61130jewelhouse, boosie,kavin gates, bwa, breadwinner, Louisiana, rapper. south, mixtape, magazineblogs/5-2016/61130-jewelhouse-boosie-kav-s.jpgLauryn Hill shows up to her show 2 hours late again!http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-shows-concerts-atlanta-748295/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-shows-concerts-atlanta-748295/Posted by vibingwithresse0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-shows-concerts-atlanta-748295/#commentsTue, 10 May 2016 18:46 GMTIt's seems as though the artist has a history of showing up late to her shows and her fans are sick of it! With tickets being as high as $300.00..Below is a statement that Ms.Hill gave to her fans. I don't show up late to shows because I don't care. And I have nothing but Love and respect for my fans. The challenge is aligning my energy with the time, taking something that isn't easily classified or contained, and trying to make it available for others. I don't have an on/off switch. I am at my best when I am open, rested, sensitive and liberated to express myself as truthfully as possible. For every performance that I've arrived to late, there have been countless others where I've performed in excess of two hours, beyond what I am contracted to do, pouring everything out on the stage.Because I care so deeply about the artistic process, I scrutinize, have perfectionist tendencies, and want space made for spontaneity, which is not an easy process, with the many moving parts on the road. Some days we are more successful than others re time. However, the vitality that is infused into the performances is always appreciated by the audiences, who may not know exactly what it took to accomplish. What hasn't been touched upon by the media, I'm sure, are the hundreds of people who rushed the stage and stayed in excess of an hour after the show ended last night, just to connect.Our challenge is to figure out the best way to accommodate the vitality, spontaneity, and spirit that make the performances worthwhile and special to begin with, while also making that experience available and accessible to others. If I didn't Love and respect the art, I wouldn't be doing this. The audience and I should have that in common.My true audience knows emphatically that I care. It isn't possible to affect people in any deep and meaningful way without putting sacrificial time in.I have nothing but Love and appreciation for the fans in Atlanta, and regret not being able to give you a full show. We are figuring out a plan to make it up to you, and will announce details as soon as we have them.Respectfully, MLH60990shows, concerts, atlanta, artists, hill, vibingwithresse, parks, entertainment,blogs/5-2016/60990-shows-concerts-atlant-s.jpgRemember Curtis Snow? SNOW ON THE BLUFFhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-atlanta-westside-movies-96525/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-atlanta-westside-movies-96525/Posted by vibingwithresse0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-atlanta-westside-movies-96525/#commentsMon, 9 May 2016 02:43 GMTIt seems as though Curtis Snow from hit movie "Snow on the Bluff" has gotten in a bit of trouble. It was reported earlier this week. While attending his Grandfather's funeral, he underwent a Stand off with Atlanta Police Department and SWAT team. The reasons are still unknown it was rumored that he got into a altercation with a family member and locked himself in the bathroom at the church. Bystanders said that during the altercation the police was called and that's how the standoff started. It's sad seems like everything was taking out of context. His new movie is out on Trapflix "Snow on the Bluff 2"&nbsp;60889Atlanta, Westside, movies, tea, ga, vibingwithresse,blogs/5-2016/60889-atlanta-westside-movi-s.jpgDenzal Washington Gives Back!http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-hollywood-denzal-washington-congress-492475/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-hollywood-denzal-washington-congress-492475/Posted by vibingwithresse0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/vibingwithresse-hollywood-denzal-washington-congress-492475/#commentsSun, 8 May 2016 16:33 GMT&nbsp;President Obama insisted that all monies needed to complete the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture be raised before his exit from The White House at end of 2016.&nbsp; Authorized by Congress in 2003, the museum stands on a five acre-site on the National mall, near the Washington Monument, and boasts a $540 million dollar price tag.The federal government contributed $270 million, leaving the Smithsonian and others in the community to raise the remainder. The museum reported raising just over $252 million dollars last month -not far from their $270 million goal. The museum is set to open on September 24 of this year, with President Obama cutting the ribbon.Denzel and Pauletta said they felt compelled to open the doors to their sprawling home in the Hollywood Hills, nestled far away from prying eyes of star tour buses, in celebration of the mostly California-based supporters of the museum who donated more than $55 million dollars to the project over the past few years.The Saturday night event raised more than $17 million and included the announcement of a hefty pledge of $10 million dollars from television titan Shonda Rhimes, who could not attend the fundraiser."There is such a historical significance to this project,'' said Denzel Washington, who is currently directing Viola Davis in the film adaption of August Wilson's play 'Fences.' "It means so much for our community, our country and to future generations.''The lavish evening welcomed big names like Quincy Jones, Magic Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson and featured a performance by R&B singer Goapele Mohlabane who serenaded guests throughout the night. Dinner for the evening included braised short ribs, sea bass and cauliflower steaks.Pauletta Washington, a noted Broadway performer and accomplished pianist opened the evening with a vocal invocation of the Lord's Prayer near the home's Olympian sized pool."In this climate where so much money is being raised for the Presidency and The White House, it is incredible to have the support we received,'' said Pauletta Washington.&nbsp; "It's good knowing that even with so much going on, people are committed to making sure that this museum is successful.''Story Credit from: Variety.com &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;60874hollywood, Denzal Washington, Congress, Obama, White House, Smithsonian, African, Blackhistory