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True to her name, Sun Singleton is an artist whose light can be seen coming slowly over the horizon of World Soul music. A native of Woodbridge, Virginia, Sun is a singer-songwriter currently based in the fabulous zoo that is Brooklyn, New York.

New York was Sun's first stop in 1996 after graduating with a B.A. from the film directing program at Howard University. She spent the late nineties job-hopping in the spheres of film and television as a production coordinator, an indie video producer, electrician, and more production assistant gigs than she cares to remember. She knew that there had to be something else in the cards for her.

That "something else" presented itself to her in a gloss studio in midtown Manhattan late one summer evening in 1996. Upon the gracious surprise invite of The Roots bandleader Questlove, Sun sat in on the recording session that would turn her heart and life permanently toward music.

Producer/singer D'Angelo's soulful candlelit session was a revelation that shook the songs out of her. She had a crush, a pathetic one, on the singer and his music. The music, thankfully, returned her affection and a soulbaby was born. Sun later appeared in D'Angelo and the Soultronics video "Left and Right" for about three miliseconds. Hee!