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The Remix Crew
DJ Yogi spinning at BoomBap SaturdayKool DJ Red Alert and The Remix crew
The Remix welcomes Rocky back to the showBig Dee talking with Uncle Red
DJ Nabs, Kool DJ Red Alert, and DJ Jay CeeKool DJ Red Alert and Big Dee@JKeysmusic busts a freestyle on The Remix
@KoolDJRedAlert on The Remix@DJJayCee in the mix@JKeysmusic and @DJNabsInLab
@DJNabsInLab with The Remix crew@KoolDJRedAlert on The Remix@DJNabsInLab in the mix
@DominiqueMusic and The Remix crew@DominiqueMusic being interviewed on The Remix@TekThaSupahLatn Interview on The Remix
@itsRunwayRichy stopped by for an InterviewGroup picture at the end of the showDJ Yogi and Brittany
@FortKnoxLive goes in on a guest!@Jayforce_ and @FortKnoxLive on the mic at Big Dee's Birthday Show@JenisaYoung stopped by to say Happy Birthday!
@FortKnoxLive, @AloneInAtlanta, @OhSoWrite, and @IamDJYogi@SonnyIsAFoolBig Dee was in full party mode
McRib cake courtesy of @CEOCustomCakesParty at @IndigoBarATL@NexplicableP and @The7ODTwiceBorn at WRFG 89.3 FM
@NexplicableP, @BigRecZilla, @PeteyMac89 and @The7ODTwiceBorn at WRFG 89.3 FMParty at @IndigoBarATL@NeXplicableP and @PeteyMac89 at WRFG 89.3 FM
@IamDjYogi in the mix@PeteyMac89 Takeover at WRFG 89.3 FM@AkshunCEO, @ATLRemix, @Doug2LiveStews, and Mark Monroe at @IndigoBarATL
@The7ODTwiceBorn, @ATLRemix, @Hometeam_BLeak, and @PeteyMac89 at @IndigoBarATL@BigRecZilla and @The7ODTwiceBorn at @IndigoBarATL@Hometeam_Bleak, Angela Fuller, and @ATLRemix at @IndigoBarATL
Goldie Ramsey and @PeteyMac89 were having a great time at @IndigoBarATL@PeteyMac89 and Goldie Ramsey at @IndigoBarATL@PeteyMac89 as the DJ at WRFG 89.3 FM
Group Picture at WRFG 89.3 FM@IsabelAurora and @MrAlexanderStarRocky and Big Dee
Street Lotto and RockyOMO Da Gang InterviewOMO Da Gang
OMO Da Gang, Rocky, and GeraldGerald, Rocky, and DJ YogiBehind The Scenes At The Show
DJ YogiRocky, Gerald, Isabel Aurora, @TheTshirtKidBig Dee
Gerald, NeXplicable P, and DJ Radio Soul at WRFGGerald and B.I.Z. The MessengerGerald, Rocky, and B.I.Z. The Messenger
Mic Barz (July 14, 2012)Notty Dred, Big Dee, Princess, Gerald Olivari, Mic BarzTroy, Isabel, Gerald, and Jeremy (Nightfly Ent)
Troy, Rodney, and Jeremy (Nightfly Ent and Grassroots Marketing)Jeremy and Troy (Nightfly Entertainment)Gerald Olivari, Big Rec, Isabel Aurora, A.Lo
Big Rec InterviewBig Rec and Isabel AuroraGerald Olivari, Isabel Aurora, and Collin Gibson
Collin Gibson and Isabel Aurora9th Anniversary Show9th Anniversary Show
9th Anniversary ShowDJ Cisco, Alkaline, and Sonny G  (9th Anniversary Show)Backbone and Sonny G  (9th Anniversary Show)
DJ Cisco, Gerald Olivari, Isabel Aurora, Big Dee  (9th Anniversary Show)DJ Cisco, Gerald Olivari, Isabel Aurora, Big Dee (9th Anniversary Show)DJ Cisco and Jayforce  (9th Anniversary Show)
DJ Cisco and Jayforce  (9th Anniversary Show)Angela Fuller and Joel Hillsman  (9th Anniversary Show)Joel Hillsman, Big Dee, Gerald Olivari, and Angela Fuller  (9th Anniversary Show)
Rodney Simpson and Jenisa Young  (9th Anniversary Show)Sonny G, Rodney Simpson, and Fort Knox  (9th Anniversary Show)Gerald Olivari, Rodney Simpson, and Fort Knox (9th Anniversary Show)
Rodney Simpson (9th Anniversary Show)DJ Cisco (9th Anniversary Show)Angela Fuller, Gerald Olivari, and Joel Hillsman (9th Anniversary Show)
Big Dee, Jayforce, and Angela Fuller (9th Anniversary Show)Brittany Manson and Oscar Jones (9th Anniversary Show)Oscar Jones (9th Anniversary Show)
Guest (9th Anniversary Show)Fort Knox with the Ladies (9th Anniversary Show)Gerald and So Fresh So Fly
So Fresh So FlySo Fresh So FlyGerald Olivari and Princess Lopez
Dondria and J Pierre CornellGerald Olivari and DondriaDondria and Stephan Butler
Stephan Butler, J Pierre Cornell, Gerald OlivariStephan Butler, Camero, J Pierre CornellCamero, Stephan Butler, and J Pierre Cornell
Dr. Dia (Let's Get H.Y.P.E.)Dr. Dia at the MicTravis and Trinity Townsend
