djjuvy's Blog Juvy hales from The Windy City's West-side. He was introduced to music at a young age and it soon became his first love and an outlet to express himself best. He started out selling mixed CDs and Djing family functions. Back then music wasn't as easily accessible as it is now so he mowed lawns just to cop the latest CDs every Tuesday. He has had many opportunities to give up on his dream of becoming a Dj but refuses to quit until he masters this craft. He hopes to one day leave the corporate world to spread his love of music across the world full time. His demeanor is calm and mysterious until he hits the tables and truly comes alive. Many are shocked by his ability to mix and blend various genre that span the past 5 decades. He is not just limited to mixing tracks at parties, wedding receptions, and corporate events but will satisfy your musical desires in most any facet you desire. One of his most reputable ventures is compiling mixes from some of today's well known artist as well as tributes to the greats. Dj Juvy maintains full-time work as a computer repair technician which is the only passion to rival his love of music. If he isn't at his 9-5 or in a local club/lounge you can find him caring for his son who he hopes will carry on his love of music to the future generations. Some of his inspirations are Dj Jazzy Jeff, Dj Kid Capri, Dj Timbuck 2, Boi Jeanius, and Dj Scratch just to name a few. Catch him while you can as he is growing more and more in demand as time goes by. en-uscomiamdjjuvy@dj-juvy.com DJ JuvyYY1/4/2020 8:33:00 PMYDJ JUVY ENTERTAINMENTpk_live_51J0UUwC757NeVrpCpueHg83Vc34BkwfMDopqd6FN9W8zhpKkF4cNNNNdjjuvy April Lineup by djjuvy0, 1 Apr 2022 20:10 GMTMy people that have been rocking with me on this app since day 1 I appreciate you so much. I apologize for not keeping you updated but I vow to start doing that now. Starting next weekend here is my lineup. Don't worry I will start uploading more mixes as well to keep you going. Plus I have more news I can't wait to share coming up.240519Private,,Events,,Music,,Dj,,Showcaseblogs/4-2022/240519-private-events-i-11-s.jpgMy Everything Sweetest Day Jam by djjuvy0, 6 Oct 2021 14:51 GMTBring your sweeties out to the my everything sweetest day jam. Hosted by Dirrty Eagle and Candi Girl with special guest that girl Olivia from soul 106.3fm. I will be your vibes provider on the music side. So you don't want to miss out. Tickets are on sale right now on event brite. Just type in My everything sweetest day. It will be located at the Loft Adiq from 9pm til 2am. 223901sweetest, day, jam, R&B, hip, hop, love, showcaseblogs/10-2021/223901-sweetest-day-jam-25-s.jpgCoast 2 Coast is back by djjuvy0, 7 Apr 2021 14:21 GMTDue to the pandemic I know that everyone has been in the house. It is not over yet but Coast 2 Coast is back with it's showcase. Tonight come out and support your favorite local artists. I will be spinning the vibes to shake them nerves off. Hosted by my bro The Bigg DM. See you there. 202662coast,,2,,coast,,showcase,,musicblogs/6-2021/202662-coast-2-a-195136-s.jpgLive on WGCI radio airwaves by djjuvy0, 24 Jan 2021 21:19 GMTHello everyone, Happy new year. If you missed the live debut of me on WGCI 107.5fm Chicago on this lovely sunday. Don't worry if you go to the mixes section of my app I will post the mixes there for you to tune in to listen. Enjoy, share, comment, and tell WGCI to get me back on the radio again. Let's go. 193846Radio, WGCI, Throwback, Sundays, Rap, RnBblogs/1-2021/193846-radio-wgci-throwbac-s.jpgCongratulations by djjuvy0, 9 Dec 2020 21:31 GMTI will be advancing to the Championship round of Turn the Tables show season 4. If you missed the show last night it is on @prettylou11 instagram page. Go check it out. All support is welcome. Thank you to the celebrity guest @saigon_nyc189750Dj, game, show, battle, music, Live, IGblogs/12-2020/189750-dj-game-show-172221-s.jpgCore Djs Worldwide IG Live Takeover by djjuvy0, 28 Apr 2020 15:12 GMTToday it is going down starting at 2pm central time you will be witnessing some of the core djs including myself hitting the instagram live and making you vibe out throughout the day. Stay tuned I will be live at 6pm. 163097core,,dj,,worldwide,,instagram,,live,,takeoverblogs/6-2020/163097-core-dj-a-366396-s.jpgThe Late Show Mixshow is Back by djjuvy0, 22 Apr 2020 22:44 GMTDuring this pandemic, I am working on ways to keep everyone vibing. So with that said The Late Show Mixshow is Back and we are now in Denver, CO. Be tuned every Friday from 10pm-midnight as I light the airwaves on fire. If you have any song requests shoot me a message. 162574Denver, Colorado, Power, 109, radio, Mixshowblogs/4-2020/162574-denver-colorado-pow-s.jpg