kenthemessenger's Blog Hop Artist Ken The Messenger wants to connect with you! With this app you will be able to see new music, tour dates, and encouraging messages.en-uskenthemessenger1@gmail.com KenthemessengerKenthemessengerKenthemessenger0ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3568931435 did "My God is Dope" come from? by kenthemessenger0, 21 Oct 2017 08:30 GMTAs a young guy in Chicago and also being a preacher's grandkid my life was complicated. I had to try my hardest to be cool in school but in church put on this saved face. In h-ighschool I didn't even want to tell people I belong to church, let alone that my grand-parents was the pastor. But in college my christian light started to change ALOT. I didn't mind telling anyone about my story or my savior. I had an idea and I reached out to my brother Paris. "Get on this track with me" I said so excitedly, He said "Ight", didn't even know about the song. After hearing my hook and verse along with the beat it took him 10 minutes to record his part and I became in love with the way God was using us for him. Of Course my grandparents didn't understand the My God is Dope part. "Why does he have to be dope" and other comments they have made but they still support.My God is DOPE. 86734My God is Dope