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Lights are spotlighted. Cheers are echoed. Crowds are screaming after many rocked stages. Lives are impacted and forever changed through an experience rendered as “Milliyonic,” a new movement led by God and spearheaded by a young man who aims to challenge the hearts of people to live passionately for Christ.

Just who are we talking about here? His name is Milliyon.

And while his name is vastly known from touring and working with gospel artist Canton Jones, being featured on a song entitled “Bended Knee” on Deitrick Haddon’s “Church On The Moon” which debuted at #1 on the Gospel Billboard charts,” he also wrote the hit song “Holy Ghost Holiday” on James Fortune’s record “Encore” which debuted at #2 on the Gospel Billboard chart.

He’s twice been nominated as hip hop artist of they year by G.C.M.A and shared the stage with mainstream artists such as: Rick Ross, T-Pain, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary and Jazzy Phae, and his mission still, is to shake the world into an undeniable knowledge of who God is. His music is an extensive tool to help spread the word across the world. His approach is unheard of, his lyrics are irrefutably dope and his lifestyle is identically mirrored to the word of God.

Now, with Milliyonic Pure Culture his own label imprint, a new stage is being set for his debut album, Live Milliyonic, produced by Milliyon, Randy “Big Ran” Hairston (Oukast, Mase, Cam’ron, V.I.C, Canton Jones) and Brandon “Black Knight” Peavy. The album is a true fusion of rap, pop, rock, soul and the authentic sound and feel of southern hip hop.

Live Milliyonic sets to defy the status quo tag that in the past has unsuccessfully put Christian hip hop, R&B and pop music in one box. The first single, A-Milliyon is an effective mission statement. Lyrically, the song is infectious with big bass and 808’s. The song presents the metaphor of living “milliyonic” and getting the message of living for God to millions upon millions. He explores this theme in an inventive, intriguing and ingenious way with a double meaning behind every line. Added to this is a chorus, every time played, builds up to a powerful conclusion and a challenge willingly accepted.

“While making this album I was going through so much at the time, some real life challenges and I wanted to share of little bit of my walk, my relationship with God, and how good he has been to me. The song “Good Day” is an anthem or reminder that God will get you through anything” says Milliyon.

“My Everything” is the switch up. It’s a pop song that bridges the feel of this album all together. While many have attempted to merge a lot of sounds to try and please every taste, Live Milliyonic is arguably a palate of music that doesn’t sound forced while striving to be authentically appealing to everyone. “Every song is a reflection of my personal influences in music from Jay-Z and Kanye West to All American Rejects, Canton Jones, Family Force 5, Leon Timbo and Lecrae. It’s eclectic like me and truly reflects me, not just as a Rap/Pop artist but as a Christian Culture Artist” explains Milliyon. “What that means is, as a Christian I live in this world but the way I live my life, even if I love hip hop, rock or pop music, it’s different because of my commitment to God.

Check out his music, and bring the Milliyonic Experience to your town
“Life is an occasion, rise to it!