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"Off the charts." – Ben Harper

"Panacea is the future." – Raheem DeVaughn

"Panacea is exploring uncharted musical territory. I love these cats." - Ommas (SA-RA)

"Panacea navigate their own path to the timeless destination of creative, original Hip Hop music." – Thes One (People Under The Stairs)

Panacea's ears are itching, because people are talking about them. Is it hype? Maybe. Is it warranted? No question. Every few years a new artist comes along that changes fans' notions of what they can hope for from a trip to the record store. In 2006, that artist is Panacea. Producer K-Murdock paints lush soundscapes where organic drums, horns and pianos go head-to-head with space age bleeps and blips. Tempos and moods run the gamut from slow and contemplative to rapid fire and bouncy. Emcee Raw Poetic handles the vocal work thoughtfully. His rhymes are often conversational, always fresh. Panacea's sound has drawn comparisons to Outkast and The Roots, but their style is truly all their own. A few years down the line, emerging artists can only hope for comparisons to Panacea. Welcome to Hip Hop Future...

Ink Is My Drink, in stores October 3, 2006 on Glow-in-the-Dark/Rawkus Records