Chicago 77.3 77.3 A New Digital platform, That showcases the hottest music, interviews, and Talk shows and mix shows around, Giving Opportunities to the people who are on the grinden-uscomfleetdjmalone@gmail.com 77.3UUofSSXySvXvvKgNJulRACwA00 TRIBUTE POWER Hour Today at 5pm by chicago7730, 11 Apr 2021 14:30 GMTToday is Special Throwback day! WE celebrate THE life OF #DMX With A uncensored&nbsp; Power Hour, Tune in Today on Chicago 77.3&nbsp; AT 5PM Central Time!203135dmx,chicago 773, dj malone, ruff rydersblogs/4-2021/203135-dmx-chicago-773-dj--s.jpgLyrik x Ventilations by chicago7730, 6 Apr 2021 15:19 GMTIn his Album Ventilations Lyrik tells the story of growing up with great beats, flow, &amp; guests features to match! He opens up about his life, the gratitude, triumphs, real life emotions, resourcefulness, and hard work that molded him into a man!&nbsp; In his song Real Sh!t Tho Lyrik touched heavily on friendship stating "Everyone went their separate ways" which happens naturally with time. And "You know we all had friends growing up just different lifestyles" which stands true with the test of time against everyone's favorite statement birds of feather flock together especially growing up in Chicago like himself.&nbsp; Lyrik also digs deeper into this sentiment with his track called Sunday where he talks about how intimidation didn't work so they tried to run up on him randomly. If he didn't have his character he would have been another statistic. Which brings us to the single Why where he put out a call to action for everyone, while touching on how gun violence affects children leading to a detrimental cycle we know all too well based on retaliation. Personal Favorite of The Album Are Real Sh!t Tho, Why, Sunday, The Cycle, Feel at Home, and Just Tell Me. Be sure to check out his album on Spotify<a href="" target="_blank"></a> !&amp; Follow Lyrik on social media<a href="" target="_blank"></a> ! Check out his Interview <a href="" target="_blank"></a> 202559shayla, chicago 773,blogs/4-2021/202559-shayla-chicago-773--s.jpgDisconnect x WORLDW1D3G!FT by chicago7730, 29 Mar 2021 07:10 GMT<strong>In his latest single </strong>WORLDW1D3G!FT tells us exactly how he feels about himself and the things experienced "Sometimes I feel like I'm an alien, they tried to keep me subterranean". Although he feels extra terrestrialish he channels that energy by making music &amp; helping others in their journey through artistry. In this hot new single from the album Miah Messiah we learn that WORLDW1D3G!FT will not take disrespect nor will play with life, because although feelings of disconnect are there he still knows that life is precious "all the tough men are gone now". When talking with Chi Town Urban Radio and in his track Disconnect he states that sometimes it's best to be gone from the scene unless money is involved so you're not clowned. Turning you into an unnecessarily tough guy, leaving you in need of an escape. <div style="color: #222222; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: small;"><div style="color: #500050;"> "When putting on for the net or a cause you're not confident, but still told that you're happy with yourself". WORLDW1D3G!FT personally states "I wanna encourage people who grew up in an environment that they are not used to or alike at all to keep going!"&nbsp;So try it, and be sure to tune into the wave! <strong>All clothing in the video was provided</strong> by @sydbrisco on instagram&nbsp; Check this single out on all streaming platforms !Instagram - <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Youtube - <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Audiomack - <a href="" target="_blank"></a>201606Disconnect x WORLDW1D3G!FT, shayla marie, chciago 773blogs/3-2021/201606-disconnect-x-worldw-s.jpgCrush 2 x Saneit by chicago7730, 14 Mar 2021 16:07 GMTIf you haven''t streamed Crush ll from all platforms. What are you doing? Throughout the whole album Saneit delivers great beats, vocals, and a timeline of what it''s really like to try again with a crush! She has a healthy expression of emotions which is very refreshing in a disillusioned society. Personal favorites from the album are Control, Stay with me, Lost at sea, and&nbsp; Rite now which is a requiem to Chicago Group Do or Die where she also shows some of her Rap skills! She''s remensciant of Brandy and Kelly Rowland to us. And has great content on social media from the layout, pictures, captions, and Tiktoks! Follow her on all socials with a <a href="" target="_blank">google</a>, &amp; Book with her for all your braid styles if you''re in Chicago!199906Shayla Marie, Chicago 773, saneitblogs/3-2021/199906-shayla-marie-chicag-s.jpg90s and 2000s HIP HOP & RNB ALL DAY LONG by chicago7730, 7 Mar 2021 22:28 GMTEvery Sunday, We playing all 90s and 2000s, We Throwing it back! Catch all the vibes Each sundays!198202hiphop, 90s, 2000blogs/3-2021/198202-hiphop-90s-2000-190-s.jpgChicago 77.3 by chicago7730, 5 Mar 2021 15:13 GMTDid you know that, Chicago 77.3 Roku TV Check us out! Go to your ROKU app , Lookup "Chicago 77.3"197945roku tv, roku, chicago 773blogs/3-2021/197945-roku-tv-roku-chicag-s.jpgA.W.O.L x 1Sauney "Actually Worthy of LUV" by chicago7730, 3 Mar 2021 23:26 GMTIn his latest release he talks about the process of dating as a millennial. When we meet people sometimes we jump all in, but he didn''t. He dedicated a sober night for his LUV that bloomed into a worldwind.&nbsp;&nbsp; He wants to be a better man for her, because "It feels good, sounds good, there are no worries, and he knows she doesn''t need it'''', which touches on how much self love and care goes into a healthy relationship that''s actually worthy of bringing love from all.&nbsp; Be sure to check out this hit on all platforms! <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, &amp; keep your eyes on his modeling, producing, and more ! <a href="" target="_blank"> Check out it out on Youtube&nbsp;</a>197785chicago773 , shayla marie , dmpshaylamarie ,unoriginalfeenblogs/3-2021/197785-chicago773-chicago7-s.jpgDJ Trin Setta ON FRIDAYS by chicago7730, 4 Feb 2021 18:56 GMT<strong> NOW AIRING ON CHICAGO 77.3&nbsp; Fridays at 8PM CT&nbsp; "YA DJ''Z FAVORITE DJ"</strong> Producer/D.J./Writer/Director and "Award Winning" HOST OF THE SETTIN-TRINZ RADIO SHOW195025dj malone, chicago, chicago 77.3blogs/2-2021/195025-dj-malone-chicago--s.jpgPICASSO DE CONSCIENCE TALKS ON NEW HOT SINGLES by chicago7730, 4 Feb 2021 16:23 GMTPicasso De Conscience is a versatile artist who talks about trap activities, money, history, government, and spirituality while naturally painting you a picture. He comes from Bellwood, IL with a versatile sound and tracklist. He delivers original words and while delivering a clear and concise flow. In the new single "Why" it''s asked why we do the things we do &amp; explains why we cannot trust anything that meets the eye. He gets you to think about what people do for money and their daily life. A bold declaration letting you know what he will and will not do! He shows us that with his continuous drive that''s been kept in midst of the coronavirus. The lockdown didn''t affect him as you hear in the interview with Dj Malone &amp; Shayla Marie <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> 194998chi town urban radio, chicago 773blogs/2-2021/194998-chi-town-urban-radi-s.jpgWelcome to Chicago by chicago7730, 23 Dec 2020 00:38 GMTWelcome to CHICAGO 77.3&nbsp;190955dj maloneblogs/12-2020/190955-dj-malone-s.jpg