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Hip-Hop 101 Flyer 3Hip-Hop 101 Flyer 2 (back)
Hip-Hop 101 Flyer 2 (Front)Hip-Hop 101 Flyer
3X Dope - DJ Mike Swift and CrystalDJ Mike Swift promo pic
DJ Mike SwiftBigger and Deffer - Soul train line
Bigger and Deffer - Hands up!Bigger and Deffer - DJ A&R
Bigger and Deffer - dancin'Bigger and Deffer - beautiful party goer
Bigger and Deffer - bartender YattaBigger and Deffeer - one lucky guy
3X Dope - Something really cool is about to happen3X Dope - Quick of the Funk Lordz crew
Quick and his partner from the Funk Lordz Crew3X Dope - Put the needle on the record
3X Dope - Party people3X Dope - Party people
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