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TURNS OUT HE HAS NO BAD BLOOD WITH THE PEOPLE FROM THE BANK ANS HE JUST WANTS TO MOVE ON!239592#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/3-2022/239592-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgWIN DC RADIO SHOW TONIGHT FROM 8PM-10PM by boogotti0, 9 Mar 2022 22:55 GMTSpecial guest @Goddess Venus ???????? THE ?? @SOUNDSFLYRADIOSHOW ?????????? Wednesday 8-10p EST . Featuring Hosted By @Yogi_idowhatiwant From 8-10p EST???????????? . . Music By @dj_hey_al . Wednesday BE bonkerz!! ???????????? WITH EXPLICIT COMMERCIAL FREE MUSIC - SEXY HOSTS - PARTY 411 - CELEBS & MORE!????????? . ??Team S/O To @windcradio @bossupdmv . Soundsfly radio , if it dont sound fly....we don't put it on the (RADIO):..??????239579#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/3-2022/239579-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgDO NOT FORGET THE 2ND EPISODE OF KANYE'S DOCUMENTARY TOMORROW ON NETFLIX by boogotti0, 22 Feb 2022 00:25 GMTIF YALL DIDNT CATCH THE FIRST EPISODE LAST TUESDAY THEN TUNE IN NOW!! SO WE CAN ALL BE CAUGHT UP BY TOMORROW NIGHT! SO FAR IT IS PRETTY INTERESTING! IF YOU DON'T KNOW THAT MUCH ABOUT YE AND YOU'RE A FAN DON'T MISS OUT!238685#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/238685-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpg1WOMAN IN CHICAGO SNITCHES ON HER SON by boogotti0, 22 Feb 2022 00:19 GMTSHE SEES HER SON ON THE NEWS THAT IS A SUSPECT FOR A TRAIN ROBBERY!! TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE SHE TOOK HIM TO THE POLICE STATION TO HAVE HIM LOCKED UP! I COULD NEVER DO THAT TO MY SON OR EVEN MY DAUGHTER! HE WAS CHARGED WITH ARMED ROBBERY WHICH IN RETURN ALL HE GOT WAS $100 TO HIS CRIME!238681#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/238681-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgIS RIHANNA GOING TO DO ANYMORE MUSIC? by boogotti0, 21 Feb 2022 23:40 GMTI KNOW IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE WE HEARD ANY MUSIC FROM ONE OF THE GREATEST ARTISTS OF ALL TIME!! IT TURNS OUT SHE IS STILL IN THE STUDIO WORKING ON SOME NEW MATERIAL FOR HER FANS! I CAN NOT WAIT! SHE DIDN'T SAY WHEN BUT JUST KNOW SHE WILL BE BACK & BETTER THAN EVER!238677#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/238677-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgSOULJA BOY TALKS ABOUT HIM AND YE TEXT MESSAGES by boogotti0, 21 Feb 2022 02:01 GMTFROM THE LOOKS OF THE CONVO THEIR HAD BEEN SOME ISSUES WITH SOULJA BOY TALKING ABOUT KIM KARDASHIAN TO KANYE WEST. THEY SAID IT WAS ALL JOKES AND IT HAPPENS SOMETIMES LIKE WHAT? KANYE PERSONALLY REACHED OUT AND SAID "THIS YE DON'T BRING UP MY WIFE NO MORE" IN RESPONSE SOULJA SAID " OR WHAT NI**A, YOU LAME AS FUCK, I SPEAK ON WHAT I WANT TO AND "GO GET YO B**CH BACK! THEN IT CAME OUT TO THEM TALKING ABOUT MUSIC SMH I DON'T UNDERSTAND! WHAT WAS REALLH BEING SAID ABOUT KIM?!238608#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVbvc/180/38938-bo-up-dmv.jpgDRAYMOND GREEN WAS ROBBED DURING THE SUPERBOWL by boogotti0, 19 Feb 2022 20:48 GMTWHILE HE WAS THE SUPERBOWL ON SUNDAY SOME PEOPLE CAME IN HIS HOUSE AND STOLE $1M WORTH OF JEWELRY AND OTHERE THINGS! I HOPE HE FINDS OUT SOMEHOW WHO DID IT BECAUSE THEY NEED TO BE CHARGED!237540#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/237540-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgTHE