Keep It Moving the community through awareness, education advocacy and supportive services that aid in understanding the importance of management or prevention of mental health and other chronic diseases in the Black community.en-uscommskeepitmoving5@gmail.comhttp://www.KIMCESS.comMSKeepItMoving5MSKeepItMovingMSKeepItMoving5115968ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/9421626631ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3568931435 12:00:00 AMNmskeepitmoving vs Physical: Which is Important To You? by mskeepitmoving0, 9 Aug 2017 21:27 GMTGreetings to all, Many of you have learned I'm no stranger to psychological therapy. I actually look forward to my weekly sessions. Ha, in fact I have one today. Whoop whoop! I've gotten a few sessions under my belt with her now. So far so good as you've probably gathered from my excitement. She's really given me much to think about. She's asked such tough questions that I've literally had to dig down deep for honest answers. Last week we discussed emotional and physical connections and the roles each one has in relationships. It doesn't matter what type of relationship you're in, each one, the emotional and the physical shape how we feel and how we respond to others. However, for the purpose of this article, I will be referring to dating and or marriage. Just wanted to clear that up. While discussing the characteristics of each of these connections, I discovered something so much more important than just the mere characteristics themselves. But let's first look at some of these emotional and physical characteristics. Now for the sake of trying to be "realistic" as possible and FAIR, I will began with the physical characteristics first. I mean come on, you SEE FIRST the physical right? Someone who's physically attracted to you will take you out on some dates. You know, catch a few movies or go to dinner or have a few drinks. Hell, they'll even give up some cookies or lay down some pipe. LOL Hey I'm jussst saying. Seriously, when someone is physically attracted to another person they tend to touch or rub their arms or hands. Flirtatiously hug or make constant eye contact with them. They talk long enough to exchange numbers, emails, pager numbers (Yes I know. Ancient technology.) or agree to a place to hang out. However, there are no obvious emotional connections being invested. Just physical admiration. The emotional connections develop as time progresses and relationships have become established. It's in my opinion, indicative of a growing healthy relationship. People who are connected EMOTIONALLY share time together because they DESIRE to be in each other's company. They pay special attention to each other often developing bonds and engaging in deep conversations. When someone has invested emotions they share intimate desires, wants and needs. There is the sharing of fears, adorations or goals, likes and dislikes, hobbies and other activities. I am fully aware that the emotional and physical characteristics described in this article aren't anything new. Hell they are probably the very basic descriptions ever written. Nonetheless, I believe it is important to understand the difference when going into relationships, continuing a relationship or even reconciling one. I have to say, I've been guilty of being naive and not understanding the difference between emotional and physical connections. Yep I once believed that just because someone was physically attracted to me they also liked or loved me. I associated physical or sexual touch with love. Ooohhhh boooyy I was sooooooo innocent. Ok I was ignorant. But hey, now I know and can articulate and clearly understand the differences. Although the two connections are somewhat parallel, honey there's still a very clear contrast between physical and emotional connections. Here's a scenario. Man sees a woman. Woman sees a man. Man is aroused by the woman's curves and apple bottom jeans. (Wait. Are those still in style?) Anyway, Woman bats her eyes at the man. Man asks woman out. Woman agrees. Woman likes the man. Man gets the cookies. Woman wants to see man again. Man becomes distant and conveniently unavailable. Now woman is disappointed. Well damn, I wonder how this happened? Ok, I'm lying. I know exactly what happened and it's happened to a lot of us because we were ignorant. See women and men have different perceptions most times, especially when it comes to relationships. More times than not, women quickly become emotional connected to a man after they've given each other the business because women are more emotional and nurturing. It's just how God made us. Men on the other hand aren't quite like this. They're more physically and less emotionally driven. So unless he has invested emotional connections with you, he's going to keep it moving to the next big ass and smile. You gave him the only thing he wanted, physical satisfaction. Let me take it up a notch, because this scenario regarding emotional and physical connections is just an example of people who are "dating" or in unmarried but "committed" relationships. Here's the scenario. Man sees a woman. Woman sees a man. Man is aroused by the woman's curves and apple bottom jeans. (Again. Are these still in style?) So woman bats her eyes at the man. Man asks woman out. Woman agrees. Woman likes the man. Man likes woman. Man and woman bump uglies. OOOHHH man and woman enjoy the ugly bumping. Man and woman date and ugly bump for a few years and fall in love. Man and woman have each introduced the other to family and friends. They are proud to be together and the ugliness of the bump intensifies. Man and woman have fun together and have some of the same hobbies. Man and woman can't see life without the other. Man proposes to woman. Woman happily accepts, jumping up and down like a kid at Christmas. Man is overwhelmed with the excitement he's receives from the woman and the future he'll share with her breaking beds down and cracking headboards. Man and woman become husband and wife. Lolololololol Ok, I digress. Do notice the emotional and physical characteristics in the last scenario? Did those characteristics change? Recall in the beginning of this article I wrote that characteristics involving emotional and physical connections apply to any type of relationship? Well, that would indeed include marital relationships also. What did happen is both connections intensified. However, only one can affect the other in such a way that it becomes utterly unclear which connection is which. See it dawned on me last week as I sat in my therapy session, you can have a physical attraction to someone without the emotional connection. But it will only ever be physical and have NO VALUE