darealdjcommando's Bloghttps://www.blackvibes.com/darealdjcommando/For over 38 years I have been djing across the globe, doing radio, concerts, weddings, proms and many other events and benefits. Based out of Iowa. Just want to share photos, videos and others to entertain you and get your business. Very passionate and hardworking, I enjoy what I do and it shows in my work and business. Thank you for your time!en-usdarealdjcommando@gmail.comhttp://www.bvmobileapps.com/darealdjcommandodarealdjcommandoTheLegendaryDjCdarealdjcommando0ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/356893143500000000099ff12/30/1899 12:00:00 AMNNdarealdjcommandohttps://www.blackvibes.com/darealdjcommando/https://www.blackvibes.com/images/users/22866-darealdjcommando.jpgDjing On Social Mediahttps://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/darealdjcommando-facebook-blocking-djs-dj-commando-djing-on-social-media-181339/features/blogs/darealdjcommando-facebook-blocking-djs-dj-commando-djing-on-social-media-181339/Posted by darealdjcommando0https://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/darealdjcommando-facebook-blocking-djs-dj-commando-djing-on-social-media-181339/#commentsMon, 21 Sep 2020 05:39 GMTI feel that djs should be able to spin on social media networks. Record labels want us to support their music and I think they should back us up when they try to block us. That's not right on both ends. We don't make money on social media. We make money on events and shows. We obey all the laws. They should give us the right to play music cause it's universal. 181339facebook blocking djs,dj commando,djing on social media,iowablogs/9-2020/181339-facebook-blocking-dj-s.jpg