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Paul Wall, Peso Peso, Big Jade, Hotboy Wes, Big Pokey C Stunna - "Feel Myself" GloRilla - "Lick or Sum" PGF Nuk - "Yeah" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** BroGod - "Rich Yet" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** Rory Fresco - "Lens" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** Kenny Muney ft. Tay Keith - "AOGG" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** RMC Mike - "I'm Back" Sexyy Red ft. Nicki Minaj - "Pound Town 2" Lil Keke ft. Slim Thug - "Swang Forever" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** SoFaygo - "YE" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** Connie Diiamond - "Make Amends" Lil Darius ft. Skilla Baby - "Been Turnt" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** Bizzy Crook - "Luck You" Moneybagg Yo - "Ocean Spray" Luh Kel - "MHM" Lil Durk ft. EST Gee - "Spinnin" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** Skull Q - "Who The Fuck Is Lawless" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** Belly ft. NAV - "Just Like Me" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** Lele Bousoski, Lee Hunna, Lele B - "Buck That Bitch" **ON THE VERGE ARTIST** Tanny - "Show Me" *No copyright infringement intended* * ALL MUSIC featured on "The Hot List" are for PROMOTIONAL + ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Follow each of these artist on major DSPs Check the schedule for times and listings136389Music,,Hip,Hop,,Rap,,R&Bblogs/6-2023/136389-music-hip-i-846516-s.jpg1#Artist2Watch JUNE Editionhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-new-music-i-661524/features/blogs/tawshr-new-music-i-661524/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-new-music-i-661524/#commentsThu, 1 Jun 2023 14:15 GMTThe #Artist2Watch Mixshow Season 3 (Weekdays 1a/1p/6p) on KSHZ The JUNE Edition Tracklist: Richyunginn - "Tweakin" *** TraplifeLadoe ft. YungPaperChasin - "What's Goin On" *** Sunshiiine - "Round 4 Freestyle" *** LBS Kee'vin - "David Copperfield" *** Pu5Uncut - "A Way Out" *** Stella Dinero - "Chiraq In Me" *** A. R. The Mermaid - "Sneaky Link" *** Gwap Doll - "Pop Out" *** CMilly - "Young Shiner" *** Derty Jerm - "Goin Up" *** R33M - "Faith & Hope" *** Henjamin - "Most Hated" *** Dat KayKay - "Mask On" *** Alex Sosa - "Bet On It" *** Cartel Gash - "Keep Your Head Up" *** Babyface Ray ft. Veeze, Samuel Shabazz - "Houston Babies" *** ZayWild ft. MicroRX, 6linky - "On Purpose" *** V Aura - "Sippin" *** Foreign Dutchess - "Type Shit" *** MellyMell - "Running Man" *** Lyri - "Moxy" *** Twin Tae ft. KRollin - "Tell Me" *** Rudeboy Tha Shottah - "3x" *** IDAHO - "What's Goin On" *** Gnece Quari ft. Timothy Isaiah - "Ride" *** Tyre Jordan ft. Larry The Architect - "Wanna Know" *** Joe Pablo - "Keep Yo Head Up" *** Paperchase Ant - "Streets-Wul" *** That Gurl - "Bad Bitch" *** Breezy Casanova ft. Sally Sossa - "Proud Of You" *** TEF XL ft. Harris & Spinabenz - "JIT 2 A G" *** Hartbreak - "Savages" *** Big Yavo - "Pape" *** Dutchie Duce - "Not The Same" *** Quisbandz - "Too Late" *** Yung Guap - "Interstate" *** Mechiee Gechiee ft. Tayyy Blackiannaaa - "Mr & Mrs" *** Mylani Tsunami - "Come Thru Freestyle" *** Breezy Music - "Where Yo Man At" Manny Love ft. JMB Music - "Muse" *** No copyright infringement intended ALL MUSIC featured on "The #Artist2Watch Mixshow" are for promotional purposes only. All rights belongs to their respective owners Follow and support these featured artist on all major DSPs ( *** ) Streaming now on YouTube + SlaughtaHouze TV Submissions accepted at slaughtahouzeradio@yahoo.com Let's get your music in rotation240554New,Music,,Mixshowblogs/6-2023/240554-new-music-i-773366-s.jpg1DJ Koolhand x Big Will - Street Cred Pt. 2https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-i-13315/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-i-13315/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-i-13315/#commentsSat, 27 May 2023 14:08 GMTDJ Koolhand x Big Will - "STREET CRED PART 29" Tap link below <a