or SUBSTANCE. On the other hand, when you're emotionally in tangled with another there a sense of pride when you're in their presences. You miss each other when you're apart and excited to see each other when you come back together even after a long hard day at work. When you're in the presence of others they are able to witness the admiration and love you have together. You still "date" each other and spend quality time. Conversations are longer than 2 minutes chatting about logistical shit at home, about kids or what bills are due on the next pay cycle because even through all the chaos there's still your love and desire for each other. You both always express how much love there is for the relationship thus going out of the way to make each other happy and secure. You feed each other's egos, privately and publicly. When emotions are intertwined with the physical the VALUE and the SUBSTANCE of that physical connection increases exponentially. So much so, they become one in the same. Both connections become so intense you just cannot determine which is which. I believe people in relationships whether married or just dating, dismiss the VALUE and the SUBSTANCE of emotionally and physically connecting. When people marry, there's the assumption that both people connected emotionally to make such a decision to become married in the first place. It's the expectation for emotional connections in a marriage be the main ingredient that provides the value thus giving the substance to the physical connections. When the emotional aspect of the marriage has gone, the physical worth diminishes. Then what? Yep, you guessed it. The marriage or any relationship crumbles. So I ask again. Which is more important to you? Which do you prefer to be the main ingredient in your relationship or marriage? Remember there's no substance without value. Until next time...No Matter What, KEEP IT MOVING! ~MSKeepItMoving 82841Relationships, Physical vs Emotional,blogs/8-2017/82841-relationships-physica-s.jpgRenewing The Mind Change Your Life by mskeepitmoving0, 5 Jul 2017 04:27 GMTListen, every day the mind is influenced by our environments, our social and family circles and our cultural dynamics. Theses influences whether positive or negative affect the way we think, feel and act. They affect our emotions and feelings about many aspects of our lives. They affect the way we perceive other people, the decisions we make or DON'T make for our own lives, the way we raise our children, relationships, so on and so forth. Many of our thoughts as a result of these influences can take root in our mind. Although we can't necessarily prevent these thoughts from happening, we can decide the thoughts that are allowed. Meaning it is our own decision as to the kind of thoughts we will allow to be intertwined in our cerebral vortex. There is an old saying, "Thoughts will come and thoughts will go, but thoughts that are not put into word or action will die-unborn." You can't always choose what you see in hear most times, but you can choose what you continue to reflect on as a result of what you see or hear. So what are you going to allow to remain stuck in your thoughts? What are you going to allow to influence the way you think, the way you act, how you feel? Who is the owner of your mind? You or the environments you're apart of? Your social circles? The media? Facebook? It is important to understand that whatever we fill our minds with eventually manifests in our lives. It's been said, "Show me your mind and I'll show you you're future." Filling your mind with negative thoughts like fear and the beliefs that you are unable to accomplish goals or achieve dreams, will only prevent the promises God. There are several tools that can help anyone change their mindset in order to live a more abundant life of substance. They are simply the components of your own mind that are utilized daily to process thoughts, feelings and emotions, but you have determine how you're going to use these same tools to renew the way you currently allow your thoughts to be processed as a result of outside influences. Components of Your Mind are 1. The Intellect (The mind's "library") -The intellect has the capacity to gain knowledge and use it in thought. It has the ability to learn and associate. 2. Imagination (The mind's "eye") -The imagination has the capacity to create possibilities and form new ideas with the mind, and to envision them internally. It has the ability to create pictures in the mind. 3. Memory (The mind's "flash drive") -The memory has the capacity to recall information, experiences, events, feelings, and thoughts experienced by the mind. It has the ability to remember. 4. Emotion (The mind's "voice") -The emotions have the capacity to experience inner passions in association with particular events, memories, experiences, or thoughts. It has the ability to feel. Emotions are the voice of our thoughts. Emotion "tells" us what and how we are thinking. Emotion may also arise in response to physical events occurring in the body-hormonal changes, illness, or various stressors. 5. Reason/Will (The mind's "judge") -the will has the capacity to consider information, make judgments between conflicting options, viewpoints, or courses of direction, and initiate action by the mind or body. It has the ability to choose. So what does all of this mean? There is a saying, "You are what you eat." If you eat consistently in a way that is unhealthy, then you become unhealthy right? You gain weight, become sluggish, physical illnesses manifest or worse case death can occur. The same applies to the way we think, therefore, You Are What You Think! As we change the way we think, we will change the way we behave. What we allow in our daily thoughts will become who we are. Think about this. Who we are right now is a direct reflection of our habitual thoughts regarding our life experiences, environmental factors, social circles and cultural values. As time progresses, the thoughts we dwell on become imbedded in our subconsciousness. We become what we think thus attracting those same qualities from others. If there're certain situations or characteristics of your life that you don't quite like it is up to you to make the proper adjustments to change. If you can't necessarily change the situation you'll have to change the way you perceive them. Change your mind. Change your life. We are ultimately responsible for our own mind and what we allow in it. Therefore, we have to maintain control of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions we experience. This is probably one of the most important steps of renewing the mind. How are you to make the proper changes for the betterment of