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N.A.I.R.A is more than a fresh new face. Naira is a new sound to the industry, a new form of soul, "Urban- Soul". She brings it all to you! Her style displays her lyrical skills as a rapper and melodic soulfulness as a singer. This new urban sensation is making a huge buzz on an international scale. Did I mention she's Nigerian? ......NIGERIAN u say?...

Though Naira is the currency of her native country Nigeria, she took it a step further and classified each letter as an acronym stating that she is a.... Nigerian America I'm Representin Africa. NICE RIGHT? Well one should hear her music. "Listening to my music is like picking from a bag of jelly beans, because I have so many different flavors you're bound to feel at least one of them." This artist is no stranger to the studio or the stage. Naira is true lyricism, charisma, and ENERGY, an experience like non other. Not to mention spontaneity along with a vocal element of surprise that has garnered her airplay worldwide. As you may know OR may not know...NAIRA took a break from the music industry, but is back to the music & better than ever! As promised here's the new single "WORLDWIDE the Remix". A mere dose of what's to come FOR BOOKING & FEATURESE INQUIRIES: booking@iamnaira.com .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..