carpediemliveradio's Blog is a station that is geared in promoting all music. We live breathe and embrace music from every where. You can find your favorite artists here whether it be independent or industry you will find it all on Carpe Diem Live Radio. ?We do not collect money from any artist to play their music. CDLR was established in February 2019 . it would be an hour for us to play your music. send music to carpediemliveradio@gmail.comen-uscomcarpediemmgt@gmail.com 12:00:00 AMNNNNNNradioblogsmusicvideosmoretab_icon_microphonetab_icon_newstab_icon_podcasttab_icon_videostab_icon_moreNewsRadioPodcastVidsMoreGallerycarpediemliveradio Author Kamal Lukata by carpediemliveradio0, 9 Jan 2020 02:38 GMTAuthor, promoter, podcaster, actor, former hip hop artist Author Kamal Lukata Started as hip-hop artist in the early 90s with groups Underground Bomb Squad and Low-Key Boyz. Founded Legendary Entertainment in the late 90s managing and promoting several Detroit artists. Landed role as extra in 8 mile on bonus DVD footage. Also played a major role in the movie 17000 Block directed by Al Nuke. Became writer, editor and interviewer for Defculture Website and Flash Magazine during the mid to late 2000's. Interviewed the likes of Slum Village, Big Herk, Awesome Dre, and Lazy Bone from Bone Thugz N Harmony. Promoted parties with Dj Ray O'Shay, Fast Freddy and Big Rell Entertainment. Promoted Comedy shows featuring comedians Clayton Thomas, BlackBarry, Mic Larry and Josh Adams. Hosted and co hosted several podcasts Authored the Urban Novel entitled Legendary: Detroit Mentality and is currently working on a second book along with producing independent media productions. Now working with Mz. Netria of Carpe Diem Live Radio.149699Author,,Legendary,,Detroitblogs/1-2020/149699-author-legendary-i--s.jpgInterview With Commi$$ion by carpediemliveradio0, 13 May 2019 02:57 GMTOn 5/11/19 The Finest Radio Show interviewed Commi$$ion, he is a triple threat work writing, graphic designer, and rapping. STARTED AS A GRAPHIC DESIGNER IN THE LATE 00'S, HIS HIP-HOP BLOG/LABEL SPARKHOP & ORGANIZED SPARKFEST- A 40+ ACT LOCAL HIP HOP ALL DAY FEST 3 YRS RUNNING. HE'S TEAMED UP WITH THE LONGEST STANDING MICHIGAN HIP HOP WEBSITE DETROITRAP.COM AS THE EDITOR & WEBMASTER. HE IS CURRENTLY AT WORK CRAFTING HIS DEBUT ALBUM AS COMMI$$ION. This interview shows off the intelligent MCs' that come out of the Detroit area. When you want to hear more from Commission you should go to his website because it's designed great. You can hear samples of his music right on the front page with pictures, interview info, and this video. And as always we bring you real MCs as Commission rips up the freestyle on the Call'em Out Challenge sponsored by Carpe Diem Live Radio.128330Cblogs/5-2019/128330-c-i-1763155-s.jpgInterview With The legend Awesome Dre, one of Detroit's 1st famous rappers. by carpediemliveradio0, 13 May 2019 02:47 GMTThe living legend Awesome Dre, one of Detroit's 1st famous rappers. His classic album cover with the image of LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee on their knees in front of Awesome Dre with the tummy-guns to'em is truly memorable for capturing the time. It really expressed the feelings of our artists in Detroit who felt looked over by the music industry. Awesome Dre and The Hardcore Committee is as classic to Detroit as Porterfield Wilson Pontiac, Mazda & Honda, The Wizard, and Piston Bad Boys. He brought an instrumental created by Killa Smothe and smashed the track with a written and freestyle rap. Then he dropped the knowledge on us about a lot of things like recording on 8 track studios, times where only dope boys had the money to do thangs, and real wisdom about dealing with the business end. Plus, knowing the streets level of thangs. His debut album "You Can't Hold Me Back" released on Jorlands Records in '87 and it's considered by many a classic. There are cuts like "Frankly Speaking" & "Committing Rhymes". Awesome Dre can be found on Priority Records, appearing on Rap City, MTV, Billboard magazine charts, Spotify & more! There's the LP "A.D.'S Revenge" released on Strictly Roots Records in '93 