your life if you do not first accept some accountability? Awareness of the thoughts that are limiting you from reaching your full potential is key to renewing the mind and focus, with clarity, on the purpose God has for your life. Until next time...No matter what, KEEP IT MOVING! ~MSKeepItMoving80381Renew the mind, Mental Health Awareness,blogs/7-2017/80381-renew-mind-mental-hea-s.jpg#StartSpeakingStopStigma: Mental Health Mondays by mskeepitmoving0, 27 Jun 2017 00:30 GMTIt's time to liberate ourselves and allow our minds to be Emotionally Emancipated from the lies that have sabotaged us subconsciously since before our births. It's time to dive HEADFIRST into the #StartSpeakingStopStigma movement. It's time we realize that "Black Mental Health Matters!!" Join me as I simultaneously broadcast LIVE right here on Facebook AND The MSKeepItMoving Radio Show June 26th at 8:30pm for Mental Health Mondays. I will share with you why the #StartSpeakingStopStigma movement has become so important to me. I'll share the challenges I face daily to become Emotionally Emancipated from my own fears and embrace who I know God has created me to be and I'll share with you the importance of promoting Mental Health Awareness and Education Mind, Body & Spirit. If you have questions you would like answered during the live show or if you would like to share your personal journey to become Emotionally Emancipated, please inbox me. You can also send your questions or share your personal journey via email at No matter what, KEEP IT MOVING! ~MSKeepItMoving K.I.M. 4U, Inc. #StartSpeakingStopStigma via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>79878Podcasting, #StartSpeakingStopStigma: Mental Health MondaysGaining Freedom by mskeepitmoving0, 8 Jun 2017 01:57 GMTGreetings to all, Everyday I gain more and more FREEDOM from self sabotage. Slowly but surely the "protection" is crumbling DOWN. The wall I began to build as a kid to protect myself from fear of rejection and abandonment, fear of not being good enough, people pleasing for fake ass love or friendships, fear of taking risks, but more importantly, the fear of LIVING; it only grew larger and more massive. The wall became a hill. The hill grew into a mountain. What I thought was my protection was the very thing that BLOCKED opportunities for connection. I felt I couldn''t fit in or gain acceptance from anyone of "importance" I believed I should have more friends but I didn''t because I wasn''t cool enough or cute enough or small enough or... the list can go on. I rejected people who I began to grow attachments to. My thought was, Ok there is a high probability this person is going to hurt me on purpose. So before they do I''m going to just shut down and add to the already grown mountain. Oh don''t try to CONSTRUCTIVELY criticize me, you would hear my wrath and get a highly unjustified tongue lashing because all I could comprehend was the criticism. It didn''t matter if it was constructive because I was going to destructively ruin all positive space for further discussion. Its only by Gods Grace and Mercy I can share this.&nbsp; Don''t get me wrong, I''m&nbsp; still a work in progress but I''m a faaaaaarrrr cry from the young woman who attempted to drive off the bridge because she felt her life was such a mess. Every day I gain more and more FREEDOM from self sabotage. I hope those who read this will began to recognize his or her own self sabotage. Emancipate yourself from the mountain of enslavement you''ve created within yourself.&nbsp; Until next time...No matter what, KEEP IT MOVING!&nbsp; ~MSKeepItMoving #StartSpeakingStopStigma78753Emotional Emancipation, Self Sabotage,blogs/6-2017/78753-emotional-emancipatio-s.jpgCo-Parenting & Dating: Selfish or nah? by mskeepitmoving0, 1 Jun 2017 00:00 GMTLife after a breakup can be a difficult for anyone experiencing it. What if children are involved? It is not surprising that making the transition easier for the children can be mental and emotionally draining. Co-parenting with an ex spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend takes a lot of patiences and understanding from both sides, especially when one or both parents decided to start new relationships. Join Nakikia Walton, wednesday 05.31.2017 @ 8pm for another exciting episode of The MSKeepItMoving Show. Listen in to find out what happens when Co-parenting goes bad, the implications on the lives of the children involved and why respect and communication are VITAL in Co-Parenting relationships. Don't miss this sizzlin hot topic. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>78298Podcasting, Co-Parenting & Dating: Selfish or nah?Memorial Day:The Forgotten by mskeepitmoving0, 30 May 2017 23:34 GMTGreetings to all, I hope you've all enjoyed this past Memorial Day Holiday and celebrated by remembering our fallen men and women soldiers who served this country. It's been over 150 years since fallen soldiers of the American Civil War were first recognize. Three years prior to General John Logan's special order to observe "Decoration Day" on May 30, 1868, freed slaves had already taken it upon themselves congregated in Charleston, South Carolina to commemorate the death of Union Soldiers and the end of the American Civil War on May 1, 1865.&nbsp; The first Memorial Day or Decoration Day, was designated to spread flowers or "decorate graves of those who died in defense of their country during the rebellion and whose bodies lay in almost every city, village and hamlet church yard in the land." There is an important fact that has so conveniently been unrecognized by mainstream White American. The most IMPORTANT but FORGOTTEN aspect of the Civil War is that the majority of the soldiers who'd paid with their lives did not die in COMBAT.