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Be sure to flex after chest day!!!Mike West,Juvenile & Stunna Benz
The Champ Shannon Briggs & Mike WestHappy,Mike West & Fireman @ G 5
London & West on that GTV80 lbs Dumbbell Rows 3 x 10
Keeping the guns tight!!!In the best shape of my life this far! It pays to stay in shape folks!
La Famila alwayz works out together!!!Staying tight on the cables
Extreme arm day with the 50 lbs Dumbbells 4 x 10Kracked the 85 lb Dumbbell on chest 10 x
Extreme behind the head military press from 70 to 110 lbs 10 xDumbbell kind of day with the 60's and went up to the 75 lbs 4 x 10
Full Body Kettle Bell swinging 5 x 12 with the 75 pounder2015 New Year New Money ya digg!!!!! @gtvodka  #CashMoneyRecords #Team1000 #BigFroMusic #RichGang Let's do this!!!!!
Happy New Year from the homie  @happy_1804 and myself ya digg!!!!!! #ZoePound #BigFroMusic #GTV #Team1000 #BigFroMusic #RichGang #MiamiBeach 2015!!!!!Had to come see my good friend @tanyathesavage @ my old gym @CrunchMiamiBeach on this NYE to kill all #Chest #Back & #Arms before tonight's jump off.
Mike West & Jason DeruloShaq & Mike West
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