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Interview: Eikon Cosmetics CEO LaQuicia Charnell

Eikon Cosmetics is hosting a hair, fashion, & beauty expo in Camden, NJ on Saturday March 28th.The event will take place from 4-9 pm at 1840 S Broadway, Camden, NJ.You'll be able to see artists at work in their craft with live demonstrations throughout the event. CEO LaQuicia Charnell promises an exciting evening with make-up contests, hair battles, and a fashion show. Bringing this event to her hometown of Camden is important to her as she sees it as her way of giving back. LaQuicia spoke with The Media Bee about what inspired her to get as many beauty influencers as she could in one place.

 "This is the first time Camden has seen anything like this, usually we have to travel to Cherry Hill, NJ, a suburb just outside of Camden, or Philadelphia. I wanted to bring stylists, make-up artists, vendors, models, and designers under one roof for one night to network and meet other people in their field. I wanted to give people a platform to grow their clientele."

 With Eikon Cosmetics' first major event approaching we reflected on the origins of her beauty and body line.

 "I was always into fashion, as long as I can remember my mom turned dresses that were too short into headbands and earrings, I was always into fashion! I'm also a mentor of my mother's drill team Camden Sophisticated Sisters, and because we are on a budget, I was the make-up artist and hairstylist."

As a young mother of a busy toddler, LaQuicia is surrounded by the strength of her village. Deciding to quit her nine to five and work on her passion was a family decision. Driven by the passion of developing organic products that are non animal tested, she began experimenting with formulas in her own kitchen. As creative as her ideas and business plan were, there were still things that she didn't know about developing your own cosmetics line or growing your own business.

 "We shouldn't just have to envision Kylie Jenner, I want them to envision Quicia."

 When she researched the details for how to manufacture products offsite, there wasn't a lot of information out there. When she tried reaching out to businesses already established, many times she was given the cold shoulder or straight up stone walled. She had to conduct a lot of self research which resulted in many trails and errors. This is why she makes it a point to answer questions that come her way, often time from complete strangers. Eikon Cosmetics is steadily building it's brand while making a way for others.

 "You want to start something, come talk to me, we can get you started, I want people to look at me and see that it's possible."

 Click on the link below for tickets to the Hair, Fashion, and Beauty Expo presented by Eikon Cosmetics


 Follow LaquiciaInstagram: @laquiciacharnell @eikoncosmeticsll

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Media Machine- VooDoo Man S1 Ep 3


Media Machine- VooDoo Man S1 Ep 3

Check out the latest episode in the Voodoo Man series from Kyle Ingram. The series touches many topics pertaining to what it''s feels like being black in America. In this episode I got a chance to discuss the Media''s role in how many people of color see themselves.


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Review: Netflix's 'You' Season 1


Review: Netflix's 'You' Season 1

If You Have A Creepy Script...Give It To Netflx!!

Click the link below for my review on Netflix's 'You' Starring Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, and Shay Mitchell

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Flying Crust Pizza & Wings, Your New Favorite Thing


Flying Crust Pizza & Wings, Your New Favorite Thing

FlyingCrust Pizza & Wings is the newest place to dine in South Jerseybut don't go thinking this is your traditional pizza shop. FlyingCrust had their grand opening this month and the menu has yourfavorites along with some dishes that are fresh and new giving us ataste of southern flavor.
Businesspartners Elsie Concepcion and Garis Eddington took their timeperfecting the menu and by judging by the Grand Opening it was a hit!"We expected a large turn out but it turned out to be massive!"Says Concepcion about their Grand Opening. Elsie told me all aboutFlying Crust's humble beginnings and how they have no plans onstopping here.

Atthe first glance of the menu you know your taste buds are in for atreat so I had to ask her about the southern flavor added to thecorner pizza shop.