&nbsp; Many poor and marginalized Black soldiers were stricken with sicknesses and diseases with no known cures. The numbers were so massive the Civil War became known as the largest biological disaster in the 19th century. Former slaves didn't have the necessary essentials to survive. Without the very basics like food, clothing and shelter, freed slaves were simply defenseless against diseases like smallpox as they were unable to obtain the body's requirements to sustain a healthy immune system. Remember back in the day learning about the Civil War and seeing the pictures of the aftermath? I do. I remember seeing only WHITE faces and the bodies of White men who lie dead on the battlefield. In White America, you see the expression of sorrow of the white lives lost and the passion demonstrated to commemorating their memories. Now, don't get me all twisted up here. I'm not suggesting that White people not be remembered. But what I want to bring to the forefront of your mind is how mainstream media, the education system and White supremacy has dismissed the role of the freed African American Slaves who were Soldiers and lost their lives in the Civil War as well. While the Whites reenact the Civil War each year to remember their ancestral white history, I think it's time to update the script. How about adding the scenes of former slaves who met their ultimate demise during and after the war as a result of sickness and disease and buried in a mass grave like freaking animal carcasses? While many us will continue to enjoy having Memorial Day off from our jobs, having cookouts with family and friends and honoring our fallen Veterans, please keep in mind, especially black folk, this holiday is not just to remember White Union soldiers who died, but also the freed slave soldiers who SACRIFICED too, but also who's history has been left buried in the past. Until next time... No matter what, KEEP IT MOVING! ~MSKeepItMoving &nbsp;78234Memorial Day Truth, The Forgotten Soldiers,blogs/5-2017/78234-mskeepitmoving-memori-s.jpgTying the K/NOT: A Mental Health Perspective by mskeepitmoving0, 24 May 2017 00:00 GMTMany relatioships can last a few months, a few years or a life time without a serious commitment like that of a marriage. Their are many excuses for this phenonmenon, but how long is TOO long to be in a relationship with no signs of marriage in the future. &nbsp; Join&nbsp;me tonight at 8pm on The MSKeepItMoving Show for an indepth discussion with my special panel of guests, Latasha Alston and Destiny Gilchrist. You'll be surprised what you learn about their perceptions regarding relationships, commitment and marriage. &nbsp;Participate for your chance to win a $20 gift card.&nbsp; To join the show dial (646)546-9711 or just click the link below.&nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>77878Podcasting, Tying the K/NOT: A Mental Health Perspectivebvc/140/29358-mskeepitmoving.jpgMental Health Mondays by mskeepitmoving0, 23 May 2017 00:00 GMTMultigenerational dehumanization by non black people since our African ancestors were initially enslaved here in the United States has always been the underline cause of black mental Health issues. There is evidence linking racism and adverse psychological outcomes such as high levels of anxiety, depression and other symptoms related to mental health issues in the black community. Join MSKeepItMoving tonight at 8pm for Mental Health Mondays edition of the Keep It Moving Show. Learn why you could be affected by multigenerational mental health issues and why it is time to #StartSpeakingStopStigma via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>77813Self Help, Mental Health MondaysPost Traumatic Slave Syndrome; a Multigenerational Curse by mskeepitmoving0, 4 May 2017 20:10 GMTPost Traumatic Slave Syndrome; a Multigenerational Curse Greetings to all, I'm hoping with every blog, video or podcast I share will ultimately leave my people with a clear understanding of why mental health promotion is important in our community. Promoting awareness and education in the black community about Mental Health issues has become a matter of life or death. Every year more than 40, 000 people die from suicide here in the United States of America. Although, the symptoms of mental illness can have different characteristics, the signs of mental distress are still there. I'm sure you've seen signs like, excessive anger, aggressive or hostile behaviors, chronic anxiety, or sudden changes in personality. Multigenerational dehumanization by non-black people since our African ancestors were initially enslaved here in the United States has been the underline cause of black mental health issues. When the first of our African ancestors were brought over to America in 1619, there was a rapid change in status. For example, in 1640, two Europeans and one African, who were all Virginia slaves escaped, however they were captured and tried in court. At the end of the trials the Virginia court ordered the 2 European slaves to remain with their master for an additional year, but the African slave was ordered to remain with his master for the remainder of his life. Now all three of them committed the same "crime" right? I'm sure you all know this same type of BS is still going on in our judicial system. Chattel slavery is a type of bondage where Africans who were enslaved were considered pieces of property. The name, Chattel was given because of the treatment of African slaves as property and hot commodities to be sold to the highest bidders. This system of slavery was initialized by Europeans thus forming the basis transatlantic slavery. According to the book "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome" written by Dr. Joy DeGruy, black people have never healed from the wounds of slavery. Africans were forcefully separated from their families, forbidden to speak in their native tongue, practice their religion or play traditional music. These kinds of horrific traumas provide insight as to the implications of slavery and why structural and institutional legacies of racism have impacted black mental health TODAY! Nevertheless, this knowledge has not encouraged conversations about slavery. Maybe it's because black people feel a sense of shame and embarrassment because of the degradations of slavery and the ancestry of white slave masters feelings of guilt about a system of ideals that have built a nation on the backs of black slaves. Just as the subject of slavery is swept under the carpet so is the state of mental health in the black community. There is evidence linking racism and adverse psychological outcomes such as high levels of anxiety, depression and other symptoms related to mental health issues. Although, the numbers show that black people are more likely than white people to report feelings of sadness, hopelessness and worthlessness, there is still this attitude against addressing the impact of racism against black people relative to our mental health in this country. We can't afford to continue of this attitude of "Oh it doesn't affect me," or "Slavery was a long time ago and it's over now." If you are black in this country today, it does AFFECT YOU and YOUR CHILDREN. So get over yourselves. This type of attitude is hindering other black people from receiving the societal support needed to begin healing ourselves. Believe it or not, RACISM is REAL and still EXISTS TODAY! It is affecting one way or another. The evidence of racism is all over every form of media there is. The daily attacks on black men, women and children by white people, especially those in authority, have become disturbingly epidemic. Yet, it doesn't seem to matter