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The Man

Kenneth Johnson p.k.a. Omillio Sparks came from the trenches of the ghetto in the most notorious neighborhood of West Philadelphia. As a young man, he faced the hardships of any black man running the streets, often fighting his way through the justice system. He's experienced his fair share of turmoil's but also lived the life. Although having made his way through the music industry, he's also been faced with many setbacks preventing him from realizing his full potential. Many know him as Omillio Sparks of State Property from the infamous record label, Roc A Fella Records, but most do not know his journey. This is his story...

The Beginning

Although having been signed to Roc A Fella Records in 1999, his career started well before then. Like most independent artists, Omillio Sparks first made his skills known on the streets of Philadelphia. as part of a huge Philly rap coalition by the name of I.C.H. aka Inner City Hustlas, consisting of himself and his long time friend, Oschino. The two would later become known as Oschino & Sparks and ultimately, as members of the rap group State Property.

The Journey

Oschino & Sparks got their exposure together along with the other members of State Property when they visited Hot 97 along with Jay Z and ripped the mic!

The Talent

Omillio Sparks wrote on seven songs on the State Property 1 album and six on State Property 2- writing his verses as well as the hooks. He also wrote the hook for Jay Z's "I Just Wanna Love You" off the Dynasty album and also had a verse on the single "As One" off Jay Z's Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse.

Moving Forward

Forget what you heard. State Property is not dead! As a matter of fact, all of the members communicate frequently and are all featured on his upcoming album, The Payback. There have also been talks for a reunion album, State Property 3.

Since the split between Jay Z and Damon Dash, Omillio Sparks has formed his independent label, Colossal Entertainment, which is Omillio Sparks taking his destiny and career into his own hands. The upcoming album, The Payback, is scheduled for release in 2007

Omillio Sparks is back, but don't call it a comeback- he's been here for years!