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B0CGMGTK6N1Loc It Radio Boston 12:23:00 AMYYNNNN0Y9DEFC4E0-0287-4421-A0C0-D52A03129674radiomusicvideosblogs2photostab_icon_podcasttab_icon_musictab_icon_videostab_icon_newstab_icon_picturesAbout MeEntertainment BlogsEventEventsLiveAbout MeMixesPhotosLoc-It Radio BostonVideosmachygee Radio Boston by machygee0, 16 Apr 2024 14:00 GMTLoc-It Radio is Live now on the Machygee app,simply by clicking radio with DJ's from across the globe.Time to spread the word for the new kid on the block Loc-It Radio.308867Loc-Itblogs/4-2024/308867-locit-i-610254-s.jpgSoon Loc-It Radio Would Be Branded With The Machy Productions by machygee0, 7 Apr 2024 14:15 GMTVery soon Loc-it Radio Boston would be added on the Machygee App,it's part of the Machy Productions Brand...Live music would be played from DJ's around the world and so much more!!!!So get READY)))))Loc~it Radio Boston is COMING!!!!307532Another,One,To,Be,Addblogs/4-2024/307532-another-one-to-i-11-s.jpg1Drake Reps Vybz Kartel With "Free World Boss" Shirt While In Studio by machygee0, 7 Apr 2024 14:00 GMTCanadian rapper Drake is the latest to voice his support for incarcerated Dancehall star Vybz Kartel, as Gaza fans eagerly await the Jamaica Court of Appeal's decision on a possible retrial after his conviction was overturned last month. On Tuesday (April 2), the Passionfruit rapper showed support for Kartel by boasting his very own "Free Kartel" t-shirt with his 146 million Instagram followers. The shirt, which was hung up on display during a studio session, shows an illustration of Kartel sitting like royalty on a throne with a barely clad female perched at his feet. The slogans, "Free Kartel", "Free World Boss," and "Up 2 Di Time" are also printed on the front - the latter was the name of Kartel's 2003 debut album, which gave us early classics such as Sen On, New Millennium, Sweet To The Belly, Pv$$y Jaw, Why You Doing It, Buss It Off among others.307531Drake,Repsblogs/4-2024/307531-drake-reps-i-181453-s.jpg1Vybz Kartel: Jamaica dancehall star's murder conviction overturned by machygee0, 25 Mar 2024 19:35 GMTJamaican dancehall artist Vybz Kartel''s conviction for murder has been overturned.The 48-year-old was given a life sentence in 2014 for the killing of Clive "Lizard" Williams on the Caribbean island.His successful appeal, heard by the Privy Council in London, argued that a juror accused of trying to bribe others should have been thrown off his trial.Authorities in Jamaica will decide whether the case should be retried.The musician, real name Adidja Palmer, is one of the country''s most popular artists and has collaborated with performers such as Jay-Z and Rihanna. His 64-day trial was one of the longest in Jamaican history, and ended with Kartel being ordered to serve a minimum of 35 years in jail.This was later reduced to 32-and-a-half years.The trial heard that victim Clive Williams and another man, Lamar Chow, were given two unlicensed firearms belonging to Kartel for safekeeping.305734Jamaica,,Vybz,,Court,Caseblogs/3-2024/305734-jamaica-vybz-i-1088-s.jpg1New Mix Loading Soon by machygee0, 16 Jan 2024 13:45 GMTAs we know Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is nearing in on us,so brace for impact. Another Machy Carnival Steam Mix.2 for 2024296372Carnival,Steam,Mix.2blogs/3-2024/296372-carnival-steam-mix2-s.jpg1Save The Date For Tobago Carnival 2024 by machygee0, 4 Nov 2023 22:00 GMTMark your calendars and save the date for Tobago Carnival 2024! Join us from October 25-27 for another unforgettable celebration of Ritual, Revelry, and Release #TobagoCarnival #SaveTheDate #WelcomeToBago288181Tobago,2024blogs/11-2023/288181-tobago-2024-i-87211-s.jpgOut Now In The Mixes Tab by machygee0, 26 Oct 2023 00:00 GMTThe best of the 90's Dancehall from 1990-1999. Mix by Machy28652790 s,Is,90 s,Dancehallblogs/10-2023/286527-90s-is-90s-i-656191-s.jpg1Sean Paul, Dua Lipa's 'No Lie' Hits 1 Billion Milestone On Spotify by machygee0, 8 Oct 2023 13:15 GMTSean Paul's 2016 song No Lie with English singer Dua Lipa surpassed 1 billion plays on Spotify on Friday (October 6). This marks his first billion-play track as a lead artist on Spotify, and the fifth Jamaican-led song overall to hit this milestone on the platform. Paul told DancehallMag that he's humbled by the career achievement. "I've always tried to emulate the greats in the genre. We all learn from our elders. So all I can say is thank you to them