to people of society in America that these EVIL criminal acts are being allowed and justified. Yet, we're the ones considered "Dangerous Thugs" or "Hood rats." Can you say, "Domestic Terrorism?" This is why we are angry. This is why we are mad. There is extreme validity in our feelings and emotions of anger about how systemic injustice has negatively affected our lives. Dr. Joy DeGruy clearly describes our mental condition which also serves as the title of her book and the title of this article. "Innocent and angry little boys threatened by a glance; proud parents reluctant to praise their children and feeling the need to inhibit their natural exploratory instincts; friends not being able to celebrate the successes of their peers; organizations torn asunder from within . . . and there's more. Parents feeling the need to protect their children from the police. Issues of skin color and hair texture continuing to dominate discussions regarding beauty and physical preference. The excessive focus on material accumulation. People needing, wanting and dreaming, yet fearing they will not succeed. Most of all frustration. Frustration and anger, at times even rage, feelings that seem to dominate many of our lives. If you're black and living in America, none of this may be news to you." Black people have always been survivors and adapted their behaviors to continue their survival. Just think about it, we are still adapting and it is transgenerational adaptations related to the trauma endured during slavery and our continued oppression. Let's not only focus on white racist individually. There's always going to be a few bad apples in any bunch, right? What we need to focus on is the systemic racism. White people are taught not to SEE racism. You'll hear them say something stupid like, "I don't see color." Nevertheless they still promote racism against those of color. This process continues through lies, stereotypes and misinformation about people in the black community. However, the more black people advance in society the increase of white radicals displaying their displeasures of the threat to their social status even more evident. There is research that shows proof that chronic exposure to stress hormones alters the expression of genes. There is a steroid hormone known as glucocorticoids that affects various areas of our body's systemically. Studies reveal that these glucocorticoids alter the genes that control the area of the brain that includes the hypothalamus and pituitary glands of the brain, and the adrenal glands located close to the kidneys. There is another gene, Fkbp5, that when modified leads to PTSD, depression and mood disorders. In an interview with Atlanta Black Star, Dr. Farah D. Lubin who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham said genetics is a matter of nature vs. nurture. "Nature is what you get from your parents, while nurture is how your environment shapes you as an individual." The doctor also stated an individual might have a predisposition to developing a certain mental health illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or suicide. (I'll discuss epigenetic factors of mental illness later.) Racism should be understood not as a system of discrimination for a certain generation of black people but as an ugly curse passing from generation to generation affecting state of our mental health. Maybe we could start genuine conversations about the damages caused by racism and racial injustice. It's time to talk about real ways people in the black community can began to heal from the traumas that have led to us to "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome." Until next time...No matter what, KEEP IT MOVING!! ~MSKeepItMoving76715Multigenerational Curses, Black Mental Health After Slavery, Racism and Mental Illnessblogs/5-2017/76715-multigenerational-cur-s.jpgBlack Mental Health in the Church by mskeepitmoving0, 2 May 2017 22:13 GMTGreetings to all, May is Mental Health Awareness month.&nbsp; Of course, I must increase my efforts to promote this topic, especially in the black community. The ignorance has been on-going for far too long. Unfortunately, ignorance regarding the state of mental health in black families is NOT BLISS. The stigma and negative perceptions surrounding the topic of mental health is evident and has played a major role in the decisions against traditional treatment and/or medication offered by medical professionals. Most black people misunderstand what mental health conditions are and often refuse to discuss this topic. Obviously, there is much to talk about, yet mental health is still an avoided subject in many cases. This ignorance leads to many black people believing mental illness is a weakness and a sign that God is punishing people them because they have mental health issues. Of course, this is NOT TRUE. Nevertheless, people in the black community are still reluctant to discuss mental health because of the fear of being shamed and labelled as "CRAZY." It's always recommended to seek professional help when experiencing a mental health crisis to be evaluated and assessed for proper treatment and/or medication.&nbsp; More times than not, cultural backgrounds play a significant role in the lives of black people and other minorities. Values and beliefs have a great impact on the decisions made about certain healthcare services, especially services for mental health. It's not surprising that there is a lack of cultural competence in mental health. This lack of understanding often leads to incorrect diagnosis and inadequate treatment.&nbsp; Unfortunately, black people and other minority cultures are on the receiving end of poor quality of care. As a mental health awareness and education advocate for the black community and a person who receives mental health treatment and medication, I prefer to see and I always recommend seeing a black mental health provider. I believe the cultural significance is key and highly important for receiving proper treatment. &nbsp;However, historically, black people have always relied on faith, family and our social circles for emotional support for what could be symptoms of mental health problems. &nbsp; Now the truth is faith, can surely help you through as you recover.&nbsp; Having a spiritual connection to God will help you keep you encouraged and give you strength during the treatment process. Yes, your church leaders and church family can provide you with support, but you shouldn't depend only on this as a treatment option.&nbsp; You really must be careful. Sometimes church communities are misinformed and can end up being a source of the stigma surrounding mental health.