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We look forward to all of our viewers enjoying and engaging in our content as we begin our entertainment and content endeavors .....follow @musiq_matisseen-uscomsmgsolarmusicgroupllc@gmail.com 12:00:00 AMNNNNNNN Leef by forwardmotiontv0, 6 Sep 2023 02:46 GMTCheck out Ladder Leef..."Keep it Pushing on all DSP's279145Ladder,Leef,,,Keep,It,Pushingblogs/9-2023/279145-ladder-leef-i-86515-s.jpgJT Tha Bigga Figga "Playaz N The Game" by forwardmotiontv0, 6 Sep 2023 02:13 GMTVery honored to have this billboard charting independent release as part of the SMG SOLAR MUSIC GROUP distribution history and catalog279137Bay,Area,,,JT,Tha,Bigga,Figgablogs/9-2023/279137-bay-area-i-1602589-s.jpgNow Available On All DSP's the Latest EP from SMG SOLAR MUSIC GROUP by forwardmotiontv0, 6 Sep 2023 02:09 GMTFrom the legendary Bay Area music distributor SMG SOLAR MUSIC GROUP LLC ...."THE SOLAR SYSTEM "279136Solar,System,,SMG,SOLAR,MUSIC,GROUPblogs/9-2023/279136-solar-system-i-5735-s.jpgSnoop Cereal at WALMART and ACME by forwardmotiontv0, 6 Sep 2023 02:01 GMTOriginally released to Walmart now also available at ACME Supermarkets279135SNOOP,,MASTER,P,,,CEREALblogs/9-2023/279135-snoop-master-i-1078-s.jpg1Happy Heavenly Birthday To The Legendary "Jimmy Castor" by forwardmotiontv0, 23 Jun 2023 01:09 GMTThe creator of one of the most classic Hip Hop songs from the early days of Hip Hop...."Happy Heavenly birthday "It's just begun " .....RIP Jimmy Castor273385Jimmy,Castor,,Just,Begun,,Jimmy,Castor,Bunchblogs/6-2023/273385-jimmy-castor-i-1147-s.jpgBLOOD LINE CIVIL WAR by forwardmotiontv0, 20 Jun 2023 00:57 GMTThe stage is set July 1st 3:00pm...London England.....Jimmy and Jey The USO's vs Reigns and Sikoa.......#UCEY273085MITB,ROMAN,REIGNS,,,THE,USO s,,Solo,Sikoablogs/6-2023/273085-mitb-roman-reigns--s.jpgKimora Lee Simmons/Russell Simmons Update by forwardmotiontv0, 20 Jun 2023 00:45 GMTIt seems as always there is another side to the always .....Initial reports painted Russell in a bad light as per his wife and youngest daughter however as per Vanity Fair that may not be the case ....Check out the above article or get the full story at Vanity Fair on line.......#RussellSimmons #kimoraleesimmons #vanityfair #update273083Russell,Simmons,,Kimora,Lee,Simmonsblogs/6-2023/273083-russell-simmons-i--s.jpgErica Banks by forwardmotiontv0, 19 Jun 2023 19:50 GMTCheck out the latest on Erica Banks on .......#EricaBanks #Forwardmotiontv273051All,Hip,Hop,,Erica,Banksblogs/6-2023/273051-all-hip-hop-i-12014-s.jpgKimora Lee Simmons Accusations by forwardmotiontv0, 19 Jun 2023 19:40 GMTCheck out the latest on as Kimora Lee Simmons discusses her and her daughter's latest family issues with her ex husband the legendary hip hop and fashion mogul Russell Simmons.... She and their children discuss in-depth how things over the years have continually taken a turn for the #forwardmotiontv273050Kimora,Lee,Simmons,VS,Russell,Simmonsblogs/6-2023/273050-kimora-lee-simmons--s.jpgSensei by forwardmotiontv0, 19 Jun 2023 17:59 GMTMake sure you download and stream the latest album SENSEI from the late great "BIG POKEY" #Screwedupclick #Bigpokey273040BIG,POKEY,,,SENSAI,,Screwed,Up,Clickblogs/6-2023/273040-big-pokey-i-958286-s.jpgRIP to BIG POKEY by forwardmotiontv0, 19 Jun 2023 15:44 GMTYesterday we lost a industry legend and member of the legendary Screwed Up Click ...The one only "Big Pokey" Condolences to his family and friends he will be missed.....If your not familiar do yourself a favor and download-stream his most recent release "SENSAI"...which he dropped last year's currently streaming on all platforms....RIP to a brilliant artist that had a stellar career and one who will not be forgotten....