TALK ABOUT IT is my life, music is my heart, music is my soul... My roots are vast and wide, from new York/ New Jersey area to South Florida. Raised by a dynamic woman, who did what was necessary to keep a family of five kids together after the loss of her daughter, their mother. My grandmother, although she might not have had the same appreciation for Hip Hop music (mixing and scratching) or in her words, "that noise", she is my support and instrumental in my development and growth into the person that I am today. As a DJ,DJ Cheeks got a late start in life. Although his interest started around age 12 he was not able to actually touch a set of turntables and a mixer until he turned 18. At that time, Cheeks was able to purchase his own set-up, yes did a lot of watching, listening and learning. With the help of his brother Psyco who helped him purchase most of the equipment. DJ Cheeks was able to jump start his career in djing. DJ Cheeks credit the great DJ Red Alert with awakening his spirit and interest in mixing and DJ-ing. Cheeks spent days on end taking in his five o'clock Free Ride Show on Hot 97. This peaked his interest. Red Alert really ripped it! This is what he aspired to do. At this point, Cheeks also took an interest in the Universal Zulu Nation. Being the first and largest Hip Hop organization on earth was only one of his reasons to join. Cheeks wanted to be a part of something that was the beginning of this music we call Hip Hop. UZN introduced me to many new experiences and Cheeks was able to network and meet others who shared the love of this music, including the Amun-Ra of Hip Hop Culture, the Legendary godfather himself, Afrika Bambaataa. Along with his journey, Cheeks was still not as confident as he could have been. Cheeks never really thought his skills were ready to be heard by the general public. Cheeks kept his DJ skills hidden, mainly because he was afraid of what people might think of him. It has been some years now since he have taken charge of his life as a DJ. Cheeks decided that it was time to step up and put himself, and his vision, out into the mainstream. By the 2015 Cheeks was able to present his mixes to various of radios station such as 93.3 The Beat Jamz in Jacksonville and 96.3 The Beat in West Palm Beach. Past Locations 2006 Latin Caf Miami, Fl 2009 Buzz Bar & Grill Sunrise, Fl 2010 - 2011 Players Sports Bar & Grill Tamarac Fl 2011 Art Bar Downtown FT. Lauderdale, FL 2011 Monterey Club Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2011 Hot Shots Sport & Billiards Sunrise, FL 2011 Capri's Lounge Boynton Beach, Fl 2011 La Bodeguita Coral Gables, Fl 2012 Omalley's Sports bar & Grill Margate Fl 2012 Premier Beauty Show Orlando, FL 2011 - 2013 First & Ten Sports Bar Boynton Beach, Fl 2013 Oasis Night Club Boca Raton, Fl 2013 Art Bar Downtown Ft. Lauderdale 2013 Ecko Unltd Store SawgrassMill Mall Sunrise, Fl 2013 Wowwies SportBar Grill Boca Raton, Fl 2013 Pamper Me Fabulous (The Moore Building) Mami, Fl 2013 Mosaic Cafe Cooper City, Fl 2013 Pat's Macabi Cigar Bar Plantation, Fl 2014 Mosaic Cafe Cooper City, Fl 2014 Tequila Cowboy West Palm Beach, Fl 2014 Nurotag Carshow, Miami Fl 2014 Nurotag Home Coming Miami, Fl 2015 Smoke On The Water Weston, Fl 2015 Heat Bar and Lounge Hollywood, Fl 2015 Beatz 96.3 (West Palm