demiaaverymotivates's Blog will receive inspirational and motivational quotes by Transformation Speaker, Demia Avery. Demia helps those who are following their dreams, those who may have given up on their dreams...and those who need a little push to dare to dream. She shares encouragement, inspiration, and enlightenment.en-uscomdemiaaverymotivation@gmail.comhttp://www.demiaaverymotivates.comdemiaaverymotivatesdemiaaverymotivates115968ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/9421626631ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3568931435 12:00:00 AMdemiaaverymotivates Words Of Encouragement by demiaaverymotivates0, 5 Dec 2018 11:37 GMTTodays words of encouragement: Do not limit yourself to make others feel comfortable. Don't dim your light because others are not shining. You have your journey and they have theirs.115990success,encouragementblogs/12-2018/115990-success-encourageme-s.jpgNew Motivational Minute by demiaaverymotivates0, 2 Dec 2018 14:01 GMTHead on over to the audio section for your new Motivational Minute115928demiaavery,success,inspirationblogs/12-2018/115928-demiaavery-success--s.jpgDOES IT HURT ANYMORE? by demiaaverymotivates0, 1 Dec 2018 22:52 GMTHow many times have you said, "I WILL START TODAY"? How many days, weeks, or years have you already wasted? What is holding you back? It is time to take inventory, inner inventory. Let's start to figure out why we just won't let ourselves be great. What is holding us back? Is all just FEAR? Are you scared of trying because you already think you will fail? Sometimes we get REAL comfortable with staying where we are in life because we know what it feels like. Even though we are starving for change, we would rather stay in starvation mode because we know what those hunger pains feel like. We are immune to it, it doesn't even hurt anymore. OR DOES IT?115927demiaaverymotivates, demiaavery, motivation, motivationalmondays, change, fear, successblogs/12-2018/115927-demiaaverymotivates-s.jpgMindset For This Week by demiaaverymotivates0, 25 Nov 2018 20:17 GMTHead on over to the video or audio tab for your Motivational Minute.115792mindset,,happiness,,positive,blogs/11-2018/115792-mindset-happiness--s.jpgNo Sense In Going Back! by demiaaverymotivates0, 25 Nov 2018 14:52 GMTThe only thing you should change from the things that happened in the past is your mindset.115787future,success,Motivationalblogs/11-2018/115787-future-success-moti-s.jpgCheck In On You! by demiaaverymotivates0, 19 Nov 2018 16:47 GMTIt's time to head over to the audio section of this app to check today's Motivational Minute! Love yall.115665demiaaverymotivates, demiaavery, motivation, motivationalmondays, change, fear, successblogs/11-2018/115665-demiaaverymotivates-s.jpgHAPPINESS IS A CHOICE by demiaaverymotivates0, 19 Nov 2018 03:18 GMTWith every day, with every hour, with every minute, YOU HAVE A CHOICE. You and you alone. We deal with so much in our every day lives that sometimes we forget that we may not have control over situations..but we can control the way we respond. Sometimes it doesn't have to be so stressful. Sometimes WE make it harder than it has to be.115654Happy,love,sucessblogs/11-2018/115654-happy-love-sucess--s.jpgHave You Ever Said This Before? by demiaaverymotivates0, 17 Nov 2018 11:52 GMTNew Minute Podcast - Head over to the audio section. Love yall115633excuses,success,happy,fearblogs/11-2018/115633-excuses-success-hap-s.jpgGet unstuck! by demiaaverymotivates0, 17 Nov 2018 11:07 GMTIt's time to stop HESITATING and PROCRASTINATING.Take your finger off of the pause button and go for yours. There is so much more to you..stop limiting your life.115632happiness,success,procrastinateblogs/11-2018/115632-happiness-success--s.jpgCheck Out The New Podcast by demiaaverymotivates0, 15 Nov 2018 03:44 GMTHead over to the audio section. There is a new Motivational Minute. Love yall115585fear,,success,,happinessblogs/11-2018/115585-fear-success-a-1184-s.jpgMAKE A CHOICE by demiaaverymotivates0, 12 Nov 2018 11:47 GMTI heard this from actor, Will Smith. Decide on who you're going to be and how you're going to do it. That's it and that's