Sarah Oliver

Comedy skits! - Matt Rife, Kiana, and Maura (filming)
Filming with Matt Rife from Wild n Out
Filming skits
Matt Rife, Jordan J, and Lauren
With @comedianJordanJ at Atlanta Comedy Theater
Shooting Star by Daisy
Daisy 461 Pretty in Pink
My kitchen table
Bird feet everywhere!
She colored on my tatt with white eyeliner! Looks better
Ahhh a bug!!!
Thanks for everything Maxine !!
Get out of our pic Jay @thegodie7
Bout to watch the premiere @babydamg @webstaworld @barbertee
@tavi_cola @webstaworld
Car Selfie
Shawty the Comedian
Barber Tee and Jay Sommerville @thegodie7  (Actors/Producers)
Caribbean water
St Thomas
Long weekend!
Sleep in the Rock Sauna
JeJu Sauna and Spa
Andretti's Speedway
My group in Bootcamp
My new friend Stephanie
Lunch with Jim and Elizabeth after church.
Lunch with Ilsa and Elizabeth
Dinner at STK with Mike and Maggie
My Birthday
Chandelier for Living Room coming Soon
New barstools (from black to white)
Changed from Oak and white stairs
Dab (2Chainz Christmas Sweater)
Watching the premiere
Girls night out! - Sundy Carter
After Final Ceremony
Covering this up!
New Tattoo design by Inkman84
New Tattoo! 2 days old
Closet room is now all White
Closet room before - what a mess!
My closet room before - dark color
My new Teddy Bear. Just arrived from China!
His name is Johnny after my Grandpa (John)
The Perfect Tree!
One of my favorite ornaments
The tree has a baby pinecone growing on it!
His and Hers buildings downtown. Red and green for Xmas!
Dayday Me Kelsea
Hawks Game
My child
Holiday shopping
Out and about with CalBear
Cuddling with Keiko
My 30th Bday - dinner date
Kelsea Bear
Morgan Me Dayday Kelsea Ashley (at Dave n Busters)
She's not playing with these knives
If you catch him cheating...
We know she crazy!
Comparing eyelashes! Lol
Love my doggy
Give me a Kiss!
Trying to get this selfie stick to work.. We're NOT ready
Master bedroom before & after
Master bedroom
My bedroom
Doing my hair
Getting some LA sun!
Brown to Grey !
My living room is almost finished!
My new Living Room
New ottoman from Havertys
Hair - @Alsexyhait Makeup - @beautybyeric
Judge Toler from Divorce Court
Judge Toler from Divorce Court
Honey Boo and Jim Carrol
Ilsa and Elizabeth
My cousin Dino!
What a mess!
Long sheer white curtain scarf above bathtub
Took the middle two shelves out to make a cute one shelf shelf.
Muji Acrylic Makeup drawers
Much better!
Keiko's new bed - too hard and small - returning for something bigger
Keiko's new bed (toddler day bed)
Dining room after with new crystal chandelier
Dining Room before
Couch and comfy pillows!
New couch and Pillows ( from At Home) looking for new rug and ottoman
Living room before
Bedroom before!
Spray paint!
New black and white mix match table from Amazon
Kitchen before and after
Before - den
After - den
Caught off guard
Bunny and Grecian Goddess
On set with Ink
This scene is about to be SO crazy!! - Jay Sommerville CBS Producer
With Maxine (Assistant Director)
Me - Ink - Mother
What a comfortable seat!
Atiya (my best friend from 4th grade I hadn't seen in 20 years)
Always Goofing Off
Big Boi's Party at his studio - Stankonia
Me and My Mommy (Rey from Star Wars)

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