smarteredin's Blog 12:00:00 AMMadden 20 has passed the orb and coins by smarteredin0, 2 Mar 2020 10:15 GMTIt can be said that our alliance is not excited about the new version of Madden, which is a understatement. People who can play at 10:00 am on CDT will do so as soon as possible. Those who don''t jump to the PC until they get home to see the new game. At first glance, the game has made considerable changes in the way it is played.Madden 20 can make the game feel smoother, more realistic and provide a better experience. Graphics may be a little better, but they''re not revolutionary. The game is definitely more colorful. The Madden 20 and 20 UIs look boring in most cases. They basically did a brand new rainbow paint job in the game. Most of the functions of the UI are almost the same, except that it looks better and feels faster through the menu. Of course I like the new paint, but some user interfaces don''t even look touched, such as scratchpad. It''s no surprise that there''s no competitive EA, they don''t have to invest resources to improve the UI. It seems that they finally fixed the choice of uniform in the competition. It doesn''t take much time to see what uniform you or your opponent chooses. However, your mileage may vary.Animation at least has a great promotion for elite players (especially QB). Drew Brees looks like drew Brees in throwing and fake fighting. Aaron Rodgers also threw fast during the game. These are great additions to make the game feel more like the real thing.New animations and other improvements have been adopted. It must feel better this year, but a lot of people have talked about it. Before a defender or attacker catches the orb , the technical orb almost always leans into the air.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">How to buy mut coins cheap</a>&nbsp;is the problem that EA must solve.Running feels smoother and easier to achieve. For me, I think it''s good because in my experience Madden 20 has passed the orb and it''s better than running. No matter after receiving the orb or traditional running, there is a problem of running the orb . So far, the batter seems to have been overwhelmed, leading to many mistakes. Among skill coaches, for example, David Johnson lost the orb six times in a row after he was hit. In the actual game, some people report that this is a problem. EA also needs to solve this problem.Most people already know that there are no other referees on the court. The offensive lineup will show up immediately. Hurry up. The game takes about nine seconds before you can hike. However, the defenders do not have time to adjust, so if this will damage AI and EA, it will be interesting to come back and give the defenders more time to adjust their performance. The way you adjust defensively and offensively has also changed, but after playing a few games, you will get used to it. I have no major complaints about this change. Overall, I''m glad we don''t need to see all the players every time.One of the main problems found is that only "attack" can see the previous games, without defense. The offense will be able to play the same game over and over again to avoid a lot of Madden League discipline, which may prove impossible unless someone pays close attention to each game. You want EA to add it back because looking at the settings in the game looks like.As it turns out, it could be a bigger problem, because apart from the nerve super defenders, they don''t seem to have touched the defense at all. So far, according to the report, the drama books of the Ministry of defense are exactly the same. Considering the attackers have new&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">mut coins</a>&nbsp;to play with, RPO. This season''s defense may be at a greater disadvantage, leading to EA''s wrong defense. Super defenders can still give defenders an overwhelming advantage in attack.&nbsp;I met cam on the camers O line and he was really good at tackling. Cam has been under some pressure but has not been in QB, just as he did more in another test on the cardinal O-line. Grabbing the orb is a great addition to the game. Elite players in the NFL feel their influence is real. In general, 99 edge sprinters can be stopped by 70 o-linesmen. Now, you don''t need a QB''s help or a quick throw. This is no longer the case.Enter a different game mode. The ultimate team is a casino, that''s what I want to say. So far, the QB1 model is boring at best. After the initial QB injury, you will enter the college football playoffs. You were on the field in the first college football game. Is it a challenge? Hell no, my quarterback threw seven touchdowns and one sprint to Oklahoma, over 600 yards. 90 to 20 is the final score, the championship match is almost the same. QB1 mode writing is very rough, editing scene is very poor, very easy. From reporting to reporting, you will start QB with help most of the time. Some reports say Auckland has drafted it, but it seems the dolphins are the most likely. At least in my game, your superstar X-factor is 79 on the whole. Obviously, the combine determines your overall performance, and I''m doing well, so maybe you''ll get less or more, depending on whether you''re doing it perfectly or not. This mode must be very hasty. It''s not far from my 2K player mode. You won''t even be able to view your own university playoff statistics during or after the game. You cannot change your height or weight until you enter the NFL. Comments on college football games have been closed because what they say is only said in NFL games. It will take about two hours to get to the NFL, so if you want to get my player franchise quickly and don''t care which team you deal with. Then QB1 mode may be your best choice, so the starting point of quarterback is higher.Franchising mode has not attracted much attention. The drafting is exactly the same. It looks like the news feed is basically the same, not sure how to introduce the story to college graduates this year, but I think it will become similar. The training is exactly the same, except for a few minor changes. It''s a major disappointment because training in Madden 20 is very boring. I feel the same way about Madden 20. The injury looked like last year and had to be fixed again, with some players injured for more than 30 weeks. The salary system has really been touched behind the scenes, and players are now looking at their overall ranking and comparing it with the salaries of other players close to the same ranking. And year 5 options will be available later. Although the actual signature menu is just repainted, it looks almost the same. The view of the player card is almost the same, except that the font is different and the color is more vivid. In addition, they did change because players were able to acquire new abilities and add them to the player''s card screen. They also added more options and changed the depth map screen appearance for offensive, defensive and special forces. The color used to identify the level of dev quality the player has. So, for normal factors, it looks like brown; for X factors, it looks like red.The biggest change in franchise comes from the scenario engine, which is a good idea. It''s still full of errors and EA has to fix them. If the text overlaps each other. But I''ve seen the level of injury people do to players improve. The dev development of the players in the middle of the season has increased and confidence has increased to the side of the team. The patched system will be great just because it allows the team to grow in one season, not just off-season. I think it means a lot to the game, until your rookie finishes playing for a year, his ability can be greatly improved, until the season and his dev characteristics are improved. Now, it can happen this season. The scene engine will have a huge impact on franchising and really change the status quo. Make the franchise model more competitive than other users.Finally, I want to say that at the time of this writing, performance has become a major issue for many users. From my point of view, it seems that Intel chips are not well optimized in the game, and the latest NVIDIA driver may cause problems. People see 100% CPU utilization in task manager. I think this is the first thing that EA will fix. It should be fixed before the official release date on August 2. At least I hope so. They still need to fix the audio errors that several people encounter, but I haven''t found them yet, so it doesn''t seem to affect everyone, but EA still needs to solve them.All in all, EA did improve Madden. It''s a better game in almost all categories. They didn''t improve everything. Several parts of the gam156054mut coins, madden 20 coinsblogs/3-2020/156054-mut-coins-madden-20-s.jpgMadden NFL 20 Introduction by smarteredin0, 2 Jan 2020 04:08 GMTMadden NFL 20 includes the following Madden ultimate team content: *7 gold team fantasy bags *1 quick sales package for small training <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Privileged player: quarterback 1 - become a privileged player in the NFL team. Any decision you make will affect your process of becoming an NFL superstar. Set up your university quarterback, show your advantages in the playoffs and NFL combination of the University Rugby national championship, win the NFL Draft competition picture, and take you as the leading role to gain privileges in the new personalized professional activity mode. Game player. Superstar X factor - feel the emotion, personality and power of NFL superstars. This new skill upgrading system will gradually reveal the special skills of today's most anticipated NFL superstars, so as to make every game more strategic and stimulating. Madden 20 is just playing games. For players, if they can have more <a href="" target="_blank">mut 20 coins</a>, they will get a lot of help in the game. 148945Madden NFL 20bvc/177/38118-djsondemandtv-logo---.jpg