djcadence316's Blog for checking me out! This is my app for you to catch all the new events and download new mixtapes. Thanks again and spread the word! en-uscomcadencemp3@gmail.com dj cadence will be mixing live on Facebook live tonight at 11 cst. Tune in by djcadence3160, 27 Mar 2020 23:48 GMTMake sure you check me out as i&nbsp; Bring the club to your front living room with a live mix on Facebook live158773Dj, cadencebvc/145/30511-djcadence316-logo---t.jpgThree new mixes! Clean And explicit and a r&b mix also. Check it out by djcadence3160, 12 Mar 2020 18:13 GMTThanks for the support&nbsp;157157Cadence, dj,bvc/145/30511-djcadence316-logo---t.jpgValentine's Day mix available on my app now by djcadence3160, 14 Feb 2020 18:26 GMTThanks for the support&nbsp;154508Cadenecbvc/145/30511-djcadence316-logo---t.jpgDj cadence tbt is back! by djcadence3160, 13 Feb 2020 19:16 GMTThanks for the support&nbsp;154411Dj cadencebvc/145/30511-djcadence316-logo---t.jpgNEW THROWBACK THURSDAY MIX AVAILABLE TODAY!! by djcadence3160, 14 Nov 2019 17:17 GMTI know its been awhile so here you go!! Thanks for the support.&nbsp;145319dj,cadence,316,tbt,blogs/11-2019/145319-dj-cadence-316-7015-s.jpgIts been awhile so today we got 2 mixes for you to hear! by djcadence3160, 3 Oct 2019 14:11 GMTThnks for the support140814dj,cadence,316,rap,mixtape,mix,Saturday night mix 30 min check it out. by djcadence3160, 22 Sep 2019 02:50 GMTThanks for the support&nbsp;139625CadenceNeed a mix for Saturday night ? Well here it is. New music explicit by djcadence3160, 1 Sep 2019 01:27 GMTThanks for the support&nbsp;137760cadenceTBT is ready from DJ CADENCE! by djcadence3160, 22 Aug 2019 17:59 GMTCheck it out thanks for the support136987dj, cadencecheck out the new throwback thursday mix!! by djcadence3160, 15 Aug 2019 15:26 GMTthanks for the support.&nbsp;136365dj, cadenceblogs/8-2019/136365-dj-cadence-1572478-s.jpgOld skool and new skool mix today for throwback thrursday!! by djcadence3160, 1 Aug 2019 14:18 GMTthanks for the support Android -&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"></a> iPhone -&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"></a>135160dj,cadence,316blogs/8-2019/135160-dj-cadence-316-8914-s.jpgIts that time again. Tbt is ready for you to check out! by djcadence3160, 18 Jul 2019 14:16 GMTthanks for the support133832dj,cadence,316Check out TBT on your DJ Cadence app! by djcadence3160, 11 Jul 2019 15:34 GMTthanks for the support.&nbsp; Android -&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"></a> iPhone -&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"></a>133171cadence,tbt,thowbackblogs/7-2019/133171-cadence-tbt-thowbac-s.jpgexplict weekend mix for you on the dj cadence app right now! by djcadence3160, 28 Jun 2019 22:20 GMTI am on my way to DJ in KC and i wanted to make a mix so i figured i would share it with you guys.Thanks for the support132073dj,cadecnce,316,explict,dity,mixblogs/6-2019/132073-dj-cadecnce-316-191-s.jpgIT's that time again!! Throwback Thursday is ready to get you through your workday! by djcadence3160, 27 Jun 2019 13:34 GMTthanks for the support.&nbsp;131930dj,cadence,316,tbt,blogs/6-2019/131930-dj-cadence-316-1742-s.jpgcheck out Throwback Thrusday. Its a old one from Jan of 2017! by djcadence3160, 20 Jun 2019 13:02 GMTthanks for the support.&nbsp;131380dj,cadence,tbt,blogs/6-2019/131380-dj-cadence-tbt-1045-s.jpgThis week i did a throwback of a TBT its the second mix we did back in 2017. by djcadence3160, 13 Jun 2019 14:10 GMTThanks for the support.&nbsp;130838dj,cadence,316,tbtblogs/6-2019/130838-dj-cadence-316-1904-s.jpgNew Throwback Thursday mix is up and ready to get you through the day by djcadence3160, 6 Jun 2019 16:04 GMTThanks for the support&nbsp;130282Dj,cadencethis week is a mix of throwbacks from people that were famous as kids! check it out by djcadence3160, 30 May 2019 12:34 GMTthanks for the support129727throwback, Thursday, dj, cadence,blogs/5-2019/129727-throwback-thursday--s.jpg#TBT is available right now on your DJ Cadence app! Check it out! by djcadence3160, 23 May 2019 12:31 GMTI usually don't put much in these but I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who truly support this app and everything else that i do with music. Who would have guessed the little choir boy would grow up to be who I am today. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my dreams! I truly love you all129179dj,cadecnce,316,tbt,throwback,thursday,wichita,kansas, hip, hop, rap, mix, clean, editedblogs/5-2019/129179-dj-cadecnce-316-422-s.jpg