Beach, Fl) (Alpha Media) 2015 93.3 The Beat Jamz (Jacksonville, Fl) (Clear Channel) 2015 - 2016 SLAMXHYPE (SAWGRASSMALL & DOLPHIN MALL) 2015 - Present BAR LOUIE (BOYNTON BEACH, FL) 2016 - Summer Fest West Palm Beach 2016 &#45;&#45; Present Bar Louie ( West Palm Beach / Clematis) en-uscomdjcheeks@djcheeks.comhttp://www.djcheeks.comdjcheeksTHEREALDJCHEEKStherealdjcheeks115968ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/9421626631ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3568931435 CHEEKSUA-88664510-112/30/1899 12:00:00 AMNdjcheeks Mix 2 **New Mix** by djcheeks0, 26 Nov 2017 14:00 GMTDropping at 12 AM!!!! New Mix88616Spanish Hip hop, Latin Hip Hop, Urban Latinblogs/11-2017/88616-spanish-hip-hop-latin-s.jpgDJ Cheeks May Schedule by djcheeks0, 28 Apr 2017 22:37 GMTFor Bookings: djcheeks@djcheeks.com76354Bookings, Club, Partiesblogs/4-2017/76354-bookings-club-parties-s.jpgNew Mix Added! by djcheeks0, 28 Feb 2017 01:51 GMTNew Mix has been Uploaded 73134Mixes, HipHop, Latin Trap,blogs/2-2017/73134-mixes-hiphop-latin-tr-s.jpgRevised January 2017 Schedule by djcheeks0, 4 Jan 2017 15:52 GMTDJ Cheeks Jan. &nbsp;2017 Schedule01/04 Bar Louie 10pm - 2am (Boynton Beach, Fl)01/06 Bar Louie 10pm - 2am (Boynton Beach, Fl)01/07 Rocco''s Tacos 9:30 - 1am (Delray, Fl)01/11 Bar Louie 10pm - 2am (Boynton Beach, Fl)01/13 Bar Louie 10am - 2am (Boynton Beach, Fl)01/18 Bar Louie 10pm - 2am (Boynton Beach, Fl)01/20 Bar Louie 10pm - 2am (Boynton Beach, Fl)&nbsp;01/21 Rocco''s Tacos 9:30pm - 1am (Ft Lauderdale, Fl)01/25 Bar Louie 10pm - 2am (Boynton Beach, Fl)&nbsp;01/27 Bar Louie 10pm - 2am (Boynton Beach, Fl)&nbsp; For Bookings:&nbsp;Email djcheeks@djcheeks.com71266Hip Hop, Latin, Bookingsblogs/1-2017/71266-hip-hop-latin-booking-s.jpgNew Years Eve Celebration at Bar Louie Boybton Beach w/ DJ Cheeks by djcheeks0, 31 Dec 2016 20:52 GMTTickets: $50&nbsp; Includes Open Bar 9pm-12am Breakfast Buffet 9pm - 12am Champagne Toast at Midnight71152New Years Eve, Bar Louie,blogs/12-2016/71152-new-years-eve-bar-lou-s.jpgCatch DJ Cheeks on New Years Eve at 10pm on Beatz 96.3 West Palm Beach #1 HipHop Station by djcheeks0, 30 Dec 2016 18:39 GMTLast Mix Show on Beatz 96.3 for 2016!! &nbsp;Lock your Radio Dial on Beatz 96.3 on New Year's Eve!!! 12pm-Tony Neal 1-G Rhymes 2-Phatts 3-Vybz304 4-Scoobz 5-Swerve 6-E-Feezy 7-Fresco P 8-Flash 9-Ballistic Billy 10-Cheeks 11-DunDada</strong>71116HipHop, Rap, Mixshowblogs/12-2016/71116-hiphop-rap-mixshow-93-s.jpgNew Mixes Added on the DJ Cheeks App!!! Happy Holidays!! by djcheeks0, 26 Dec 2016 17:05 GMTMissed DJ Cheeks on Beatz 96.3 West Palm Beach HipHop Station?? Don''t worry all those mixes are posted up! Spread the luv! Merry xmas!70995HIPHOP, Mixshow, RadioMix,DJ Cheeks on Beatz 96.3 Hip Hop for the Palm Beaches at 4pm by djcheeks0, 24 Dec 2016 16:31 GMTSaturday </strong>12pm-Fresh P 1-DunDada 2-Tony Hitman 3-Phatts 4pm <strong>DJ Cheeks</strong> 5-Vybz305 6-Flash 7-Muhnee 8-E-Feezy 9-G Rhymes 10-Tony Neal 11-Scoobz70946Radio , Mixshow, Radio Life, Hip Hopblogs/12-2016/70946-radio-mixshow-radio--s.jpgDJ CHEEKS December Schedule by djcheeks0, 7 Dec 2016 23:51 GMTDecmeber Schedule is up!!! For more Bookings: 70485West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, South Floridablogs/12-2016/70485-west-palm-beach-lake--s.jpg