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Cri$tyle aka "The Ink" Pens "STILL" - A Tribute to Michael Jackson

"I honestly feel like a lost a close family member. Michael Jackson has touched my life in ways I don't think anybody else can. Many times when I am in the studio I try to imagine "What would Michael Do?" He made healing music, not just hit records. He made positivity hot! I'm thankful for the opportunity to have witnessed his greatness!"

Cri$tyle aka "The Ink"

She's "THE INK" behind names synonymous with chart-topping singles, trend-setting anthems and multi-platinum sales. 2007 made her one of the most sought after songwriters on the radar and 2008 promises to make her one of the most celebrated. In barely two years she scored placements with newbies Keke Palmer, Tiffany Evans, and Teyanna Taylor, international sensation Natasha Beddinfield, snatched up a spot on Latina goddess J. Lo's dance-inspired comeback album and somehow managed to break into the billion dollar girls club and score placements with "the divas"...Janet...Mariah... and Beyonce. She is Cristyle.

Cristyle acknowledges music is her comfort zone, but admits it also acts as a surrogate playground, therapist and source of inspiration all wrapped in one. As many songwriters her love affair with music started with her on the opposite side of the sheet music. "My father had me harmonizing as early as three years old," Vocals became a strong point for the young singer and she would practice on songs by vocal heavyweights like Boyz II Men, Xscape and Gladys Knight. Cristyle discovered she could camouflage her voice to match the runs and harmonies of some of her idols and that's when she became hooked. "I was addicted to music. It became my drug of choice. I couldn't get off of it for anything," she says. Shortly thereafter, Cristyle "the ink" was born.

Cristyle began studying the structure behind the music she'd been singing all her life. Surprisingly creative concepts and emotionally-charged lyrics came to her almost effortlessly. Her vocalist background enabled her to execute her songs exactly as she heard them in her head. She made the transition from singer to singer/songwriter/arranger/vocal producer. Eager to showcase her new talents, Cristyle began working with different producers trying her hand at different genres and sounds of music. It wasn't long before she met influential manager Ron "Tricky" Montgomery and he recognized her diamond in the rough status. In the spring of 2007 Cristyle signed to legendary music mogul Jermaine Dupri and his Dieniahmar Publishing. Humbled by the opportunity, Cristyle realized her dreams were being realized right before her eyes. Determined to make the most of the opportunity, she focused on her songwriting and the rest is history in the making.

Her not-so-overnight success has landed the budding songwriter in the company of some of the biggest names in the business but through it all she remains fiercely loyal to her first love: music. Her transparent allegiance to music has made her a favorite with artists, producers and executives throughout the industry.

While 2007 proved the breakout year for the little girl with the amazing vocals and the even more amazing pen, Cristyle's future with music is no-doubt filled with fame, fortune and unlimited possibilities.