&nbsp; There are many leaders of the black church who live in silence themselves. Pastors, Deacons, Ushers, Choir members and other members are experiencing mental health problems while supposedly learning and/or teaching the word. It's sad that so many misconceptions regarding mental illness in the black community have caused so many to question their faith in God. It only reinforces the stigmas. I firmly believe that the word of God cannot be taught effectively if the preachers, ministry leaders, and members are NOT MENTALLY and SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY. I'm not saying not to utilize the church as a support system, but it is important to understand people who struggle with mental illness can't be told the same thing over and over. It's just insanity when the advice you're offering is not working or can't work alone without proper treatment. &nbsp;Mental illness needs to be treated effectively and not passively.&nbsp; Church leaders should not tell their members to "Just lean on the Lord baby" or "Pray and give it to God my child." I believe in the power of prayer. I also believe the scripture James 2:14-17. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, "Depart in peace, be warmed and filled, "but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus, also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. Until next time...No matter what, Keep It Moving! #StartSpeakingStopStigma ~MSKeepItMoving76599Black Mental Health in the Church, Black Mental Health, The Church and Mental Health among members,blogs/5-2017/76599-black-mental-health--s.jpgBlack Mental Health Matters by mskeepitmoving0, 1 May 2017 19:56 GMTGreetings to all, The mother of a 24 year old black male stopped by my desk this morning looking for him. She wanted to make sure he was able to find the office he was supposed to have his appointment. I the status of the Veteran for her and advised he'd indeed made it here and was currently with his provider. The mother said, "Good. My baby is suffering from PTSD. He's been closed up in his room not wanting to be around anyone. I wasn't going to tell me about what was going on with him. I had to make him come to his appointment because he's got me so worried about him." I let her know, he was in good hands now. Hopefully, he'll be able to work through his symptoms of PTSD with the provider and leave here feeling brand new. I advised her she did a good thing for him because Black Mental Health Matters. Later, as she walked out the clinic the mother asked, "Will you please pray for him?" I said I would do so, but It made me think about other people in the Black community ask for Prayer rather than seek treatment to sort through issues of mental health. Let's discuss some facts regarding Mental state of the Black community. We only make up 12% of the national population, but we account for 25% of the mental health needs in the United States. What's unfortunate is this number is probably much higher. The negative attitudes and perceptions regarding mental health in the Black community play a huge role in why many of us never receive the treatment we need. We rely heavily on our Church organizations to help us get through our issues, rather than seeking professional help. We are quick to say, "I'll just pray about it" or "I don't want anyone in my business." (Later will discuss the role of the Church regarding Mental Health Promotion to the Black community.) It's amazing how we sometimes see things eyes wide shut. We don't mind telling people, "Oh I'm diabetic" or "I have heart disease" but when it comes to Mental health issues, we want to sweep it under the carpet. No one chooses to be diagnosed with any chronic illness, so it would make sense to think you wouldn't choose to have a mental illness either right? I mean, come on family. When will we learn? Mental illnesses are conditions due to chemical imbalances in the brain that affect how a person copes with stressful situations. Mental health issues are NOT signs of WEAKNESS and if anyone is telling you anything differently is OBVIOUSLY struggling mentally themselves. Not only have the stigmas and negative perceptions associated with mental health created a huge void in the Black community, but the healthcare system isn't helping much either. There is a lack of knowledge regarding mental health conditions and how they present themselves, problems with access to medical care, financial challenges for affording treatment or medication, mistrust in the healthcare system and more importantly the SEVERE deficiency of Black psychologist and psychiatrist in the mental health field. Listen, Black folk are no different when it comes to the prevalence of mental illness, HOWEVER, our concerns, experiences and how we perceive things may be. We all experience ups and downs as a result of certain situations in our lives, but we have to understand mental health conditions go far beyond ups and downs or emotional reactions. Mental illness is a medical condition that needs to be addressed. If not treated they most definitely will worsen over time. Anybody can develop a mental health condition, but we experience more severe forms of symptoms due to social and economic barriers and macroaggressions. We are more commonly diagnosed with Major Depression, ADHD, Suicide(among young Black men) and PSTD because we are more likely to be victims of violent crimes. We've got to do more when it comes to promoting Mental Health Awareness and Education in the Black community. At the present, I am working on a campaign to help promote Mental Health Awareness and Education in our communities, called #StartSpeakingStopStigma. As a Black woman who lives with mental health issues, I know how important it is to seek treatment. After having a severe Panic Attack on the highway with my children in the car with me, I knew it was time to get some help. I mean I was in the middle of the freaking Highway with my babies in the back seat y'all. WHHHEEEWWWW. I knew my coping skills had been decreasing especially the older I became. I became more anxious after having children. Everything made me nervous and I would breakout into a sweat. I've sense been diagnosed with Panic Attack Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD and ADD. Good grief, I guess to ignorant people I would appear crazy huh? Yah Mama!!! LOLOL Here's the thing, I know many of us are reluctant to discuss mental health issues we experience or seek treatment but this has to stop. We have to do better with addressing and treating mental illness in our community. It is dangers to have limited and inaccurate information about mental illness. It is extremely important that we approach providing education to our communities on multiple