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Hosted By DJ tR1pL 6ixx!&nbsp; Coming To A Hood Near You!&nbsp;167924chopper,and,screwedblogs/6-2020/167924-chopper-screwed-a--s.jpgThe PRODUCT: Shipment 8! NOW AVAILABLE!!! by slaballstarz0, 5 Jun 2020 13:00 GMTThe Infamous Mixtape Series, Volume 8 Now Available!!!&nbsp;166975chopped,and,screwedblogs/6-2020/166975-chopped-screwed-a--s.jpg#BlackOut by slaballstarz0, 2 Jun 2020 16:00 GMTPicture Says It All&nbsp; #BlackOut166824Black,out,,slaballstarz,,racismblogs/6-2020/166824-black-out-a-901326-s.jpgSlabAllStarz ANTHEM Ft. Big Pokey x Mike Jones x Mike G x Triple O NOW AVAILABLE by slaballstarz0, 27 May 2020 23:00 GMTOriginally Produced Track Featuring Texas Legends!&nbsp; Big Pokey x Mike Jones x Mike G x Triple O!&nbsp; Now Available!&nbsp;166147screwed,up,click,,chopped,and,screwedblogs/5-2020/166147-screwed-up-click-a--s.jpgFuture - High Off Life (SlabAllStarz CHOPPED Remix) NOW AVAILABLE by slaballstarz0, 22 May 2020 01:00 GMTThe Highly Anticipated New Album By Future, Chopped To Perfection By SlabAllStarz Now Available On-Demand, On-Air and The Music Videos Tab&nbsp;165572chopped,and,screwedblogs/5-2020/165572-chopped-screwed-a--s.jpgWelcome DJ Fla Boi To The SlanAllStarz by slaballstarz0, 15 May 2020 23:00 GMTWelcome DJ Fla Boi Maaaane&nbsp;164986choppedblogs/5-2020/164986-chopped-a-1209585-s.jpgWelcome DJ ChopWell To The SlabAllStarz by slaballstarz0, 15 May 2020 00:00 GMTWelcome To DJ Chopwell&nbsp;164984choppedblogs/5-2020/164984-chopped-a-1749205-s.jpgJuice WRLD - Righteous (Chopped N Screwed By DJ tR1pL 6ixx) NOW AVAILABLE FOR STREAM AND PURCHASE! by slaballstarz0, 4 May 2020 18:00 GMTBRAND NEW FROM JUICE WRLD! RIGHTEOUS! Chopped Up By The Legendary DJ tR1pL 6ixx, SlabAllStarz CEO! To Purchase A Copy For $2.00 Just Send Payment Via Cash App To: <a href="$DJtR1pL6ixx" target="_blank">$DJtR1pL6ixx</a>163666Chopped,And,Screwed,,SlabAllStarz,,Chopstars,,Swishahouse,,Slaughtahouze,,Lean,,Drank,,Purple,Drank,blogs/5-2020/163666-chopped-screwed-i--s.jpgThe Product: Shipment 7 NOW AVAILABLE! ((Chopped N Screwed By @DJ_tR1pL_6ixx) #HostedBy: Vic New of by slaballstarz0, 30 Apr 2020 21:00 GMTThe Legendary Mixtape Series; The Product Has Returned! Volume 7 Now Available For Stream And Purchase! Flawlessly Chopped By SlabAllStarz CEO: DJ tR1pL 6ixx! Hosted By The Legend Himself: Vic New of Slaughtahouze KSHZ Houston TX 6ixx tR1pL 6ixx Maaaane & Vic New Back In The Studio Bringing You That Str8 Fire You've Been Asking For! Purchase A Copy Today For Just 10$ To Make Your Purchase: Just Send Your Payment And THE NAME OF WHAT TAPE YOU WANT ON THE PAYMENT NOTE! Via Cash App or PayPal: Cash App: <a href="$DJtR1pL6ixx" target="_blank">$DJtR1pL6ixx</a> PayPal: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>163279Chopped,And,Screwed,,SlabAllStarz,,Chopstars,,Swishahouse,,Slaughtahouze,,Lean,,Drank,,Purple,Drank,blogs/4-2020/163279-chopped-screwed-i--s.jpgSlow Your Roll With DJ Smilez!!! EVERY SUNDAY 7pm - 9pm! EXCLUSIVELY On SlabAllStarz Radio!!! by slaballstarz0, 26 Apr 2020 23:00 GMTSlow Your Mutha Fuxkin Roll Maaaane! It Go Dyne Mane! Every Sunday Mane! 7pm - 9pm