Maverick Blog number one source for latin music. www.maverick.fmen-uscomluis@maverick.fmhttp://www.maverick.fmmaverickfmmaverickfmdjmaverickmaverick.fm Londra Free From Record Contract by maverick0, 3 Sep 2021 23:41 GMTPaulo Londra scored a victory against his former record label.  The judge has ruled that the 23-year-old trap artist has no further recording obligations or contractual duties to Big Ligas.219751Paulo Londra, Maverick,, DJ Maverick, Mav, DJ Mavblogs/9-2021/219751-paulo-londra-maveri-s.jpgAnuel AA Addresses Karol G Breakup On New Single '23 Preguntas' by maverick0, 24 Aug 2021 23:07 GMTAnuel has released a new track "23 Preguntas," in which he asks singer and ex-girlfriend Karol G a set of questions.The Puerto Rican artist bares his heart and soul. "I have 23 questions to ask you, just let me know if you have time to respond to me," as he kicks off the, Anuel, Karol G, DJ Maverick, Mav, DJ Mavblogs/8-2021/218641-maverickfm-anuel-ka-s.jpgJay Wheeler Surprises With New English Single by maverick0, 15 Aug 2021 02:42 GMTJay Wheeler surprises fans with new English single "Take My Life."   217680Jay Wheelerblogs/8-2021/217680-jay-wheeler-s.jpg2185261