levels. We have to work to stop the stigma affecting the normalization of mental health. We also have to create environments that are safe for us to express our thoughts, feelings, and our fears about mental illness. (Emotional Emancipation Support Group in Durham, NC soon.) It is a matter of life and death these days, especially when it comes to our encounters with law enforcement. Police officers have not been trained or equipped with how to handle people with mental illness. Unfortunately, Police behaviors often make matters worse rather than de-escalate what could be symptoms of mental health issues. Many people believe that people with mental illness are violent and this is not TRUE, and this is part of the stigma that creates apprehension to seek treatment. And guess what, more times than not, people with mental illness who encounter law enforcement go to jail or become imprisoned. Black mental health matters. Please help me promote Mental Health Awareness and Education by supporting #StartSpeakingStopStigma in the Black Community. If you would like to donate to help obtain education materials and promotion of this campaign please contact me via email at You can text or call (919)964-0546. Find us also on FACEBOOK under the group name #StartSpeakingStopStigma Until next time... No matter what, KEEP IT MOVING! #StartSpeakingStopStigma ~MSKeepItMoving76503Black Mental Health, Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health in the Black Community,blogs/5-2017/76503-black-mental-health--s.jpgOpportunity or Scam? Multi-Level Marketing, Franchises or Pryamids by mskeepitmoving0, 30 Apr 2017 16:25 GMTGreetings to all, Let's talk business. I've known for a long time that having multiple streams of income is important. Relying on one job or one business is not always the best thing especially if you're working in corporate America or just working for someone else period. Let's face it. Many of us didn't come from a generation of people who created "Old Money" for future generations. I know I didn't. Like most Black families we've been taught to believe that you should get and education so you can get a great job you can retire from when you're 55 or so. I understand, but today, the old way of thinking doesn't apply. Businesses aren't as loyal to their employees as they once were. The bottom line is MONEY. Jobs have been sent overseas to save on labor cost. Benefits for health coverage have been cut, but insurance premiums have increased for the employees. &nbsp;People are getting laid off left and right. So many people are without jobs and it's all just so unfortunate. I believe my fathers generation was the last to enjoy to pleasures of having a great employer. I certainly have not had the pleasure of enjoying the loyalty he enjoyed back in the day. I've been laid off and fired from jobs with no other income of my own to contribute to a household that depends on 2 incomes to make ends at least wave at each other even if they don't meet. When you have 3 kids, child care, medical bills, car notes, mortgage, food, clothes etc., One check is not enough if you don't make more in income than your household expenses require. Living pay check to pay check is old and stressful. I know many people are still going through this very thing. The reasons I've mentioned earlier are just a few reasons why I decided to invest in other businesses. Some worked and some didn't. However, the entrepreneur in me is in me is STILL in full effect honey. Let's talk for a few minutes what an entrepreneur really is? I don't want you to confuse the term for someone who's without a job talking about, "Oh I'm an entrepreneur," when someone ask them where they work or what they are doing for a living yet they have nothing to show or offer. There's a real difference in the terms Entrepreneur and BUM and should not be confused.&nbsp; An entrepreneur is a person who starts and organizes a business that offers products or services and takes on the risk of loss in order to make money. This is me and many of people as well. We have the ability to recognize the bigger picture, finds opportunity to make life better for themselves and for others, and we understand there's is risk involved but we don't let that frighten us. We understand that with risks that are taken, some work and some fail. We know that they're unending challenges that will test our HUSTLE, but we KEEP IT MOVING!!&nbsp; So how do you start your own business? There are many things to consider when you're thinking about starting a business. What are you passionate about? &nbsp;What hobbies do you enjoy participating in that could be turned into businesses? How much time do you have to invest in the business? How much money do you have saved for start up cost? What is your plan for the business? These are just a few things to consider.&nbsp; When I decided to make a business investment, I had to consider those things and more. As the Founder and President of K.I.M. (Keep It Moving) 4U, Inc. We are a non profit organization with a mission to empower the community through awareness, educations, advocacy, and supportive services that aid in the understanding of prevention or management of mental illness and other chronic diseases. Currently, I am working on a campaign for Mental Health Awareness and Education called #StartSpeakingStopStigma. The business that I've invested in has allowed me to travel at WHOLESALE prices to promote Mental Health and dispel the negative stereotypes that are placed on those who are living with Mental Illness. Surge365 is an absolute wonderful opportunity and the investment is minimal. &nbsp; Let me share with you the type of business model Surge365 is and you can decide or yourself if it is an opportunity or a scam? The business model is called Multi-Level Marketing. This type of business model has been plagued with myths and negative views. A Multi-Level Marketing business is a type of business that actually has products or services to be sold to consumers by distributors. A good network marketing company rewards leaderships, just like any structured business. It is unique because as a distributor you start at the top of YOUR business. You are in control of how much income your business generates. There is a on going myth that MLM's are Pyramid Schemes because they have a "pyramid structure."&nbsp; The law. According to the FTC or Federal Trade Commission, Multi-Level Marketing Businesses and Pyramids differ in that MLM's offer actual products and services whereas Pyramids do NOT!. Knowing the difference between the two of these is important if you're thinking of choosing a business to invest in. MLM's appeal to people who have no previous experience in sales or business because training is provided. The revenue from a MLM comes from two sources. One you are paid a commission for any product or services you sell. Two, you are paid a commission on referring other people to become distributors of the company as well.