PROUD FAMILY IS BACK!!! by boogotti0, 19 Feb 2022 19:40 GMTWHO REMEMBERS AS A CHILD/PRETEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW ON DISNEY CHANNEL OR ABC KIDS ON SATURDAY MORNINGS? YES ME TOO! ALSO ONE OF THE FEW BLACK SHOWS ON DISNEY CHANNEL AT THAT TIME. NOW WE FAST FORWARD TO 2022 AND THE SHOW IS RETURNING WITH NEW EPISODES ON DISNEY+ ON FEB 23, 2022!! SO IF YOU DON'T HAVE A MEMBERSHIP AND DON'T NECESSARILY WANT ONE BORROW SOMEONE'S INFORMATION OR SIGN UP FOR A 7 DAY FREE TRIAL !! YOU'RE WELCOME!!!237530#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/237530-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgTONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!! TONIGHTS LINE UP by boogotti0, 12 Feb 2022 20:19 GMTHELLO HAPPY FEBRUARY 12TH DETAILS AND LINE FOR TONIGHTS EVENT ANYONE YOURE INVITING MAKE SURE THEY PARK AT THE PARKING LOT OPPOSITE OF VENUE BY THE NTB, ITS ALL GOOD PARKING ( NO PARKING AT THE 7/11 , YOURE CAR WILL GET TOWED) ~All Artist Please Arrive Early, 9pm is Perferred ~ - BOOT$ (Opening) 10:00 pm - Spade Morningstarn 10:15pm - SavageAzzQuise 10:30pm (Break) 10:45 - Bob NOT Bobby 11:00pm - Dough 2.0H & KayQ202 11:15pm - Big Yo 11:30pm - Suckafreedeuce & TrapstarAngel (Headlining) 11:45pm AFTER PARTY 12:00AM - 3AM237166bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/237166-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgSNOOP DOGG IS BEING SUED by boogotti0, 11 Feb 2022 11:52 GMTI CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE WHAT I JUST READ ABOUT THE MOST WELL KNOWN RAPPERS OF ALL TIME!! HE IS IN TROUBLE!! DOGG IS BEING SUED FOR SEXUAL ASSULT AND BATTERY!! APPARENTLY HE HAS SITUATIONS THAT GOES ALL THE WAY BACK TO 2013!! IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT HE RECENTLY HAS FORCED ORAL SEX ON "JANE DOE" SHE WAS ALSO LIED TO ABOUT BEING ABLE TO GET A ROLE ON AN UPCOMING TV SHOW!! WHO IS TO KNOW IF THATS REAL OR BS! EVEN A BISHOP THAT GOES BY "BISHOP DON JUAN" PARTICIPATES IN THIS SURRAY!!237130#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/237130-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgYE GOT A DOCUMENTARY by boogotti0, 10 Feb 2022 20:07 GMT#Kanyes Netflix documentary is in theaters too, would you pull up to the cinema to watch this documentary?=@237100kayne,ye,kayne,west,yeezy,yeezus,Kardashian,northblogs/2-2022/237100-kayne-ye-kayne-a-16-s.jpgAPP OF THE DAY!!!!!! FEBRUARY 10TH by boogotti0, 10 Feb 2022 20:05 GMTThank you the BVMOBILE APP TEAM FOR HONORING US WITH THE BEST APP EVER.&nbsp;237099bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/237099-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgCONGRATS EVE!! by boogotti0, 10 Feb 2022 19:32 GMTYALL REMEMBER IN THE EARLY & LATE 2000s WHEN SHE WAS ON TOP OF THE RAP GAME! SHE JUST HAD A BABY BOY WITH HER HUBBY! SO HAPPY FOR HER!237097#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/237097-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgCELEBRITIES GETTING BACKLASH FROM PLAYING ANOTHER RACE by boogotti0, 9 Feb 2022 11:48 GMTYES IT IS 2022 AND RACE IS STILL SOMEWHAT AN ISSUE! HONESTLY IT'S JUST ACTING. IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY WANT TO BE ANOTHER ETHNICITY OVER THEIR OWN OR WANTING TO BE DISRESPECTFUL! I WON'T NAME THEM ALL BUT HERE ARE A FEW ... 