DJ Peer Pressure With Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer Dec 2012 Since then my joy of music has inspired me to become an advocate for cancer awareness. Thanks to Bobbee O's BBQ Charlotte, NC Walts Flavored Chicken Wilm, De Rickey Gadson DragRacing School Sams Music Connection O.P. Productions Wilmington,De Peavey Electronics DJ Entertainment School en-uscomdjpeepressure@gmail.com Peer Pressure Show Peer Pressuredjpeerpressure@gmail.comNdjpeerpressure 4 A Cure 4 a cure-oldschool-83477/features/blogs/djpeerpressure-spinning 4 a cure-oldschool-83477/Posted by djpeerpressure0 4 a cure-oldschool-83477/#commentsSun, 20 Aug 2017 22:04 GMTI've been quiet about my Cancer situation and just wanted to give you guys an update. Next week i get another scan done and the following week i get the results of it and my updated #"s. I'm trying something but i want proof before i let it out.  Over the past month I've seen a change in my daily routines and I'm excited so far. So keep in mind I'm still stage 4 but I'm ok with it.  Let's see if my results will be enough to get their attention. It's in God's hands. #standup2cancer 83477Spinning 4 A Cure,Oldschoolblogs/8-2017/83477-spinning-4-a-cure-old-s.jpg