The Streetz Need A Radio was founded in 2007 by Craig Herring. Now living out Craig's dream, we have pushed hosts and DJs on FM Stations and will continue to find more opportunities for our team. Now, we are coming back and taking internet radio to another level.en-uscomsihhradio247@gmail.com Island Hip Hop Radio (SIHHRADIO)UU1od3siQmz3Xl-PaBVtt7kw00 6:39:00 PMYNNNNN12NC0FDF094-9079-4E29-A3D1-BC16AD9B3610radioblogsmusicvideosmoretab_icon_microphonetab_icon_hometab_icon_musictab_icon_videostab_icon_moreBlogsMoreMusicRadioVideossihhradio To Win by sihhradio0, 10 May 2023 20:21 GMTOn Friday, May 12th 2023, we will be launching our station and giving away a total of $100 dollars in two (2) days for the Mother's Day Hottest Weekend Songs How To Win</strong><ol><li>Download our app SIHHRADIO and follow us on IG @Sihh4life. </li><li>Next, when you hear anyone from the team announce the Mother's Day Hottest Weekend Songs you have to write it down (To win, listen on Friday from 3PM EST to 9PM EST and Saturday 6PM EST to 1AM EST).&nbsp; </li><li>Once you know all 5 songs, call us at 800-605-3153 to win. It's just that easy.&nbsp; </li><li>Remember, this is a two (2) day event. So when you hear the first five (5) songs on Friday call in, and the first (5) songs on Saturday call in to win. On Friday you can win Fifty ($50) Dollars, and on Saturday you can win ($50) Dollars.</li></ol></li> 270077Money,,Giveaway,,SihhRadio,,Contest,,How,To,Winblogs/5-2023/270077-money-giveaway-sihh-s.jpgArtists Appreciation Day by sihhradio0, 21 Apr 2023 17:04 GMTThe Streetz Need A Radio - SIHHRADIO is targeting artists that have great music, and are very focused on their craft. We believe these artists need to be heard repeatedly the same way you hear mainstream artists. Also, we believe they should make the same royalties as mainstream artists and they need the same exposure to continue their journey to the next level. So We are pre-launching the radio with our give back to the artists called "Artists Appreciation Day". </strong>The journey for an artist is an ongoing saga, and this is why having a radio is the best way to help artists get their music to fans that love new music from independent and mainstream artists. Plus enjoy the music they love. We have selected independent artists this week that believe artists need a radio. Our SIHHRADIO Host and DJs are locked and loaded, ready to play the latest and newest songs of today's mainstream and independent Hip-Hop And R&B artists. Don't forget, repeated play is what artists need everyday.&nbsp; Saturday, May 5th, 2023 Is Our Official Radio Launch And Remember, Support Is A Push Of A Button.172115SihhRadio, Podcasting, Radio Personality, Radio Hosts, DJs, Hip Hop, Rap Music, Independent Artistsblogs/4-2023/172115-sihhradio-sihhradio-s.jpg