1. ANGELINA JOLIE- IN HER MOVIE "A MIGHTY HEART" SHE PLAYED AN AFRO CHINESE CUBAN AND DUTCH CHARACTER. 2. JOHNNY DEPP- IN 2013, HE PLAYED AN NATIVE AMERICAN IN THE MOVIE "A LONE RANGER". 3. SCARLETT JOHANSSON- SHE WAS JUDGED FROM PLAYING AN ASIAN IN 2017 "GHOST IN SHELL" THE LIST GOES ON..236982#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVbvc/180/38938-bo-up-dmv.jpgCARDI B SWITCHES HER DAUGHTERS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT TO PRIVATE by boogotti0, 9 Feb 2022 11:35 GMTCARDI IS NO LONGER PLAYING WITH THE HATERS! TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TROLLING ON KULTURE'S INSTAGRAM LATELY! HER WORDS I QUOTE EXACTLY SHE POSTED ON TWITTER "I DONT KNOW WTF IS GOING ON BUT I HOPE YALL MOM'S DIE FOR GIVING BIRTH TO YOU HOE ASS WEIRDOS" I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WAS BEING SAID BUT IT WAS ENOUGH FOR IT TO GET HER!! CARDI BELIEVES IN GIVING HER CHILDREN THE BEST AND ONLY THE BEST! WITH ALSO KEEPING THEM SAFE AND HAPPY!236975#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/236975-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpg1COAT & SOCK DRIVE FOR THE HOMELESS!! by boogotti0, 8 Feb 2022 12:16 GMTFOR ALL DETAILS CONTACT @OPENGEMUSA&nbsp;236870bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/236870-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgBOOSIE HAS A LIVE PAY-PER VIEW EVENT "BOOSIE GONE BAD" by boogotti0, 4 Feb 2022 11:12 GMTAS EVERYONE IS AWARE BOOSIE HAS BEEN IN THE GAME FOR OVER A DECADE!! WHICH MEANS HE DOESN'T LET NOTHING STOP HIM! ON MARCH 16, 2022 HE HAS A UNCENSORED CONCERT FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD! MAKE SURE YOU TUNE IN ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE DIE HARD FAN.236516#bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/236516-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpg1SEXIEST PARTY GOING DOWN FEBRUARY 12TH by boogotti0, 2 Feb 2022 13:13 GMTYOURE INVITED TO SEXIEST AND LITTEST EVENT OF&nbsp; THE "DMV"&nbsp; THE OFFICIAL LOVERS AFFAIR&nbsp; PART 3 FEB 12TH SATURDAY&nbsp; HOSTED BY @therealmzlalarenee&nbsp; MUSIC BY @_flydjrano&nbsp; HEADLINING PERFORMANCE @suckafreedeucee&nbsp; SPECIALS GUEST APPEARANCE BY @itsauntiebee DOORS OPEN 9PM&nbsp; CASH BAR ON SITE&nbsp; POWERED BY: @Officialboots_ &amp; @BOSSUPDMV &amp; #BENTLEYGANG&nbsp; DM @Bossupdmv FOR ALL INFORMATION &amp; ADDY (Private Location) @theclubhousedc ARMED SECURITY ON SITE " VENDORS ON SITE " LIVE PERFORMANCES " FOOD &amp; DRINKS " LIVE DANCERS&nbsp; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" #explorepage #fyp #reels #wcw #valentinesday #valentines #nightlife&nbsp;236321bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/236321-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgLUL FISH51 DROPS IN FEB 4TH1 by boogotti0, 2 Feb 2022 13:11 GMTLook out for Lul Fish51 #FishFryFridays. New MUSIC DROPPING ON THIS FRIDAY ON YOUTUBE.&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank"></a> 236320bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/236320-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpgINTERNATIONAL FRIDAZE!!!! FEAT. BOOT$ by boogotti0, 2 Feb 2022 13:09 GMTCEO BOOT$ WILL BE MAKING ANOTHER GUEST APPEARANCE AT GOLF LOUNGE THIS FRIDAY FEBRUARY 4TH.&nbsp;236319bossupdmvthempire,#officialboots,#Bossupdmv,#bentleygang,#BABYSPARKPLUGG,#BossupdmvTVblogs/2-2022/236319-bossupdmvthempire--s.jpg