Isabel Aurora and The Kids2011-2012 Sandtown Vikings 10U Basketball TeamDJ Cisco and his daughter DJ Baby Girl
Mr Boomtown (@MrBoomtown) on The Remix (WRFG 89.3 FM)Big Dee, Gerald Olivari, Notty Dred, Hometeam Brandon LeakGerald Olivari, Perry A, Isabel Aurora, Elevator Jay
Big Dee getting ready to mixBig Dee getting songs ready on his laptopThe Remix (Notty Dred, Gerald Olivari, Isabel Aurora, DJ Cisco)
The Remix (Notty Dred, Gerald Olivari, Isabel Aurora, DJ Cisco)Cast of We Said It, While You Were Thinking It with The RemixCast of We Said It, While You Were Thinking It with The Remix
Cast of We Said It, While You Were Thinking ItYaBoiKodak, Gerald Olivari, Isabel Aurora, and Notty DredAkshunceo and Dominique Bivins
Notty Dred, Isabel Aurora, and WeeBattle.comElls Digi, Isabel Aurora, Notty Dred, and Gerald OlivariElls Digi, Isabel Aurora, Notty Dred, and Gerald Olivari
Gerald Olivari and Shawty ShawtyShawty Shawty (@ShawtyComedian)Gerald Olivari and Sonny G
Gerald Olivari, Royce Castro, Isabel Aurora, Young Dirty BastardRoyce Castro and Young Dirty BastardYoung Dirty Bastard
Royce Castro and Isabel AuroraIsabel Aurora and Senor KaosGerald Olivari, Boss Bank, Isabel Aurora, and Senor Kaos
J Pierre Cornell, Isabel Aurora, Gerald Olivari, Bianca Star, and Notty DredThe Incredible Stro and Royce CastroThe Incredible Stro and Royce Castro
The Incredible Stro, Notty Dred, Royce Castro, and Gerald OlivariThe Incredible Stro, Royce Castro, JayforceComedian Sonny G and Isabel Aurora
Bianca Star, J Pierre Cornell, and Isabel AuroraIsabel Aurora, J Pierre Cornell, and Bianca StarNotty Dred, Backbone, Gerald Olivari
Notty Dred and BackboneGuest DJ Tekmatrix Sounds from iamclassichiphop.comGuest DJ Miles J. From iamclassichiphop.com
Gerald Olivari, Baby D, and DJ JellyMiles, Lucien, and Khalil from I Am Classic Hip Hop with Gerald OlivariCarolyn Grady and I Am Classic Hip Hop (Lucien Khalil, and Miles)
Notty Dred, Jawz Of Life, Senor KaosGerald Olivari, Cappriccieo Scates (SESAC), DJ CiscoGerald Olivari, Boxer Xavier Tolliver, and DJ Cisco
Street Lotto, Gerald Olivari, DJ Cisco, and Rodney SimpsonStreet Lotto and Rodney SimpsonBoxer Xavier Tolliver and Street Lotto
Stanza and Gerald OlivariSenor Kaos, DJ Cisco, Jawz of Life, and Gerald OlivariGerald Olivari, Grenique, and DJ Cisco
DJ Yogi and DJ Cisco (8th Anniversary Show)Gerald Olivari and K Renee (8th Anniversary Show)Gerald Olivari, Trinity Townsend, and DJ Cisco (8th Anniversary Show)
Guests Talking Off The Air (8th Anniversary Show)Hometeam Brandon Leak, Gerald, Notty, Nubjyas Wilborn, Joel Hillsman (8th Anniversary Show)K Renee and DJ Cisco (8th Anniversary Show)
Notty Dred and Joel Hillsman (8th Anniversary Show)Nubyjas Wilborn, Brittany Manson, DJ Taz (8th Anniversary Show)The Remix 8th Anniversary Show (Desiree and Will Tolbert)
The Remix 8th Anniversary Show (Notty Dred, DJ Yogi and Will Tolbert)Brittany Manson, Hometeam, Nubyjas, and DJ Taz  (8th Anniversary Show)DJ Taz (8th Anniversary Show)
Big Dee, Gerald Olivari, Notty Dred, Hometeam Brandon LeakGerald Olivari, Backbone, and DJ CiscoDJ Cisco, Raheem The Dream, and Gerald Olivari
Gerald Olivari, Ian Burke, and DJ CiscoGerald Olivari and DJ KashWill Tolbert and Desiree (Who 2 Know Where 2 Go), Gerald Olivari
Travis Townsend and Trinity Townsend (Co-Authors of When The Cops Come Knockin)Gerald Olivari, D-Chase, DJ CiscoKiller Mike, Grind Time, and the Remix
Kevin Shine (A&R Consultant to Wayne Williams at Jive Records) and Ms DiaLi Li Ladies and The RemixIsaiah "Za" Williams (Arrested Development - Bass Player) and The Remix
DJ Cisco, Rodney Simpson (FAME The Experience) and Gerald OlivariDJ Cisco, 4-IZE, and Gerald OlivariMarshall Lyons II, Cashman (Digiwaxx), and Gerald Olivari
Ticket Winner with Gerald OlivariDJ Cisco and J.KeysRaheem The Dream and The Remix
DJ Cisco and Gerald OlivariJenisa Young



The Remix

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