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Rashid Hadee
Self-contained would be the best word to describe the producer/emcee known to the world as Rashid Hadee. This Chicago native has roots that extend all the way to Jackson, MS were he was once a student of Jackson State University. Since his college days Hadee has set up shop in his hometown and pretty much taken over. He is internationally known as the go to guy when you desire hard hitting soulful...  Read More
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1 Rashid Hadee   Just Wanna Live feat. Spq-Her   © 2012
2 Rashid Hadee   Let Me Be feat. Spq-Her   © 2012
3 Rashid Hadee   POV   © 2012
4 Rashid Hadee   She Ain't Coming Back   © 2012
5 Rashid Hadee   Something Special   © 2012
6 Rashid Hadee   The All feat. Augustine & Melatone   © 2012
7 Rashid Hadee   The Coolest Chick   © 2012
8 Rashid Hadee   The Greatest Mother Ever   © 2012
9 Rashid Hadee   When The Temperature Rising feat. JV   © 2012
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