href="https://mymixtapez.com/album/262280?fbclid=IwAR08W5hyWrFSzd9Zcfm3UMEkn4qcdnt3e9ACQd10X1JlDhLzzXtAlcI2f4Y" target="_blank">https://mymixtapez.com/album/262280?fbclid=IwAR08W5hyWrFSzd9Zcfm3UMEkn4qcdnt3e9ACQd10X1JlDhLzzXtAlcI2f4Y</a> #djkoolhand #bigwill #mixtape #hiphop #streetcred271269Mixtapeblogs/5-2023/271269-mixtape-i-13315-s.jpgTap In With Us On Twitterhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-twitter-i-192505/features/blogs/tawshr-twitter-i-192505/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-twitter-i-192505/#commentsFri, 5 May 2023 21:35 GMTWhile this ho is still up, Follow us on Twitter, best believe we'll follow back <a href="https://twitter.com/newmann_dist?s=21&t=5pbKTBdhiIBeYtjv_SiQAQ" target="_blank">https://twitter.com/newmann_dist?s=21&t=5pbKTBdhiIBeYtjv_SiQAQ</a> Check out what's #NowPlaying on our flagship station, KSHZ LIKE RETWEET LISTEN LIVE PROMOTION ENGAGEMENT It goes down on our page269764Twitterblogs/5-2023/269764-twitter-i-868305-s.jpg1Follow Us On IGhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-instagram-i-728375/features/blogs/tawshr-instagram-i-728375/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-instagram-i-728375/#commentsFri, 5 May 2023 21:25 GMTLet's link .... Follow us on IG & we'll definitely follow back <a href="https://instagram.com/kshz_slaughtahouzeradio?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=" target="_blank">https://instagram.com/kshz_slaughtahouzeradio?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=</a>269763Instagramblogs/5-2023/269763-instagram-i-728375-s.jpgSubmissions Acceptedhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-music-submissions-i-833415/features/blogs/tawshr-music-submissions-i-833415/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-music-submissions-i-833415/#commentsFri, 5 May 2023 21:20 GMTHave your music featured on our TOP RATED #Artist2Watch Mixshow EXCLUSIVELY on KSHZ. Submissions accepted at slaughtahouzeradio@yahoo.com Include: Song Title Artist Name Social Media links269762Music,,Submissions,acceptedblogs/5-2023/269762-music-submissions--s.jpgDJ JB Joogen Presents "The Highly Established 2"https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-i-1504392/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-i-1504392/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-i-1504392/#commentsFri, 24 Feb 2023 23:30 GMTStreaming now <a href="https://dj-jb-joogen.bandcamp.com/album/the-highly-established-ii" target="_blank">https://dj-jb-joogen.bandcamp.com/album/the-highly-established-ii</a>263949Mixtapeblogs/2-2023/263949-mixtape-i-1504392-s.jpgFrench Invazion w/ Short Samhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixshow-french-i-594492/features/blogs/tawshr-mixshow-french-i-594492/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixshow-french-i-594492/#commentsThu, 9 Feb 2023 15:42 GMTSpinnin + Breaking NEW UNDERGROUND HIP HOP poppin in the streets of France. Salute to our international listeners and artists around the world. Tap in to The French Invazion Mixshow w/ Short Sam Fridays 1p (CST)262813Mixshow,,French,Hip,Hopblogs/2-2023/262813-mixshow-french-i-59-s.jpgDJ Koolhand - Wave Godz Vol. 2https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-i-399591/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-i-399591/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-i-399591/#commentsMon, 30 Jan 2023 02:28 GMTStreaming Now <a href="https://mymixtapez.com/album/259625" target="_blank">https://mymixtapez.com/album/259625</a> HOSTED BY: @thunnybrown 01 Terrr Van Poo x Vinny Idol - Nite Nite (Fea.t Ruste Juxx) 02 Thunny Brown - Sound Clash 03 Cormega - Once and For All 04 Grea8gawd - Entitled (Feat. Hell Rell) 05 RJ Payne - Banks Meets Payne (Feat. Lloyd Banks) 06 Finesse2Tmes - Goin Str In 07 DBHN Wiseguy - Almost Rich 08 Amadeus360 - Set It Off (Feat. NEMS & Lil Dee) 09 Kool G Rap - Never Be (Feat Vado, Royal Flush & Folkland Los) 10 Gucci Mane - Fuk Wit Zay (Feat. 2Chainz) 11 Bobby J - Leaving (Feat. Wais P & Street Smartz) 12 GlobalThugz- Life I Lead (Feat. Gramzunkut x