comptonchronicles's Blog platform that will allow people around the world see all the various sides of Compton. Focusing on the unseen good side that the main stream media seems to over look.en-uscomalonzo@comptonentchamber.orghttp://Comptonentchamber.orgTheComptonEntChamberof Commercechannel/UCl9khcGYXC-xxc69TVw-3UAComptonEntChamber Stories With Lonzo usYYY9/15/2022 8:24:00 PMYNNNNNY58FD8BDA-A44E-4B6C-A12A-8BB282724E48 Festival (Espanol) by comptonchronicles0, 2 Mar 2024 21:46 GMTnull302294spring,Festival,,Comptonblogs/3-2024/302294-spring-festival-a--s.jpgSpring Festival At Kelly Park by comptonchronicles0, 2 Mar 2024 21:44 GMTSpring festival at Kelly Park. See flyer for details.&nbsp;302293Spring,,festival,,Kelly,parkblogs/3-2024/302293-spring-festival-a--s.jpgMovie Night At Kelly (Espanol) by comptonchronicles0, 2 Mar 2024 21:42 GMTnull302292Kelly,Parkblogs/3-2024/302292-kelly-park-a-163455-s.jpgMovie Night At Kelly Park by comptonchronicles0, 2 Mar 2024 21:20 GMTMovie night at Kelly Park. See flyer for details&nbsp;302291Kelly,Park,,Compton,,activitiesblogs/3-2024/302291-kelly-park-a-687293-s.jpgJob Fair At Compton College by comptonchronicles0, 28 Feb 2024 20:52 GMTThis Saturday Compton will hold a community job fair. See flyer for details.&nbsp; 301809jobs,,Compton,college,,careers,blogs/2-2024/301809-jobs-compton-a-1197-s.jpgWatch The Compton Candidates Forum On The Compton Entertainment Channel by comptonchronicles0, 27 Feb 2024 02:48 GMTThe full video of the Compton candidates forum presented by the Concerned citizens and the Compton NAACP. Click the link below. Get up, get out and vote. For somebody. Brought to you by the Compton Entertainment chamber of commerce.&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank"></a> 301539candidates,,election,,1st,district,,4th,district,,city,clerkblogs/2-2024/301539-candidates-election-s.jpg4th District Townhall Meeting by comptonchronicles0, 27 Feb 2024 02:44 GMT4th district Townhall meeting Saturday March 2nd. See flyer for details. If you can't make it watch the next day on the Compton entertainment channel.&nbsp; 301538Lillie,P,Darden,,4th,district,,Townhall,meeting,,Kelly,Parkblogs/2-2024/301538-lillie-p-darden-a--s.jpgFree Self Defense Classes by comptonchronicles0, 6 Feb 2024 02:22 GMTLearn Marital Arts free. At Ervin Magic Johnson Park. See flyer for details.298978karate,,self,protection,,Kung,fublogs/2-2024/298978-karate-self-a-12545-s.jpgWe Have A New City Manager by comptonchronicles0, 10 Jan 2024 04:37 GMTCome out to meet the new city manager Willie Hopkins Jr. 295740Compton,,city,manager,,officialsblogs/1-2024/295740-compton-city-a-3122-s.jpgEve After Dark Documentary Now On Amazon by comptonchronicles0, 9 Jan 2024 05:18 GMTThe Eve After Dark documentary now Amazon.&nbsp;295611eve,After,Dark,,lonzo,,Dr,Dre,,super,bowl,halftime,showblogs/1-2024/295611-eve-after-dark-a-58-s.jpgLarry Lala Episode Featuring Honest Johm by comptonchronicles0, 9 Jan 2024 05:15 GMTThe latest episode of the Larry Lala comedy show now playing on the Compton entertainment channel. Download now it's free. Available on Android and IPhone&nbsp;295609Larry,Lala,,comedy,,honest,John.,funnyblogs/1-2024/295609-larry-lala-a-612231-s.jpgLarry Lala's All Black Comedy Show Is On The Compton Entertainment Channel by comptonchronicles0, 4 Dec 2023 22:09 GMTThe 3rd episode of the Larry Lala comedy show is now live on the Compton entertainment channel. Episode 4 coming Fri Dec 8th.292286Larry,,comedy,,all,blackblogs/12-2023/292286-larry-comedy-a-1645-s.jpgEpisode 2 Of Global Showcase Drops This Friday by comptonchronicles0, 20 Sep 2023 15:39 GMTThis Friday episode 2 of the Global Showcase drops on the Compton Entertainment Channel featuring Comptons on Pam Syi. See flyers for details.281372talent,global,Showcase,,Compton,talentblogs/9-2023/281372-talent-global-showc-s.jpgCompton Entertainment Channel by comptonchronicles0, 15 Feb 2023 00:41 GMTComing soon the Compton entertainment channel a tv channel dedicated to providing information to the shareholders of Compton. The Compton entertainment channel will be an easy source of news and information on and about the city of Compton. Advertising will be available for businesses and events. The channel will be on all streaming channels Roku, Apple TV, Amazon TV, and more also live streaming of events such as Townhall meetings and special events will be available. Although launching soon 15 days or so the website is currently available for early free VIP sign ups. ComptonEntChannel.com263140tv,,roku,,live,streaming,,video,,firestick,,Apple,tvblogs/2-2023/263140-tv-roku-a-1442592-s.jpgJoin, Follow, Subscribe and Like the Compton entertainment chamber of commerce by comptonchronicles0, 24 Nov 2022 20:59 GMTWe want to be a source of information for the city of Compton, it's citizens and businesses. Please join the chamber, follow the chamber, subscribe to the chamber and like chamber. Above is all over social media platforms please for free to connect with us any way you want to.259302Compton, Chamber, entertainment, social mediablogs/11-2022/259302-compton-chamber-ent-s.jpgPromoting Peace In The Hood by comptonchronicles0, 4 Aug 2022 07:57 GMTIn an effort to bring more business to the city of Compton the Compton Entertainment Chamber of commerce is proposing an idea that is a win win for everyone, the citizens and the business community. That idea is a city wide promotion of Hood Peace where yard signs, flyers and posters promoting the idea of peace just like you would a city election. The concept is the brain child of the CECC president Lonzo Williams as a promoter of concerts, clubs and events he feels that if put it on peoples minds hopefully you can put it in there hearts. And a safer city is good for businesses and everyone involved.&nbsp; theirhearts.&nbsp;</li></ol>251343hood,peace,,save,lives,,bring,business,blogs/8-2022/251343-hood-peace-a-173730-s.jpgJJ Fad gets street named after them by comptonchronicles0, 16 Jun 2022 04:29 GMT80's girl rap group JJ Fad are the first west coast hip hop artist to have a home town street renamed after their group. On Saturday June 11th the city of Rialto renamed a well traveled street in the city to "JJ Fad way" after the home town rap queens. The event was well attended by family and supporters of the group including "Supersonic" producer Arabian Prince, NWA member DJ Yella and Cli N Tel and Lonzo the Godfather of west coast hip hop. The groups song Supersonic was the first single and album to go platinum on the Compton based label Ruthless records founded by the late Easy E.246937jj fad, hip hop, ruthless records, easy e, west coast, street renamed, Rialto, Comptonblogs/6-2022/246937-jj-fad-hip-hop-ruth-s.jpg29847512989771298989129991012999111300052130005313008571