for showing me the way. And thanks to the fans, it is really humbling," he said. Clean Bandit's Rockabye (2018), on which he was featured alongside Anne-Marie, is currently at 1.4 billion plays on Spotify, while his solo hits Temperature (2005) and Get Busy (2002) are at 712 million and 449 million plays, respectively.283960Sean,Paul,Dua,Lipa sblogs/10-2023/283960-sean-paul-dua-i-107-s.jpg1Bounty Killer Says It's Time For Dancehall To Step Up: "Production-Wise, Our Music Is Off-Par" by machygee0, 2 Oct 2023 13:15 GMTBounty Killer has voiced concern about the quality of the mixing and production of much of the new music being recorded in Jamaica and the mushrooming of "disposable" songs. Speaking in an interview on CVM Television on Wednesday morning, about his new collaborative Time Bomb EP with producer Dave Kelly and fellow artist Cham, Bounty said it was time for Dancehall to rise to the occasion, especially in light of widespread talk, that the genre is 'leaning on death's door'. "At this stage of the game, we have to move to another level. Because we are having a lot of disposable music, and people are saying the music deteriorating, and we don't have a stance on the global stage anymore and Afrobeats take Dancehall spot... We have to make our presence felt right now. We need to step up to the plate," the Warlord In October last year, producer JonFX had argued that the advent of the internet had caused experienced producers to be excluded from the music production process, which, in turn, has led to the songs coming out of Jamaica, for the most part being sub-par. "Social media gave us a lot of ego. That's one. There was a time when artiste use to be humble, wait at the studio. Now you have a guy send them a speaker with a laptop, they have a studio. That's another issue that we have. We have to get into the humility," he said. The award-winning producer's comments had come while discussing the state of Jamaican music production, in an interview with veteran entertainment journalist Anthony Miller on Television Jamaica's The Entertainment Report, this after Miller suggested that "new artistes will tell you they not going back to where the producers call the shots and tell us what to do." said.283081Bounty,Killer,Saysblogs/10-2023/283081-bounty-killer-says--s.jpgShenseea Explains Why She's Intent On Changing Her Sound by machygee0, 27 Sep 2023 13:00 GMTHaving mastered the Jamaican music market, Shenseea is focused on finding the missing link that will make her career take off in the United States. Speaking to fans on Instagram on Sunday, the Blessed singer opened up about starting a new chapter, from immigrating to the US to changing her sound. "If I''m uncomfortable doing it, then I''m not gonna do it, but once I feel like I have the potential to do it and I sound great, then I''m gonna do it because I''m really trying to find my lane right now," she shared. "I mean, I know who I am and I know what I stand for, but when it comes on to my sound, yeah, I wanna change it. I''m trying to find the sound that complements me perfectly." It''s a portrait she''s been painting since before the release of her debut album Alpha in 2022. The project, a melting pot of dancehall, hip hop, R&B, reggae and pop, peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. It was also the second best-selling album by a Jamaican artist that year, copping 63,000 units in combined sales and streams in The States, according to data provided to DancehallMag from Billboard''s sales tracker Luminate.282381Shenseea,Explains,Whyblogs/9-2023/282381-shenseea-explains--s.jpgBounty Killer Opens Up About How U.S. Visa Denial Affected His Life, Dancehall Career by machygee0, 23 Sep 2023 14:00 GMTDancehall star Bounty Killer recently opened up about his prolonged inability to travel to the United States, a situation the 51-year-old has described as "devastating" to his music career and family. "It's life. Life is life and yuh affi jus live. I don't know what I did to not have a visa for 13 years, but up until this day, di embassy nuh even have a good explanation for me," Bounty told Gaza Uncle and DJ Everlina in a YouTube interview. The Warlord described the challenges he's faced due to this restriction. "I don't even know how I survive," he explained. "Most of my fans are in the US, and that's where the music market is biggest, and I can't even get to go promote my songs or greet my fans or even my family, my kids. I got several