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I am a born again , God fearing and Holy Spirit filled child of GOD. I love GOD and anything that is Godly. Not that I am perfect but I desire to be like Christ. My wish is to inspire before I expire ... Read More


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So many teenagers are committing suicide because they have no one to tell their fears , challenges and failures. I have a friend of mine who recently got the shock of her life when she woke up one morning only to realize that her son had committed suicide. He was only 22 and in his second or third year in college. He didn't show any signs of depression, all looked well. He was her only son and first child out of the three she had.

What happened to him to lead to committing suicide no one knows because there was no trace whatsoever to help her know what went wrong. Its possible that he did something that he was afraid if the parents found out they would chase him out of the house. Its also possible he felt that his life was not what he expected when he was growing up. Maybe he saw himself as a failure as compared to his friends. Possibly he felt that life was not treating him fairly so he chose to surrender ,letting life loose and let death win.

Its always important to communicate with our children and let them know that even if they do something wrong its human. Its also important to tell them the reality of life that life is not smooth sailing ,educated or uneducated. There will always be challenges and there is a God to talk to in times when nobody understands what you feel.

All of us there is a point in life where we are pushed to the edges of life, where nothing works no matter what you might try. Holding a doctorate or a college certificate life happens and the devil speaks on loud speaker "kill yourself" "you are useless", "you are too fat ", "you are too ugly", "nobody loves you". If a person doesn't have anyone to talk and share their burdens or believe in God they listen to the devil and hang themselves. He (the devil) will present you with this idea that if you die you will be at peace. What if there is another life after death? He (the devil) tells you there is no heaven or hell. What if its real? Death is not like sleeping where you can wake up from a nightmare and sigh with relief that it was only a dream. If you are gone its for good.

Lets communicate with our children and let them say everything that is going on in their heads.Right now there is someone over the counter buying pills to kill him/herself because the devil is on loud speaker saying every negative thing you can think of.

Lastly lets learn to listen to God and hear what He is saying. Let us open our eyes and see what God is showing us. God is always saying and showing us something BUT we are always too busy. Until one day when you find your only child hanging or lying on the floor dead.Let us pray for our children even if they are old enough to pray for themselves. Prayer opens your eyes and let you see a ditch ahead before you fall into it. Prayer makes you see and hear clearly and avoids unnecessary losses and pains .

God bless you # RIP Bonza Mahlangu #


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