that included the singles "Dis Is Babylon" & the title track. But, this time his lyrics included more consciousness in the street knowledge. Now, Awesome Dre has released the single "Top Tens" in 2009, continuing to record and tour with the new album and DVD released in 2013. By KilSkillz Sauce128327Legend,,Awesome,Dre,,Hip,Hop,blogs/5-2019/128327-legend-awesome-i-91-s.jpgThe Absolutely Complete and Total Balance To Life by carpediemliveradio0, 11 May 2019 09:21 GMTI wrote this self-help book for everyone! I self-published it on for download or paperback. I call it the Absolute, Complete, and Total Balance To Life. No big deal, I just want to help ever human to have a balanced good life, so I feel like I've studied this human nature path for all of us. My book is based on the knowledge of mind, body, soul, and matter as all there is in our reality. This is what we need to have balance in our lives. In the book, I write about this being the core of having a good life, but there's the 2nd part of the knowledge that goes into how to be righteous and how not to be evil. The knowledge isn't something I've invented or reinvented, it's just something I found out about us. It's ancient knowledge. The how to be righteous and how not to be evil part is based on our sins and virtues, but it's not a religious thing. It is our human nature. In the book, I talk about conspiracy theories and all that good stuff when it comes to why I think this knowledge was hidden or used to mislead people. But, truly the real power is in the bulk of what I kick it about in the book and it's like a manual on how to be good and how to avoid being a bad person. At the same time, you will ally a balance to yourself that absolutely, completely and totally helps you be good to yourself. So, please look into my book if you're looking for the positive paths and ways of being a good person. If you are seeking righteousness, but you're not looking for some religious thang or some cult-like stuff then check me out. It's like I found ancient scrolls and republished long lost wisdom and understanding. Again, the book is The A.C.T. Balance To Life written by me, Ken F. Riley Jr.128212Self,Help,,Living,Betterblogs/5-2019/128212-self-help-i-978345-s.jpgSunny Cartel, Valid, & Ilajide From Clear Soul Forces by carpediemliveradio0, 7 May 2019 05:53 GMTThe Finest Radio Show hosted by Merch Music, Vanilla Sky, & Ms. Netria. Sometimes it's so hard for people to listen and support people because it seems so many people are stuck on they owe b.s. around here. Many people will not really read this cause they stuck on they self and not doing a thang, but judging other folks. But forget other people who can't see pass they own steaming pile. So, forget those closed-minded high-horse people and get open for this one because The Finest Radio Show brings real diversity. Catch this interview then watch these videos to learn about real hip hop. I'll probably do part two of this interview later because it was dope with double the guest. Sunny Cartel Fresh To Death is the new joint on the way. He has Dying II Live out now. This is one of Detroit's coolest lyrical masters. Once you hear these rhymes it'll make you want more and say, "Who in the funyuns is this!" Valid He is a big fan of Hip Hop who had pix of D12 on the wall as a teen and remembering groups like Raw Collection, classic Detroit music. Watch him kill this rap challenge on the show. His new album Mihajlo has a release party on Sat. May 11th. with performances by him, Clear Soul Forces, A Minus, SupaEmcee and hosted by Ellie Sandiego. Underground@dime 1265 Griswald St. Detroit with the special guest DJ Saint Nick. But, the release date for Mihajlo is Fri. 5/3/19, preorder now available on vinyl LPs and CDs at the site. Ecosse is where the studio at Southwest Detroit styling is how we do. The Finest Radio Show plays 24/4. The Call'em Out challenge is sponsored by the Carpe Diem Live Radio, so bring yo lyrics. Ilajide is a Killa by himself but he is a member of Clear Soul Forces. If you didn't know, I believe this group is the continuation of the true boom bat Hip Hop that comes out of