Dj3two1 can cater to both the party-gods and the innovators of your favorite brand. As a musical taste-maker, the consistency and dedication are the main ingredients to his success. With nearly 20 years of experience, Dj3two1 has laid a foundation in charity, corporate, family and university events. Embarking on his new gift and fan-base, Dj3two1 has made a name for himself not only as a syndicated radio disc jockey/ personality on his own digital radio platform 3two1 Radio but also being critically acclaimed, grabbing features in HipHopWeekly, The Source and Ozone Magazine.en-uscomtrevon@dj3two1.comhttp://dj3two1.comdj3two1dj3two1dj3two1115968ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/9421626631ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/2209705332ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/2209705332ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3163694353ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3163694353ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3568931435
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