&nbsp; So you tell me, Opportunity or Scam? If you are unemployed, looking for another stream of income, tired of working for bosses who don't appreciate your hard work and dedication, then invest in yourself. Take a chance at using your worth, skills, knowledge and abilities to work in your own business. Please however, don't just choose any business opportunity. Make sure you research, see how the business opportunity can enhance your life and those around you. This is why I chose Surge365. Everyone travels, no matter what income level or ethnic culture, or business. EVERYONE TRAVELS. I have to travel for business purposes and for pleasure. My family and friends love to travel as well. I've been afforded a way to do both without the RETAIL cost associated not being involved in travel business.&nbsp; Look, do you have a VISION? SPEAKLIFE to yours and KEEP IT MOVING! If you would like to know more about how you too can invest in the travel industry and work from home part time or full time contact me via email at or If you aren't ready but you need to getaway, no worries, you can use my discounts at NO COST to you by visiting; I look forward to working with you.&nbsp; Until next time.... No matter what, KEEP IT MOVING! ~MSKeepItMoving 76435Opportunity or Scam, Travel Business, Business Models,blogs/4-2017/76435-opportunity-scam-trav-s.jpgThe Mentally Enslaved by mskeepitmoving0, 29 Apr 2017 01:07 GMTGreetings to all, Now is the time to have a very serious conversation about ourselves with ourselves. We need to talk about mental enslavement in the Black/African American community. Just think about this topic with an open mind and an open heart. Think about others you may know, family, friends or even enemies, who could be among the mentally enslaved. And let's really be honest with ourselves. Are we personally one of those mentally enslaved individuals? Mental enslavement has wreaked havoc on the Black/African American community for many many generations. The negative affects of this phenomenon has broken family relationships and friendships, caused distrust, jealously, animosity and self hate and the continued illusion that white is right in America. Hell, not even the election of the first Black President was enough to dismantle the LIE that "white privilege" is NOT REAL in this country.&nbsp; White privilege or white skin privilege is used to described societal privileges has been beneficial to those who identify as white in Western civilization and not experienced by non whites who live under the same social, political and/or economic situations. White privilege has shown obvious and not so obvious advantages that white folk refuse to recognize. These advantages include affirmation of self work, greater social status and the greatest freedom to move, work, play speak freely and to just freaking LIVE without fear of being imprisoned or even worse KILLED because of the color of their skin.&nbsp; But even with this information Black/African Americans, wow, we are still oblivious and continue be infatuated with those who oppress us. We accept their education without demanding they include our history. You know, the parts where they actually took our ways and made them their ways. We have absolutely been changed and have adapted ourselves to their reality. Many of us believe we are the negative stereotypes, thugs, gangsters, baby mamas, hood rats the media has portrayed us all to be. Here it is 2017 and we are still in a position of disadvantage. The Mental Enslavement we continue to live with has caused us to self sabotage. &nbsp;Why? How? &nbsp;We continue to relinquish control to White America by not building our own education system, we have not created generational wealth so our children and grandchildren will have the luxury of enjoying "old money." &nbsp;We steadily deny the afflictions placed on us socially and economically as the "Willie Lynch Syndrome" continues to plague us to this very day. I know you've heard other Black/African American people dismiss slavery and state things like, "It has nothing do with me," or "Slavery has nothing to do with what's going on today," or "I haven't experienced racism." &nbsp;RRRREEEAAALLLYY??? These comments frustrate me and they should also frustrate other Black/African Americans as well. And thus, the cycle continues to the next generation. Our children's negative behaviors like self hate, distrust of each other, lack of desire rebuild our families and communities. How do we change this though? WE HAVE TO CHANGE OUR MIND SETS. Stop acting inferior. Emancipate ourselves from The Mental Enslavement we've been placed in.&nbsp; We &nbsp;ignore the REAL truths about who WE really are. &nbsp;Yet, many of us are not validated until we've become someone the white world view approves. Black men become successful, and marry the trophy white wife saying he loves her because she supported him when he was struggling. He describe his trophy with love and admiration. But the trophy only seems him as sexual satisfaction. They perpetuate the saying, "Black Women are ANNNGGRRYY!" &nbsp;GRRRRRRRR... (little humor there). &nbsp;The point I'm making or attempting to make is that The Mental Enslavement is still rampant. We need to educate ourselves and each other about WHO WE ARE. WHO are ancestors were even before their brutal enslavement. Please believe me, I'm not trying to say that whites deserved to hated or disrespected, but I am saying Black/African American people or people of color for that matter deserve to be able to live without fear or the threat of domestic terror allowed and accepted by white society and those infused into it. Yeah, Yeah Yeah, slaves were so called "emancipated" more than a century ago. Governmental laws have been written to so call "grant freedom" to Black/African Americans. We have supposedly been taken out of bondage right? WRONG!!! All that was a facade or a cover up for what had already began and what has continued generation after generation after generation. So far, nothing has been able to cure the mental slavery that is still alive in the Black/African American world. The shackles may not be on our feet, but they're damn sure still on our minds. &nbsp; #StartSpeakingStopStigma Until next time..... No matter what, KEEP IT MOVING!! MSKeepItMoving 76366Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health Education, Black Mental Health Mattersblogs/4-2017/76366-mental-health-awarene-s.jpg