Slow Your Roll And Po' Up A Fo' Fasho Mane! With DJ Smilez! Exclusively on SlabAllStarz Mobile App! Click The Radio Tab!162897Chopped,And,Screwed,,SlabAllStarz,,Chopstars,,Swishahouse,,Slaughtahouze,,Lean,,Drank,,Purple,Drank,blogs/4-2020/162897-chopped-screwed-i--s.jpgM.C. Mack - Pure Ana Volume 6 (Chopped N Screwed By DJ tR1pL 6ixx & DJ Smilez) NOW AVAILABLE!! by slaballstarz0, 17 Apr 2020 23:00 GMTThe World Famous M.C Mack of Three 6 Mafia and Killa Klan Kaze Teamed Up With SlabAllStarz For A Super Exclusive Mixtape! Now Available On-Air, Stream And Purchase! Chopped Up By SlabAllStarz DJs, DJ tR1pL 6ixx & DJ Smilez! Disclaimer: To Purchase A Copy, You Must Directly Use M.C. Mack's Distro. Sites. SlabAllStarz Is NOT Permitted To Sell This Tape! We Will Connect You With The Purchase Site.161047Chopped,And,Screwed,,SlabAllStarz,,Chopstars,,Swishahouse,,Slaughtahouze,,Lean,,Drank,,Purple,Drank,blogs/4-2020/161047-chopped-screwed-i--s.jpgAstroWorld 2020 CORONA EDITION (Chopped N Screwed By @DJ_tR1pL_6ixx) NOW AVAILABLE!!! by slaballstarz0, 8 Apr 2020 23:00 GMTTravis Scott - AstroWorld The 2020 Corona Edition By @DJ_tR1pL_6ixx Now Available For Purchase And Stream! Get Your Copy Today! To Purchase A Copy Contact @DJ_tR1pL_6ixx @ 989-267-0041 Call or Text 24 Hours159980Chopped,And,Screwed,,SlabAllStarz,,Chopstars,,Swishahouse,,Slaughtahouze,,Lean,,Drank,,Purple,Drank,blogs/4-2020/159980-chopped-screwed-i--s.jpgD.J. Calhoun Syrup Siippin Frank Driippin Special Edition Now Available by slaballstarz0, 16 Mar 2020 21:00 GMTWe had to do it again maaane @DJ_tR1pL_6ixx Linked Up With D.J. Calhoun and Created Another Special Edition Mix for y'all! Syrup Siippin Drank Driippin NOW AVAILABLE ON-AIR, ON-DEMAND & THE MUSIC VIDEOS TAB! Purchase Now Via Cash App Privately! Just Go To The "Music" Tab, Click On The Mix and Click "Buy" !!!157509Chopped,And,Screwed,,SlabAllStarz,,Chopstars,,Swishahouse,,Slaughtahouze,,Lean,,Drank,,Purple,Drank,blogs/3-2020/157509-chopped-screwed-i--s.jpgWelcome DJ Smilez To The SlabAllStarz! by slaballstarz0, 16 Mar 2020 19:00 GMTWelcome the newest member of the SlabAllStarz! DJ Smilez! Look for his music right here, on SlabAllStarz Mobile! Let's get it maaane!157510Chopped,And,Screwed,,SlabAllStarz,,Chopstars,,Swishahouse,,Slaughtahouze,,Lean,,Drank,,Purple,Drank,blogs/3-2020/157510-chopped-screwed-i--s.jpgBuy One GET ONE FREE, FULL MIXTAPES! Now Available! by slaballstarz0, 9 Mar 2020 19:00 GMTNow Available for a limited time only! Buy one Custom Mixtape and Get a Second Custom Mixtape ABSOLUTELY FREE! We will also promote it world wide, On-Air, On-Demand and a Custom Music Visual Edit All Added Absolutely FREE! All Mixes Come With Free Custom Professional Graphics With Your Name and Also, All Mixes Are Hosted Custom Made For You By SlabAllStarz CEO @DJ_tR1pL_6ixx! Get Yours Today! Contact 989-267-0041 Call or Text 24 Hours #SlabAllStarzBaby!156760Chopped,And,Screwed,,SlabAllStarz,,Chopstars,,Swishahouse,,Slaughtahouze,,Lean,,Drank,,Purple,Drank,blogs/3-2020/156760-chopped-screwed-i--s.jpgGET YOUR MUSIC CHOPPED UP TODAY Plus World Wide RADIO PLAY! 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