Worldwide Bass Radio Are Going To Be Playing The Best In MIAMI Bass Music And All Other Bass Music From All Around The World Thats Why We Picked The Name Worldwide Bass Radio. en-uscomworldwidebassradio@gmail.comhttp://www.worldwidebassradio.comWorldBassRadioworldwidebassradio Bass Radio00 Bass That Ate Miami ( Documentary ) by worldwidebassradio0, 18 Aug 2023 01:17 GMTDocumentary - The Bass That Ate Miami Miami is known for it's parties, beaches, un-sober lifestyle, music, and it's music festivals. The one thign people seem to forget is the important part it played in all the music you listen to today. Miami (Hip-Hop) music started with Bass in the 80's and 90's. It's not the kind of music you would play while your parents were around, well yeah you would, but the kind of music you blasted in your car. There were custom jobs done on almost all cars back in the day. Back seats would be replaced with 2 or 3 15 inch speakers, an Alpine radio, and an amp that needed to be replaced quick because of over heating. Riding around in Coconut Grove and the occassional ride to the beach to continue the bass ride of the night. It was glorious in its time. I'm happy to see a documentary dedicated to that era with <strong>The Bass That Ate Miami </strong> directed by Alex Weir. 277648#miamibassblogs/8-2023/277648-worldwidebassradio--s.jpg