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Michael Jordan and his new wife Yvette Prieto
Michael Jordan en route to his wedding
How ballerific is this? A floating, moving personal island?
Hell yeah!
Hilarious...yet true!
Can you believe it's still chicks who don't give head? WTF?
Keshia Knight-Pulliam and Raven Symone
Got a gut but want a 6-pack? Here you go...
Jada Pinkett-Smith and Queen Latifah
When Kim Jong-un realizes he's fucked up...
Bryant McKinnie and Foxy Brown
Fellas, what would you do if a chick did this to your Benz?
Ethan Hawke
toothbrush love
Living on the edge
First Lady Michelle Obama in Britain's Sunday Times Style Magazine
Lena Horne in 1945
SMH...this is somebody's mixtape cover. Whiskey, Weed & Waffle House?
Malcolm X teaching
Little Richard with The Beatles
Kerry Washington and Thandie Newton
Here's an exotic look for you chicks with mustaches
Ellen Degeneres makes it clear what she likes about Katy Perry
Black Fathers
Black Fathers
This that unlimited edition Chanel bag
Chris Bosh makes it so easy...
Put 'em in traction!
She's an adult film star not an English major...
Gotta love capitalism...
We found one of 2 Chainz' middle school verses
Ashanti is looking good!
Pussy. It's what's for dinner
The Kanye crab
It's doggone cold
Don't worry. Marty shook it off
Oh how the drugs have affected Chris Brown...
Black Fathers
Classic scene from 1989's 'Do The Right Thing'
It's all in how you say it
President Barack Obama at his 2013 inauguration
Draya Michele
What a woman's stomach looks like after giving birth to a demon
Kobe Bryant, wife Vanessa and their children

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