blackvibeseditor's Blog 12:00:00 AMMIAMI FLORIDA'S YOUTUBE STAR IYANA .J DOES VIRAL CINNAMON CHALENGE FOR VERY FIRST TIME by blackvibeseditor0, 12 Mar 2020 23:43 GMTCheck out Iyana .J's first challenge performing YouTube's viral video trend, the "Cinnamon Challenge," The young YouTube star has been taking the internet by storm showing fans and social media followers that she is the Next biggest YouTuber coming out of Florida. Iyana is hoping to grow her channel and reach 1 million views on social media and YouTube. The Discovery Channel's " Mythbusters" has even attempted the viral challenge.&nbsp;Her video is expected to receive more than 100 thousand views worldwide including social media platform views, even though Iyana's YouTube channel only has 31 subscribers and is growing the young YouTube comedian and actor is not trying to stop anytime soon.157179Youtuber, YouTube, blog, newsHOLLY DRAKO SWIPS NO.1 SPOT AFTER SURPASSING CITY GIRLS SONG REACHING 500K ON SOUNDCLOUD by blackvibeseditor0, 23 Dec 2019 20:26 GMTBroward County rising artist Holly Drako's single "WHY YOU MAD" hit No. 1 on Soundcloud Emerging Artists chart reaching 500K plays in just 1 week after posting her very first single distributed through Interscope Records becoming the top emerging act in the U.S. for the first time, Holly Drako has been considered as NEXT UP in south Florida moments after swiping the No.1 spot on Soundcloud and surpassing Miami-based hip-hop duo's City Girls single "YOU TRIED IT," the female girl group accumulated 594K plays in 24 days on Soundcloud leading Holly Drako to have a huge chance for her very first billboard placement spot come January 3rd with the generous help from YouTube. 148066Blackvibes, broward county, holly Drako, city girls, soundcloudblogs/12-2019/148066-blackvibes-broward--s.jpgMIAMI LITTLE HAITI RECORD LABEL REGION LIBERTY RECORDS ESTIMATED 2019 NETWORTH $5 MILLION DOLLARS by blackvibeseditor0, 15 Oct 2019 02:40 GMTREGION LIBERTY RECORDS NET WORTH</strong><strong>Region Liberty Records</strong>&nbsp;is a Qualified American record label best known for its numerous recordings of Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll, Jazz, and hip hop. net worth is&nbsp;estimated at 5 million dollars.<strong>Founder: Marcus Jackman</strong> <strong>Subsidiaries: Muzik-Up Weekly Magazine</strong> <strong>Nationality:</strong>&nbsp;American <strong>Networth: 5 Million Dollars</strong><strong>How much is Region Liberty Records worth?</strong> Region Liberty Records net worth is $5 Million Dollars.<strong>Parent Record labels:</strong>&nbsp;Atlantic Records <strong>Music genres:</strong>&nbsp;R&B - Pop - Punk Pop - Rock&Roll - Jazz - Hip Hop. <strong>Netwoth Income: $5 Million Dollars&nbsp; </strong><a href="" target="_blank"><strong> </strong></a> </strong>141886NETWORTH, BLACKVIBESblogs/10-2019/141886-networth-blackvibes-s.jpg1415521