Radio Etoile FM to Radio Etolie FM. Receive Announcements and Watch Exclusive Videos from the station.en-uscominfo@radioetoilefm.comhttp://www.radioetoilefm.comradioetoileradioetoilechannel/UCKnFxpIpArvPISbOL4BuaaAradioetoilelevanjil-mizikhttp://;stream.mp3Radio Etoile FMUUKnFxpIpArvPISbOL4BuaaA00 least 54 ethnic Amharas, mostly Christian women, children and elderly, reported massacred at>>>> by radioetoilefm0, 16 Nov 2020 01:21 GMT<strong>At least 54 ethnic Amharas, mostly Christian women, children and elderly, reported massacred at school in Ethiopia</strong> Survivors of a <a href="" target="_blank">massacre at a school in the western Oromia region of Ethiopia</a> reported that at least 54 ethnic Amhara, most of whom are thought to have been Christians, died, according to a body count made after gunmen opened fire on a gathering of about 200. Around 60 armed terrorists, identifying themselves as the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), swept into Gawa Quanqa village, Guliso District at around 5 p.m. on 1 November. In the latest attack targeting ethnic Amhara, who are mainly Christian, some survivors were able to flee to a nearby forest while the assailants rounded up women, children and elderly who were unable to run away, before shooting at the defenceless group. <a href=";&#45;mostly-Christian-women&#45;&#45;children-and-elderly&#45;&#45;reported-massacred-at-school-in-Ethiopia/" target="_blank">READ MORE>>></a> 187516Radio Etoile FM,24/7 Haitian Gospel,Live Music Gospel,Compas,African Music,Radio Haitiano En Chileblogs/11-2020/187516-radioetoilefm-radio-s.jpgJihadists behead more than 50 people in football pitch massacre in Mozambique by radioetoilefm0, 16 Nov 2020 01:17 GMTslamic militants turned a village football pitch in northern Mozambique into an execution ground where they&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">beheaded more than 50 people</a>&nbsp;during three days of savage violence between Friday, 6 November and Sunday, 8 November. Villagers who tried to flee were caught and taken to the sports ground in Muatide village where they were decapitated and chopped to pieces in a series of ferocious attacks in Muslim-majority Cabo Delgado province. In one attack, gunmen shouting &ldquo;Allahu Akbar&rdquo; stormed into Nanjaba village on 6 November, firing weapons and setting homes alight. Two villagers were beheaded and several women were abducted. <a href="" target="_blank">READ MORE&gt;&gt;&gt;</a> 187515Chritian News,Radio Etoile,Web Lakay,weblakay,News,Nouvel Levanjil,Haiti Newsblogs/11-2020/187515-chritian-news-radio--s.jpg