alexcardinale93's Blog in this app, you will get all of my live stream videos and any unreleased video segments and more!en-usalexgoyankeescardinale19@gmail.com 12:00:00 AMNNNNNNalexcardinale93 is Alex Cardinale? by alexcardinale930, 20 Aug 2021 07:32 GMTI am Alex Cardinale. I am 28 years old living in South Florida. I grew up in Western Massachusetts for over 20 years! I am now loving life in Florida and enjoying the year round awesome weather. In 2013, I graduated high school and with a Culinary Arts certificate. I found a passion in podcasting in 2013 when I created Chef Cardinale Cooking Show. Then my second passion in life and my major hobby aquariums and tropical fish became a focal point when I created my aquarium podcast Aquatic Wetline. Both Chef Cardinale Cooking Show and Aquatic Wetline were HUGE successes. I met a ton of awesome people and have become friends with so many people. Today, I now have a YouTube channel that serves as a tv show. Aqua Alex LIVE is my tropical fish keeping show where I discuss any and everything tropical fish, interview fish keepers, and more. I also host Story Time with Alex Cardinale which is my talk show where I discuss what happenend in my life as well as various events that are trending. I have a cooking show as well. I also work as a host at Texas Roadhouse and love my job. I, Alex Cardinale am just truly LEGENDARY! 218188alex cardinale,podcast,youtubeblogs/8-2021/218188-alex-cardinale-podca-s.jpg