theoneyouradioshow's Blog 12:00:00 AMTime To Make The Soup by AjthetrainerPRMediaDavis by theoneyouradioshow0, 9 May 2018 15:07 GMTHAPPY MOTHER'S DAY: ONLY MOM CAN TAKE NOTHING AND TURN IT INTO SOMETHING DELICIOUS & BEAUTIFUL: As I shoveled the snow and gathered up the remnants and scraps from the local buthcher's shop, I wondered why they were strewn all over the place. I asked the butcher, "Why all this mess?" The old butcher hung up his knives, wiped his hands on a rag, then turned to me and said "Young man, these are the shattered pieces from the carcass of your life." I was confused, and didn't reply for a short time. Finally, I spoke up. "But I asked for the finest cuts and the choice morsels, what am I going to do with these dog scraps?" The butcher gave me a long look, but said nothing. I asked again "Don't I deserve the finest life has to offer?" The butcher smiled a strange smile, and said to me "Son take these broken pieces home. Put them in a pot and season them with your finest herbs & spices. Share them with the children, huddle together before the fire, and give thanks to The Almighty. For you m...101600#soup,#soupy,#broccolicheddar,#creamofmushroom#seafoodbisqueblogs/5-2018/101600-soup-soupy-broccoli-s.jpgFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JRA EXPRESS Announces Corporate Sponsorship of The One You Radio Show by theoneyouradioshow0, 7 May 2018 23:06 GMTFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (United States) Allentown, Pennsylvania March 28th, 2018 "JRA EXPRESS INC." (FEDEX GROUND CONTRACTORS) #JRAEXPRESSINC Announces Corporate Sponsorship of The One You Radio Show "JRA EXPRESS INC". is a trucking company that provides trucking logistical solutions to business clients/companies in the PA,NJ,NY areas. The business hauls freight from suppliers to manufacturers to distributors and retailers, operating in partnership with distribution centers, warehouses, and wholesalers. We are committed to on-time deliveries to it's customers. Incorporating best practices in terms of strategies that build trust, increase communication, clarify expectations and encourage healthy dialogue. JRA EXPRESS INC Cargo & Freight Company 111 Fulling Mill Rd. Middleton, PA 717.298.0546 jraexpress.com101422#truck,#trucking,#jraexpressinc,#fedexcontractor,#fedexsubcontractorblogs/5-2018/101422-theoneyouradioshow--s.jpgFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE @ KULA announces its newest location in Allentown PA by theoneyouradioshow0, 7 May 2018 15:12 GMTFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNITED STATES (ALLENTOWN, PA) @KULA ANNOUNCES NEWEST LOCATION @KULA 1604 S. 4th Street Allentown,Pa 18103101370#childcare, #childcarefacility, #learningacademy, #children ,#educationblogs/5-2018/101370-childcare-childcare-s.jpg