Chantel SinGs award winning powerful singer, performer, and radio host! Get all the latest music, updates, and more from the beautiful Chantel SinGs!en-uscomchantelsings@gmail.com 12:00:00 AMNNNNNNchantelsings SINGS PERFORMS ON YACHT WITH SPLIFF STAR by chantelsings0, 1 Sep 2021 22:38 GMTCATCH CHANTEL SINGS ON THE "LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE" DAY YACHT PARTY! RICO NEVOTION'S BDAY EVENT! SEPT 12TH! HOSTED BY: SPLIFF STAR TICKETS AT: officialriconevotion.com219497Yacth,Party,,day,party,,boat,party,,live,performanceblogs/9-2021/219497-yacth-party-a-17614-s.jpgFINAL "ALL THE VIBEZ" DAY PARTY! by chantelsings0, 26 Aug 2021 00:52 GMTTHIS WILL BE OUR FINAL SERIES OF THE SUMMER!* *All The Vibez Day Party* Jammin Wings Patio! - SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMANCES BY: -BDF -BERI (Afrobeats Artist) & More! Only $5 to Walk In SATURDAY, AUGUST 28TH! 4PM-8PM HOSTED BY: Chantel SinGs!218763day,party,,vibes,,queen,,final,,summerblogs/8-2021/218763-day-party-a-831378-s.jpgCHANTEL SINGS LIVE AT "FAMILY DAY!" by chantelsings0, 16 Aug 2021 15:01 GMTWe'll see you SATURDAY, AUG 21ST for FAMILY DAY! FOOD, MUSIC, VENDORS, & FUN for the entire family! Chantel SinGs will be Performing Live as well!! Don't miss it!217767family,,music,,live,,drummer,,outdoors,,fun,,foodblogs/8-2021/217767-family-music-a-1037-s.jpgCHANTEL SINGS TO HOST "RESPECT" MOVIE SCREENING by chantelsings0, 3 Aug 2021 02:18 GMTThe QUEEN has been tapped to host the upcoming pre-screening of the movie "RESPECT" feat. Jennifer Hudson about the QUEEN OF SOUL Aretha Franklin! TUESDAY, AUG. 10TH AT THE ROSEDALE AMC THEATER! FOR INFORMATION AND TO WIN V.I.P SEATS, CHECK OUT CHANTEL SINGS FACEBOOK PAGE TUESDAY AUG. 3RD!216416movie,,respect,,queen,,Arethablogs/8-2021/216416-movie-respect-a-543-s.jpgTODAY! "ALL THE VIBEZ DAY PARTY!" by chantelsings0, 24 Jul 2021 14:41 GMTTODAY 6PM-8PM!! (NEW START TIME DUE TO HEAT!) POP IN!! I shall be your Host! WALK IN BIRTHDAY PARTIES WELCOME! Plus: HOOKAH FOOD MUZIC GOOD VIBEZ GAMEZ Greg Briggs aka 'DJ GO TIME got you covered on Music! #AllTheVibezDayParty215395vibes,,party,,fun,,food,,music,,gamesblogs/7-2021/215395-vibes-party-a-10098-s.jpgALL THE VIBEZ DAY PARTY THIS SATURDAY!! by chantelsings0, 20 Jul 2021 23:58 GMTJoin Chantel SinGs as she hosts ALL THE VIBEZ DAY PARTY at Jammin Wings back this SATURDAY 4PM-8PM!! ONLY $5 COVER! MUSIC, FOOD, GAMES, AND PLENTY GOOD VIBEZ RIGHT? SEE YOU AT JAMMIN WINGS!!215004day,party,,Saturday,,vibez,,games,,food,,drinksblogs/7-2021/215004-day-party-a-937247-s.jpgTHIS SATURDAY!! "QUEEN" SINGLE RELEASE PARTY! by chantelsings0, 14 Jul 2021 11:00 GMTDAY PARTY ON THE PATIO AT JAMMIN WINGS! FREE APPETIZERS UNTIL THEY'RE GONE! LIVE PERFORMANCE WITH DRUMMER! JUMBO GAMES! HOOKAH & MORE! THIS SATURDAY 7/17/21! 4PM-8PM!214282queen,,single,,release,,new,musicblogs/7-2021/214282-queen-single-a-3424-s.jpg"QUEEN" RELEASE PARTY! by chantelsings0, 3 Jul 2021 04:23 GMTJOIN US FOR THE "QUEEN" RELEASE PARTY JULY 17TH AT JAMMIN WINGS! FOOD, DRINKS, HOOKAH, PATIO VIBEZ & MORE!! LIVE PERFORMANCE BY CHANTEL SINGS FEAT URBOYSHOW!212990party,,queen,,releaseblogs/7-2021/212990-party-queen-a-49143-s.jpgKYMANI MARLEY LIVE HOSTED BY CHANTEL SINGS! by chantelsings0, 1 Jul 2021 12:37 GMTTHIS SATURDAY JULY 3RD! CHANTEL SINGS HOST KYMANI MARLEY LIVE AT MONTY'S TROPICAL HIDEOUT IN BIG LAKE, MN! TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW ON EVENTBRITE ! SEE YOU ALL THERE!212731kymani,marley,,host,,live,musicblogs/7-2021/212731-kymani-marley-a-146-s.jpgWe're