all. Make a choice! Everything else will move out the way when you have this in your head and go for it.115520CHOICE,happinessblogs/11-2018/115520-choice-happiness-a--s.jpgCheck Out The New Video by demiaaverymotivates0, 11 Nov 2018 14:19 GMTCheck out the new inspirational video by clicking the video tab. Love you all.115505video,happiness,transformblogs/11-2018/115505-video-happiness-tra-s.jpgA Quote From My Mentor by demiaaverymotivates0, 11 Nov 2018 13:30 GMTSo today I am giving love and respect to my mentor, Motivational Guru, Lisa Nichols. Please note that she is my mentor in my But she gives me so much life.115504letgo,success,happinessblogs/11-2018/115504-letgo-success-happi-s.jpgPodcast - Climb Every Mountain by demiaaverymotivates0, 10 Nov 2018 10:54 GMTHey family! Head on over to the audio section of this app for today's Motivational Moment with Demia. Today's topic is CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN.115489success,,fear,,love,,happiness,,inspirationblogs/11-2018/115489-success-fear-a-1584-s.jpgSay It With Me! by demiaaverymotivates0, 9 Nov 2018 20:21 GMTSometimes you need to care for yourself!115479commitment,success,happiness,Motivationalblogs/11-2018/115479-commitment-success--s.jpgTodays Quote by demiaaverymotivates0, 8 Nov 2018 11:21 GMTYou can do this!115445future,,success,,motivationblogs/11-2018/115445-future-success-a-10-s.jpgTake Control Of Your Life by demiaaverymotivates0, 7 Nov 2018 10:51 GMTGood morning. Take this with your morning coffee..It's time to stop the blame game. It's time to put things behind you, and move forward.Harping on experiences with bad people, bad relationships or bad situations does absolutely nothing to further your growth. All that it does is keep you stagnant. Is that the way the way you want to live?115427control,,destiny,,success,,life,,loveblogs/11-2018/115427-control-destiny-a--s.jpgNew Podcast - Remembering Who You Are by demiaaverymotivates0, 5 Nov 2018 13:18 GMTHead on over to the audio section of the app to check out my new podcast. Season 2 of Motivational Moments. "Remembering who you are".115379motivational,entrepreneur,success,transformblogs/11-2018/115379-motivational-entrep-s.jpgIf You Ever Had The Question.. by demiaaverymotivates0, 4 Nov 2018 13:17 GMTIf you ever questioned yourself, here is the answer. Period, the end.115357deserve,,success,,entrepreneur,,live,,love,,self,love,,life,,dreamsblogs/11-2018/115357-deserve-success-a--s.jpgThere Is A Plan For Your Life by demiaaverymotivates0, 3 Nov 2018 22:11 GMTThere are days when I just feel lost. I have no clue what I am doing or where I am going. I feel stuck and I can't seem to figure things out. Do you ever feel that way?Here is the thing, MANY of us have those days. So please know that you are not alone in this, even on those days that you may feel lonely. Most of us have personal battles to fight. Some of us wear masks so that you never see that side of them; and then there are some who wear it right on their sleeves. Again, I say. You are not alone. Throughout the years there is one important thing that I have learned and that is to not be so hard on myself. I make mistakes just like everyone else. I don't always do or say the right things. I haven't always done what is best for me. I am not perfect by any sense of the word. But what I am is HUMAN. I've learned to not always look at what is wrong in my life, but revel in what I've done right! So when I am down, I make myself get back up again.Let's start looking at the beautiful side of you. The you that is lovable, trustworthy, thoughtful, smart, caring, so on and so on. I promise you that if you really take a look at that side, your days will become brighter! Everything else can be worked on or worked out.I truly believe that there is a plan and purpose for your life. No, it doesn't have to be this HUGE thing. It could be as simple as bringing your awesomeness to someone else's life..a friend, coworker, a family member. We are waiting for you= 115351motivation,,success,,discipline,,starting,over,,entrepreneur,,life,,depressed,,God,,inspirationblogs/11-2018/115351-motivation-success--s.jpg