kids in the US, so this While the visa restrictions have undoubtedly affected him, Killer acknowledged the role of social media in bridging the gap. His Verzuz battle against Beenie Man, for example, allowed him to engage with his North American audience, even if only temporarily. "Well, the greatest thing is we inna di era of social media. That's the most presence I have with my fans in America," he told Gaza Uncle. "As you can see, the Verzuz was the closest connection I got with the fans. So, these likkle panels, and social media and we online concerts - that's the closest I can get to my fans in America." affected me devastatingly."281813Ayo,Yello,Bounty,Is,Crossblogs/9-2023/281813-ayo-yello-bounty-i--s.jpgByron Messia: 'I Got The Biggest Dancehall Song Since 2005' by machygee0, 22 Sep 2023 14:15 GMTByron Messia's hit song Talibans has undeniably made waves this year, but the Jamaican-born Kittitian star's recent claim that it's the "biggest song in Dancehall since 2005" has attracted skepticism and outright disagreement from fans and music professionals alike. On Monday, the I Hate Byron artist confidently asserted in a series of now-deleted Instagram posts that Talibans was the Dancehall genre's biggest hit since Sean Paul's chart-topping Temperature. Messia, referencing his No Love album, which featured Govana, Jahshii, Rytikal, and Prince Swanny, mused in one post, "I got a Billboard Album by myself." "And biggest song in Dancehall since 2005," he added in another post. "Big song and bad song different," he continued before highlighting it as a worthy successor to Paul's Temperature, which reached No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2005.281635Bryon,Messia,Ah,Run,Thingsblogs/9-2023/281635-bryon-messia-ah-i--s.jpgSquash Reemerges After ICE Detention In Florida by machygee0, 22 Sep 2023 13:45 GMTThe 6ix Boss Squash has returned to social media to show fans he's 'still roaming' and as rich as ever. The new Instagram update came on Monday (September 18) with a series of photos showing a beaming Squash enjoying time spent with family at home. In the last photo, the Dancehall entertainer showed off his stacks and stacks of cash, which looked to be over US $90K based on the figures labeled on the currency straps. "Some sh-t I just leave up to god ??????? ????#6ixx," he wrote on the post.281634Squash,Re-emergesblogs/9-2023/281634-squash-reemerges-i--s.jpgWhy Capleton Never Sings Songs Written By Others by machygee0, 11 Sep 2023 12:45 GMTReggae/Dancehall superstar Capleton says he has never recorded songs written by anyone else, as doing so, according to him, appears inauthentic. "There is no limit to our music, caw rememba seh it bring dat love; it bring dat soul. It have dat spiritual connection an it mek people get inna demself. It mek people cry you know, crying through that joy and dat love and the connection weh dem feel. Because rememba seh music a di function of the head and the heart you know, so dem communicate dem work enuh," he said during an interview with Television Jamaica's The Entertainment Report. "That's why I don't sing songs that someone wrote, you know," he added. "I mean I have to write what I feel so it is authentic so when I'm on the stage and I'm delivering then you know people can feel it because it is coming from my heart. It is something that I've been through or suppm weh mi guh through. A it mi a write bout."280319Fireman,Capletonblogs/9-2023/280319-fireman-capleton-i--s.jpgCardi B's Latest Song Has Dancehall Fans Calling For A Lawsuit by machygee0, 11 Sep 2023 12:30 GMTBongos, Cardi B's second collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, released on Friday, has been the subject of debate among Jamaican fans over whether it appropriated elements from Bang - a song released over two years ago by Dancehall artist Lincoln 3Dot. Bang, an energetic, up-tempo party track produced by New York-based Track Starr - the talent behind hits like Hoodcelebrityy's Walking Trophy and KHOXS' Tambrin - is punctuated by the repetitive chant of "bang!" in the simple, yet effective hook, with only minor alterations thrown in to facilitate transitions to the punchy verses. Each 'Bang' is also timed to rhythmically align with a certain pattern on the percussion-heavy beat.280318Cardi,Bblogs/9-2023/280318-cardi-b-i-655569-s.jpgErica Mena Booted From LHHATL After Calling Spice A "Blue Monkey" by machygee0, 7 Sep 2023 12:30 GMTLove & Hip-Hot: Atlanta star