Thunny Brown x Nutso) 13 Snowgoons - Comin Thru (Feat. Benny Holiday x Lord Goat) 14 Reef Hustle - Noise in the Js (Feat. Planet Asia) 15 Ceo9Eleven - Stay Focused 16 Thunny Brown - Outchea 17 Jonh Jigg$ x SAMPLICITY - Grand Royale 18 Konflict - Shine (Feat. El De Sensai) 19 Ruste Juxx - See You Win 20 Styles P x Benny The Butcher - Massacre 21 Mike Titan x Zcience Division x A7MC x Aida - The Living Dead 22 Southside Miko - Dead Wrong (Prod. By AustinThePlugg) 23 38 Spesh x Ransom - Last Gasp 24 AOD Presents Heist-n-Flow_ FULL CLIP Produced by Dray Yard 25 BigBob - Your Way ft Ruste Juxx & VVS Verbal 26 Bruse Wane-Who Shot Ya Freestyle mixx 27 BSF_ Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde, ElCamino & Heem - Saint Maurice 28 T WREX -Style Dancing 29 Dre Columbian Raw - Dos (Feat. Maddog Mcgraw) 30 EST-Gee - If I Stop Now 31 DJ Duke x Napoleon Da Legend - Strangers 32 Styles P - Porsche Lights 33 Thunny Brown - How To Rap (feat. Illanoyz & Stuck B 34 MF DOOM FT. Sean Price - NEGUS 35 OT The Real - Parasite 36 DJ Chino Ft. Thunny Brown -Mr.T ( Pitty the Fool) 37 Guuci Mane - King Snipe (Feat. Kodak Black) 38 Polo TheDon - No Favors (Feat. Boogie Nation) 39 Prada Dot -Welcome To The Bronx 40 Redrum - Cold Blooded (Prod by Racks)262578Mixtapeblogs/1-2023/262578-mixtape-i-399591-s.jpg"REAL KINGS VOL 22" Hosted by "O THE GREAT" by @DJKoolhandhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-dj-i-136911/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-dj-i-136911/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixtape-dj-i-136911/#commentsMon, 28 Nov 2022 00:20 GMT"REAL KINGS VOL 22" Hosted by "O THE GREAT" by @DJKoolhand <a href="https://mymixtapez.com/album/258220" target="_blank">https://mymixtapez.com/album/258220</a>259439Mixtape,,DJ,Koolhandblogs/11-2022/259439-mixtape-dj-i-136911-s.jpgK.A.T. 2 King A Twerk VOL 2https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-music-i-1474510/features/blogs/tawshr-music-i-1474510/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-music-i-1474510/#commentsThu, 27 Oct 2022 13:58 GMTFux wit the NEW EP from Tha Arkansas Don, King Pimpin (@kingpimpin870 ) out now on ALL MAJOR DSPs K.A.T. 2 King A Twerk VOL 2 Tap in NOW!!! For booking inquiries, features and radio interviews link up wit @kingpimpin870 #newmusic #hiphop #rap #kingpimpin #kingpimpin870 #arkansas #arkansashiphop #recordingartist #music #twerk #spotify #youtube #applemusic #youtubemusic #follow #kshzslaughtahouzeradio #slaughtahouze #newmanndistributions257977Musicblogs/10-2022/257977-music-i-1474510-s.jpgDJ Chopwell x King Pimpin - "SlaughtaHouze Intro" Remixhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-new-song-i-19110/features/blogs/tawshr-new-song-i-19110/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-new-song-i-19110/#commentsTue, 18 Oct 2022 03:00 GMTMaaaane hol up! Salute to Dj Chopwell for dat WaxxedAnDried Remix of King Pimpin - SlaughtaHouze Intro <a href="https://audiomack.com/kshz/song/slaughtahouze-intro-waxxedandriedremix" target="_blank">https://audiomack.com/kshz/song/slaughtahouze-intro-waxxedandriedremix</a> Streaming now on The SlaughtaHouze App + SlaughtaHouze On Demand #djchopwell #theusualsuspectz #kingpimpin #florida #arkansas #htown #houston #slaughtahouze #newmanndistributions #ripdjscrew #screwedandchopped #choppedandscrewed #slowedandreverb257380New,Song,,Remixblogs/10-2022/257380-new-song-i-19110-s.jpgBEST RADIO STATION NOMINEEhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-sea-radio-i-1403110/features/blogs/tawshr-sea-radio-i-1403110/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-sea-radio-i-1403110/#commentsSat, 1 Oct 2022 04:45 GMTCongratulations to KSHZ-SlaughtaHouze Radio for their RADIO STATION OF THE YEAR NOMINATION at the 20th annual @SEA_Awards Click link below to vote ???? <a href="https://madmimi.com/p/6ef2841" target="_blank">https://madmimi.com/p/6ef2841</a> Voting ends March 31, 2023256161SEA,,Radio,Stationblogs/10-2022/256161-sea-radio-i-1403110-s.jpgThe Ooowee Radio Showhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-talk-radio-i-1353271/features/blogs/tawshr-talk-radio-i-1353271/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-talk-radio-i-1353271/#commentsSat, 1 Oct 2022 04:33 GMTJoin show host @nicforreel @itscaycayy @angelelaye @jaszyjaeproductions along wit Clevelands HOTTEST female DJ @dj_ness_ohio spinning on the 1's & 2's as they keep you up on TRENDING TOPICS, CELEBRITY NEWS and dat kinda GIRL TALK that'll make you say "ooowee" Follow @oooweeradioshow and catch the show Saturdays 1p-3p (CST) on KSHZ #oooweeradioshow #indieradio #newshowalert #indiemusic #indie #indieartist #hiphopculture #hiphopartist #radiolife #radioheads #musicislife #letsgo #hiphopculture #music #podcast #radioshow #hiphopradioshow #slaughtahouzeradio #KSHZ #newmanndistributions Promotional ad courtesy of @slaughtahouze_conglomerate @the_glitterworks233903Talk,Radio,,Podcastblogs/2-2023/233903-talk-radio-i-867592-s.jpg1The R&B Halftime Mixhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixshow-hip-i-12981610/features/blogs/tawshr-mixshow-hip-i-12981610/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-mixshow-hip-i-12981610/#commentsSat, 1 Oct 2022 04:31 GMTTHE R&B HALFTIME MIX FROM THE TOP MIXTAPE DJ IN THE GAME @dj_koolhand_ SEASON 2 #NowPlaying Tuesdays 7p-9p (CST) Saturdays 11a (CST) on KSHZ256160Mixshow,,Hip,Hopblogs/10-2022/256160-mixshow-hip-i-12981-s.jpgThe Boom Bap Hour Uncuthttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-podcast-i-4405210/features/blogs/tawshr-podcast-i-4405210/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-podcast-i-4405210/#commentsSat, 1 Oct 2022 04:28 GMTThe Boom Bap Hour:Uncut Hosted by @mrsrubyv @selah_guru @bizzobeats (Wednesdays 9a-11a) on KSHZ HOT TOPICS, DOPE DISCUSSIONS, ARTIST INTERVIEWS and more. theboombaphouruncut.com256159Podcastblogs/10-2022/256159-podcast-i-4405210-s.jpgThe Mixtape Show + Playmixhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-radio-show-i-1437910/features/blogs/tawshr-radio-show-i-1437910/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-radio-show-i-1437910/#commentsSat, 1 Oct 2022 04:25 GMTDJ Kawon takes over our airwaves with his TOP RATED RADIO SHOWS each and every Thursday with ... The Playmix - 7p #Themixtapeshow - 10p256158Radio,Showblogs/10-2022/256158-radio-show-i-143791-s.jpgMixshow Madnesshttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-hip-hop-i-9965610/features/blogs/tawshr-hip-hop-i-9965610/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-hip-hop-i-9965610/#commentsSat, 1 Oct 2022 04:21 GMTDJ Rampage spinnin dat REALNESS on the 1's & 2's on his heavy syndicated mixshow "Mixshow Madness" Mondays 7p on KSHZ256157Hip,hop,,Mixshowblogs/10-2022/256157-hip-hop-i-9965610-s.jpgBloody Underground w/ DJ Hoffahttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-underground-hip-hop-i-16144110/features/blogs/tawshr-underground-hip-hop-i-16144110/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-underground-hip-hop-i-16144110/#commentsSat, 1 Oct 2022 04:20 GMTTap in for "Bloody Underground w/ DJ Hoffa" Sundays 10p on KSHZ Underground Hip Hop at its grittiest!!!256156Underground,Hip,Hop,,Mixshowblogs/10-2022/256156-underground-hip-hop-s.jpgTHE SLAUGHTAHOUZE TV Channelhttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-tv-network-i-1570151/features/blogs/tawshr-tv-network-i-1570151/Posted by tawshr0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/tawshr-tv-network-i-1570151/#commentsSat, 1 Oct 2022 04:12 GMTMOVIES WEB SERIES MUSIC VIDEOS DOCUMENTARIES and more #NowPlaying on THE SLAUGHTAHOUZE Our ALL NEW TV channel on Strimm TV TAP THE TV ICON ON THIS APP!!! THE SLAUGHTAHOUZE Channel is powered by @slaughtahouze_conglomerate @strimmtv #slaughtahouze20 #slaughtahouze #newmanndistributions #strimmtv #newchannel #streamingchannel #tv #streamingservice #videos #movies #webseries #hoodmovies #hiphop #tvchannel #independentartist #hiphopculture #documentaries #network Run your ads on our 24 hour streaming network. DM @vicnew_the_distro for inquiries193662Tv,,Network,,Channel,,Showsblogs/10-2022/193662-tv-network-i-143659-s.jpg1