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Newz Huddle, who has graced countless mixtapes & DVD's, is slated to drop his 3rd mixtape entitled DA SAMPLER RELOADED. With an enthusiastic manager in his corner in Polio, Newz is making headlines up & down the EAST COAST. The young barely legal Newz Huddle possesses a charismatic persona where he loves to be in the spot light. Newz performs in numerous open mic sessions down in the ATL, giving the southerners a true taste of what Philly is all about.

His versatile style leaves little to the imagination as Newz can effectively touch on any topic necessary. With only a couple years under his belt, Newz has broken onto the underground scene hard. One would think that he has been doing this much longer, which truly shows that there is only more to gain. Pick up Newz' inaugural mixtape The Limited Edition, which he laces the tracks with that raw and uncut style. Look out for the young prodigy as he gives the world a look into the life & times of N.Huddle FOR BOOKING AND/OR INFORMATION CONTACT POLIO @: (c) 404.606.0891 (c) 404.519.6356 (e) Reloadedmusic@comcast.net