Erica Mena has been given the boot. She will appear in the last three episodes of season 11, but will not return for the next season of the VH1 show. This comes after Tuesday's episode, in which Mena called Queen of Dancehall Spice a "blue monkey" during a verbal brawl, inciting shock and rage among viewers. In an official statement today (September 2, 2023) the Love & Hip-Hop franchise said they have "never shied away from hard conversations in our community." "Working hand-in-hand with our partners, viewers will see the impact of Erica Mena's remarks play out in the final three episodes of the season. Effective immediately she will not appear in the next season of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta."279232Erica,Menablogs/9-2023/279232-erica-mena-i-118409-s.jpgShenseea Says She Attended Beyonc 's Renaissance Concert To Be "Inspired" by machygee0, 7 Sep 2023 12:00 GMTJamaican singer Shenseea says that she attended Beyonc 's Renaissance Concert Tour in Inglewood, California over the weekend not just as a fan, but also as an artist seeking inspiration. The well-attended concert (as are all of Queen B's shows) saw the Blessed singer clad in a Gucci crystal embellished set, a white felt hat with baby blue trim, and complementary silver earrings. She shared a series of photos and clips from the night, along with a caption that serves as a reminder that even those who inspire us are, in turn, inspired by others. "In order to be an inspiration, you have to be inspired ? #renaissanceworldtour," she wrote on Instagram.279231Shenseeablogs/9-2023/279231-shenseea-i-154149-s.jpgThe First-Ever Annual Caribbean Music Awards: What You Missed And Full Winners List by machygee0, 2 Sep 2023 13:50 GMTThe first annual Caribbean Music Awards was held on Thursday at King's Theatre in Flatbush, Brooklyn, the neighborhood known as New York's "Little Caribbean." Hosted by Grammy-winning artist Wyclef Jean, the show was a vibrant and spirited celebration of all music, people, and culture with roots in the West Indies. "I've been to the Grammys, MTV Awards, all kinds of awards around the world. This is the only award show I feel so comfortable, I can wear my bloodclxt sandals," Clef told the audience at the top of the show. "Tonight is a very, very important night as we celebrate the Caribbean region. Tonight is history," the Haitian music mogul said. "They steal our culture and they change the name of it. They call it 'pop.' Tonight, we're taking everything back to the Caribbean. Caribbe.. Caribbean."278756First,Music,Awardsblogs/9-2023/278756-first-music-awards--s.jpgErica Mena Calls Spice A "Blue Monkey" On LHHATL by machygee0, 2 Sep 2023 13:45 GMTLove & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Erica Mena flipped a table on Tables Turn singer Spice, wished her death, and used a racially derogatory slur after the Queen of Dancehall triggered her with a comment about her son. The heated argument, which was aired in last night's episode of the VH1 show, developed between Mena, 35, and Spice, 41, as they sat down to squash a previous misunderstanding. During their back and forth, Spice retorted with a claim that Mena's eldest son hates her. "Where is your son that don't like you?" Spice said, to agitate her cast mate. "My son loooves me," she continued. A confused Mena, who was fuming from across the table, kept asking Spice, "How do you know about my son?" but wasn't getting the response she needed. needed.278754Erica,Menablogs/9-2023/278754-erica-mena-i-634429-s.jpgBob Marley's 'Natural Mystic' Hits 100 Million Milestone On Spotify by machygee0, 2 Sep 2023 13:40 GMTBob Marley & The Wailers' 1977 song Natural Mystic is the legendary Reggae band's 13th song to surpass 100 million plays on Spotify. The track, which crossed the milestone on August 18, joins Three Little Birds (824m), Could You Be Loved (726m), Is This Love (636m), Jammin' (444m), Buffalo Soldier (419m), One Love (413m), Redemption Song (306m), No Woman, No Cry (Live At Lyceum) (281m), Waiting In Vain (244m), Stir It Up (166m), Is This Love (Remix) (154m), and Satisfy My Soul (149m) as Marley's most streamed songs on the platform. First recorded in 1975 and then re-recorded in 1977 for the Exodus album at Island's Basing Street Studios in London, Natural Mystic is a stirring anthem that distinctly captures Marley's overarching musical ethos. overarching musical ethos.278753Bob,Marleyblogs/9-2023/278753-bob-marley-i-105689-s.jpg