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Hailing from a city that is known for it's grit and grime, Philadelphia-based band Writtenhouse is an alternative to the generic rap message of guns and drugs that is so prevalent on commercial radio, and their upbeat songs reflect the energy of the organic nature of their genesis. The band has often been referred to as "the Grateful Dead of Hip Hop" in that every show is a different sonic wall of fresh, original material that resonates well with audiences. Crowds are moved as the chemistry of the live instrumentation coupled with the energy of a dynamic MC draws participants into the creative process.

In nearly a year and a half, Writtenhouse has played roughly 60 shows in Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada. The band's grassroots, indie initiative has paid dividends as Writtenhouse was selected to support noteworthy acts such as The Roots, Wu-Tang Clan, De La Soul and Little Brother, as well as being hand-picked to play memorable events such as the 2009 Roots Picnic, the 2009 NXNE Festival in Toronto and most recently, the 19th Annual Philadelphia Weekly Concerts in the Park Series.

The band’s rise has been the result of consistent hard work since 2002, when Charlie K. (CK) first met his cousin’s then boyfriend, producer Chris Conway (MPC/ Micro Korg, age 25) who would periodically drop off beats to CK’s home-studio for him to sift through. In 2005, CK compiled his first mixtape, Soul Café, and in the process meet producer/engineer Kush Shalimar (Motif/ MPC, age 28) who engineered the project. Working closely on the project fostered a working relationship that grew into a friendship, and the two worked diligently in the studio making beats and writing songs.

Chris would continue to drop off beats for CK and having heard Chris’ production talents, Kush instantaneously became a fan. Chris reciprocated the same feelings towards Kush and CK’s body of work, and in 2008, Writtenhouse was formed. Distinguishing themselves from their peers, Writtenhouse decided to bring their studio gear out on stage, and make the beats live, in real-time, which is unique in hip-hop. They played their first show in Philly and were soon building a local fanbase.

Making music for people to feel, see, and hear necessitated hitting the road to hone their craft and their live show, as well as performing the local underground circuit. In 2009, the band logged nearly 35,000 road-miles, spreading their vibe and energy in the process. Taking the workingman’s approach, Writtenhouse spends countless hours in their Germantown

In 2008 and 2009, Writtenhouse extensively toured the eastern seaboard in headlining positions in addition to memorable supports for national acts.

The band is currently recording their debut album and has been bookd to play several festivals throughout North America in 2010.