Spreading The Word by chantelsings0, 24 Jun 2021 20:05 GMTWord is spreading about the new single "QUEEN"  PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR NETWORKS! Look forward to the Single Release Party and Music Video!211915queen,,Chantel,SinGs,,New,release,,One,sheet,,PRblogs/6-2021/211915-queen-chantel-a-220-s.jpgQUEEN IS AVAILABLE NOW! by chantelsings0, 21 Jun 2021 12:05 GMTFINALLY HERE! CHECK OUT "QUEEN" ON ALL MUSIC STREAMING PLATFORMS INCLUDING YOUTUBE AND SOUNDCLOUD!! Please SHARE!!! Your support means everything!!!211449queen,,New,music,,rnb,,popblogs/6-2021/211449-queen-new-a-1623596-s.jpgTHE "QUEEN" IS HERE! by chantelsings0, 18 Jun 2021 22:43 GMT"QUEEN" has arrived to Rave Reviews!! Listen RIGHT HERE ON THE CHANTEL SINGS APP!211230available,now,,queen,,New,,musicblogs/6-2021/211230-available-now-a-991-s.jpg'QUEEN' DROPS THIS FRIDAY! by chantelsings0, 17 Jun 2021 00:32 GMTTHIS FRIDAY!! 6/18/21 HEAR THE PREMIERE OF "QUEEN" FROM CHANTEL SINGS FEAT. 'URBOYSHOW' EXCLUSIVELY ON 89.9 KMOJ RADIO! LISTEN LIVE RIGHT HERE ON THE CHANTEL SINGS APP! 210984Friday,,queen,,music,,new,musicblogs/6-2021/210984-friday-queen-a-2343-s.jpg"QUEEN" IS JUST 1 WEEK AWAY by chantelsings0, 11 Jun 2021 20:24 GMTFRIDAY, JUNE 18TH, the world will hear "QUEEN" by the talented Chantel SinGs feat. URBOYSHOW for the first time! It's time to Adjust Your Crowns On all music streaming platforms210521queen,,New,Music,,release,,Friday,,pop,,rnbblogs/6-2021/210521-queen-new-a-784256-s.jpgWE'RE BACK THIS SATURDAY! by chantelsings0, 9 Jun 2021 22:05 GMT"ALL THE VIBEZ" DAY PARTY IS BACK AGAIN THIS SATURDAY! JUNE 12TH! 4PM-8PM! HOOKAH, MUSIC, FOOD, DRINKS, VIBEZZZZ! W/ DJ GO TIME! HOSTED BY: CHANTEL SINGS! SEE YOU THERE!209487vibez,,day,party,,,jammin,,,wings,,music,,drinksblogs/6-2021/209487-vibez-day-a-848236-s.jpgTHE COUNTDOWN IS ON! by chantelsings0, 2 Jun 2021 01:28 GMTJust DAYS away from the release of the single "QUEEN" LOOK FOR THE NEW SINGLE ON ALL MUSIC STREAMING PLATFORMS JUNE 18TH!209328new,release,,new,music,,singer,,artist,,queenblogs/6-2021/209328-new-release-a-41166-s.jpg"ALL THE VIBES" DAY PARTY AT JAMMIN WINGS! by chantelsings0, 25 May 2021 00:47 GMTIt's heating up and summer isn't even here yet! Join Chantel SinGs and DJ Go Time on the patio for "ALL THE VIBES" DAY PARTY kickin off SATURDAY MAY 29TH @ JAMMIN WINGS! (Select Dates Only)208380vibes,,day,party,,jammin,,music,,dj,,Hostblogs/5-2021/208380-vibes-day-a-145265-s.jpgOFFICIAL "QUEEN" COVER ART! by chantelsings0, 24 May 2021 16:26 GMTThis one is SPECIAL! From being a Cancer Survivor, Single mom, to witnessing some very traumatic events in my life, to the ups and downs of love, family, & career! Yet I'm continuing to 'ADJUST MY CROWN' .. "QUEEN" The single on ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS JUNE 18TH 2021!208308queen,,New,music,,singleblogs/5-2021/208308-queen-new-a-1534155-s.jpgTIME TO ADJUST YOUR CROWN "QUEEN" NEW SINGLE 6/18/21! by chantelsings0, 21 May 2021 21:46 GMTAvailable on all streaming platforms on JUNE 18TH 2021! "QUEEN"208030Singer,,queen,,New,Release,,new,single,,new,music,,rnb,,popblogs/5-2021/208030-singer-queen-a-9135-s.jpgCHANTEL SINGS TO HOST KYMANI MARLEY LIVE! by chantelsings0, 18 May 2021 21:20 GMTMark your calendars for JULY 3RD! Kymani Marley is coming to BIG LAKE, MN! Tickets Available Now on EVENTBRIGHT! Chantel SinGs will serve as your host! Vibesssss all summer!!207492reggae,,Host,,radio,,live,show,,Kymani,Marleyblogs/5-2021/207492-reggae-host-a-15471-s.jpg