Detroit. Don't forget you can find all the music from these artists at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>127867Sunny,Cartel,,Valid,,Clear,Soul,Forces,,Ilajide,,Hip,Hopblogs/5-2019/127867-sunny-cartel-i-1315-s.jpgWhat Is Carpe Diem Live Radio by carpediemliveradio0, 4 May 2019 02:19 GMTCarpe Diem Live Radio (CDLR) is a Internet radio station, tailored to promote all music. CDLR says they live, breathe, and embrace music worldwide, but I'll see if I hear some country or classical music, lol. At the same time, the unique identities of music and artist from independent and industry music can be found on this classy Internet station. Do you need your music on this one of a kind Internet radio station? CDLR says this to you, "It would be an honor for us to play your music on our station, so please send all music to"! With that being said, If you have the music that people want to hear you need to send your music to Carpe Diem Live Radio. When you're a lover of music this is the station you want to plug into. Join the party with this station to get down with this live music. Listen live at on the web or get the app. Yep, get real sweet and download the app from the Play Store. On the app, you can get more info, see what new music is out, request music, read the blogs, check out pictures, and see what's coming up on the station. Connect with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and launch the site. Play the music on your phone anywhere at any time. This is about the love of the World of music, so what up? Come get down! It's so dope, you need to start that app, Carpe Diem Live Radio and listen all the time.127628Carpe,Diem,,Radio,,Hip,Hop,blogs/5-2019/127628-carpe-diem-i-106825-s.jpgLeaf Erikson Hip Hop MC on The Finest Radio Show by carpediemliveradio0, 30 Apr 2019 20:38 GMTLeaf Erikson Hip Hop MC on The Finest Radio Show KilSkillz Sauce - 04/28/2019 Spread the love & THE FINEST RADIO SHOW, AN INTERNET RADIO ARE STATIONS PLAYING 24/7 FOR YOUR HIP HOP LISTENING PLEASURE. It's mostly Detroit underground music or Detroit's major music and song creators in Hip Hop. This is insight on Leaf Erikson that was nominated for best MC at the Detroit Hip Hop music awards. The Finest Radio Show on Facebook is where you can see the live talk show with in-depth interviews every Sat. from 2pm - 4pm like this one. Leaf Erikson started recording his new album, A Canvas Of Hope, in 2017, but he said life got in the way a bit. Initially, it was going to be called "Fall Equinox" but his peeps Meftah and he change the title and scrap the concept. One day, Leaf heard a speaker say "a canvas of hope" and just like that, things started to make sense. They wanted the album art grimy because even in grit you can find where a foundation exists, kinda like what the poet Tupac Shakur talked about in "The Rose That Grew From Concrete". Unfortunately, the house on the front cover no longer exists. It's now a vacant lot that remains undeveloped, like many areas in the city of Detroit. The back cover has the song titles listed literally in the middle of the street, while the album contributors are listed on the concrete. Leaf initially shot the photos in color but didn't think it would tell the story properly, but the black and white felt more expressive. This album is the first of three in a series of projects centered around Detroit. The stories are about tragedy, triumph, and the journey people experience along the way. credits: A Canvas Of Hope was released March 9, 2019 All tracks are produced by Meftah Additional percussion (Soul Shaker) by Leaf Erikson on "Zone East" Mixing and mastering by Eddie Logix at Dubtown Market Photography by V. Corey Greenleaf Design by John Shaughnessy The Finest Radio Show: The D SPOT & Autobahn Collision @CoreyMike <a href="" target="_blank"></a> CALL 248-586-9003 Carpe Diem Live Radio & Carpe Diem Mgt & Food with A Twist Spin Inc. & INTERNATIONAL HIP HOP II Interview with Leaf Erikson Leaf Erikson <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Written by KilSkillz Sauce127303Leaf,Erikson,,Hip,Hop,,Detroit,,Musicblogs/4-2019/127303-leaf-erikson-i-1751-s.jpg