Faith World Church Joins MPRN
MPRN welcomes Redemption Church to our broadcast line up
Pastor Melvin Watkins and The Mt. Vernon Baptist Church - Westwood
Pastor J. Lawrence Turner and Mrs. Turner with Member Bretran Thompson
Rod Perry and His beautiful mom, Veronica Perry White Enjoying Dinner
Family is everything to Latrell Titan Freeman of Memphis
The Lowe Family Enjoying Memphis On a Beautiful Weekend
Pastor Quinton Taylor and His beautiful bride can't help but shine
Pastor Chuck Lester and Pastor Gina Stewart of Memphis
By God Inspired Fellowship and Pastor Vincent J. McCaskill Joins MPRN
Promise Land Church and Pastor Elliot Shelton Joins MPRN
Mega Church, Brown Baptist Joins MPRN
We support those who are called and sent
Andrew Perpener Jr. knows the importance of Voting
Congratulations to Apostle Ricky Floyd
Pray for Redemption Church
Car Listener Shares What is displaying on his dashboard

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Midweek fill up
Welcome Faith World Church to MPRN
You need a word? Inspiration is in the palm of your hands right now
Station Upgrades Have Been Completed and MPRN is on air
MPRN is undergoing station upgrades today and will be off air for much of today

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