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Driven by the gift of music that dwells within, Trumaine Lamar is ready to give listeners a lesson in Tru101. The Florida bread vocalist/songwriter/producer/arranger puts his all into everything he loves. At an early age, Tru was groomed as a vocalist in his church youth choir under the directorship of his mother. He soon began to teach parts, and take on the roll of a section leader/asst. director. "Church is like the ultimate stomping ground for any singer" says the young crooner, "You really get a feel for performing in front of an audience and learn so many other things musically as well".

Being active in the church musically led to him fully exploring his production ability. A chance encounter with his brother's friend's keyboard would lead to Tru producing his first track at the age of 13. From then on Tru grew into his production talents.
As a writer Tru explores his imagination, and reality in various notions. From songs about struggling with reminiscent feelings of a past relationship, to songs encouraging a positive outlook on life no matter who tries to bring you down, he always finds a way to express a part of himself through his lyrics. "I may not have experienced all of these circumstances first hand, but my subjects are always things that I feel, have seen, or crossed my mind at some point in time"Tru says.

"I have a vivid imagination, and have always loved fantasy, so that comes across through my music. I also have a heart for the human spirit, in that I empathize with a lot of different situations people go through, so that too comes across through my music" believes the newcomer.
With relatable lyrics and hot production to match, Trumaine Lamar creates a personal style that will touch anybody in some way. With his smooth soulful and slightly jazzy vocals, Tru glides his musical creations with ease and passion.