#bigpokey273030Texas,SUC,,HTOWN,,ScrewedUpClickblogs/6-2023/273030-texas-suc-i-1912266-s.jpg1Rapsody Interview by forwardmotiontv0, 23 May 2023 00:00 GMTIdea Generation host Noah Callahan Bever sits down with one of my favorite artists the 3x Grammy nominated emcee the one and only Rapsody......make sure you check out this interview as she discusses her past present and future after 15 years in the music business...The interview is available now on YouTube....DON'T MISS IT270916Idea,Generation,Rapsody,,Interviewblogs/5-2023/270916-idea-generation-rap-s.jpg2023 Fleet DJ's Conference by forwardmotiontv0, 21 May 2023 12:55 GMT2023 Fleet DJ's Music Conference Raleigh NC July 20th-July 24th......Don't miss it !!!!270800Fleet,DJ s,,2023,Conferenceblogs/6-2023/270800-fleet-djs-i-1079466-s.jpg1FLEET DJ's Music Conference 2023 by forwardmotiontv0, 21 May 2023 12:50 GMTFYI Make sure you plan accordingly and ahead of time for your accommodations270799Hotel,Accommodationsblogs/5-2023/270799-hotel-accommodation-s.jpg1R.I.P. Jim Brown by forwardmotiontv0, 21 May 2023 04:11 GMTFootball icon ,NFL Great , Actor ,Activist Jim Brown passed away ....We send our condolences to his family.....#JimBrown270793Activist,,Gridiron,Great,,NFL,Iconblogs/5-2023/270793-activist-gridiron--s.jpg1Two Legends gone but never forgotten by forwardmotiontv0, 21 May 2023 04:06 GMTTwo wrestling superstars who are unfortunately no longer here with us The American Dream and Superstar Billy Graham both had amazing careers throughout the world during wrestlings golden eras . Both were very accomplished in their chosen profession.....we salute who they were and what that accomplished.They both are severely missed by fans worldwide.270792Dusty,Rhodes,,Superstar,Billy,Grahamblogs/5-2023/270792-dusty-rhodes-i-1172-s.jpg1RIP to The One And Only Superstar Billy Graham by forwardmotiontv0, 21 May 2023 04:02 GMTThe former legendary WWF Heavyweight Champion sadly passed away this past week....Condolences to his family #RIPSUPERSTARGRAHAM270791#WWE,#SUPERSTARGRAHAMblogs/5-2023/270791-wwe-superstargraham-s.jpg1"EMS-EVERYTHING MIXTAPE SERIES -EVERYTHING ATLANTA F/GOODIE SUPREME " by forwardmotiontv0, 10 May 2023 01:20 GMTOur fourth mixtape for 2023 is for the month of APRIL as part of our "EVERYTHING MIXTAPE SERIES"we hit ATLANTA and check in on GOODIE SUPREME download our latest on , @mixcloud, @mymixtapez270054GOODIE,SUPREME,-EVERYTHING,ATLANTAblogs/5-2023/270054-goodie-supreme-ever-s.jpg1"EMS-EVERYTHING MIXTAPE SERIES NEW MERCH COMING SOON by forwardmotiontv0, 10 May 2023 01:14 GMTNew Merch coming soon ......STAY TUNED270053Everything,Mixtape,Series,Merchblogs/5-2023/270053-everything-mixtape--s.jpg1March 2023....E.M.S-"EVERYTHING MIXTAPE SERIES.....EVERYTHING ARKANSAS featuring RICH HOOCHIES" by forwardmotiontv0, 13 Apr 2023 14:23 GMTThe official debut of our E.M.S.-Everything Mixtape Series features up and coming Arkansas duo RICH HOOCHIES stream and/or download @mymixtapez /@mixcloud268110Spinrilla,MyMixtapez,Mixcloud,Arkansasblogs/5-2023/268110-spinrilla-mymixtape-s.jpg1