Oneof our biggest sellers is one of our southern dishes the Cat Fish orShrimp Po Boys. It's a sandwich that comes from Louisiana. A Po Boyis a sandwich that's meant to be shared it's about 7 inches long on afrench bread with lettuce, tomato, and remoulade sauce. It's madewith either breaded cat fish or you can go with the shrimp. It's madeto be overflowing and just an overall messy meal. I have to give 100%credit for the variety of food on the menu my partner Garis Eddingtonwho's the creator of the menu. I came in on the tale end when wedecided to go brick and mortar. The business started in 2014 as afood truck in Philadelphia and it was thus past year when we decidedthat it was time to open up something local and we decided thatPennsauken was going to be it's first home. I always thought why notkeep it home? Pennsauken is a really tight community and they reallyshowed out for us. The biggest complaint was the wait time and that'sbecause we had such an overwhelming show out. We appreciate everyonebeing patient with us. The community has been waiting for this sinceMay but we were pushed back but they showed out at the Grand Opening.

TheFlying Crust even has it's own sauce. I tried, unsuccessfully to findout what's in it.

It'sa secret, Ha! It's definitely a secret, it's meant to go as a sidesauce to our fish and shrimp platters but now people are asking forit on the side for the other dishes. They're using it for theirfries, shrimp, it's all over the menu now!

People,if you're wondering just how diverse this menu is, there's GeneralTso Chicken on this menu

GeneralTso is on our pizza and it's one of our wing flavors. As far as wingflavors we have Garlic Parmesan, Cajun, even Chipotle! You're notgoing to get all of these flavors anywhere else. Usually it's justyour mild, medium, and hot. We decided to have a large selection offlavors that crossed over to our Chicken Tenders as well.
Iasked Elsie how she felt being a young female business owner intoday's climate and her plans on giving back to the community.

It'samazing, aside from the tremendous support that I have from mybusiness partner I also have two young children that I want them tosee that I was able to do this. I want to build my kids up to knowthat they can have their own. Teaching and showing them that is ahuge thing. It's also important to me that we actuallygive back to the community. When it came to we first touch bases withthe local schools. We gave the kids first dibs on jobs. So we wereable to employ some high school students from Pennsauken High and theVocational schools so we're really happy to get them on board.

Eventhough they're just getting their feet planted in Pennsauken I askedabout any ideas for expanding?

We'reworking on building a franchise and our next stop is Houston, Texasfor September. We are targeting Camden,that's where I'm from and Idefinitely want to go back home with this. We're also looking atAtlanta, Georgia.

As far as possiblyincorporating some local dishes from those states she thinks FlyingCrust has found their niche and there's no plans on switching it up.

Ithink for right now we're sticking to what we got. Right now peopleare loving it, it's already different from anything we have aroundhere. I think we have a winner!

FlyingCrust Pizza & Wings is located at Hours

7709Park Avenue Mon.- Sat. 11 AM - 9 PM

Pennsauken,NJ 08109 Sunday 12 PM - 9 PM


Contactthe Flying Crust At :
Instagram: @flying.crust
F/B: Flying Crust Piza & Wings

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New York Times Best Seller Omar Tyree


New York Times Best Seller Omar Tyree

Philly literary legend talks to The Media Bee about his new e-book series "The American Disease", his upcoming music projects. Plus, I find out if we're ever going to get a "Fly Girl" movie!


FB/Insta: @Themediabee
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Interview: Don Michael Jr. Paints Us His Perspective With 'Splattered Paint'

Don Michael Jr. has been making music and producing since he was a teen, done with living just in liner notes his newest p project Splattered Paint gives you a great taste of his signature sound. The first single, Rainy Parade, features Jase Harley and is gaining traction fast with it's mellow yet danceable sound.

Don Michael Jr.'s latest Album Splattered Paint is out now on all streaming services. Expect the buzz for this album to be around for a while with plenty of visuals to follow. Until then, CLICK THE LINK BELOW for my exclusive interview.

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The Media Bee Show: Funch The Camden Kid Takes His Turn

Hear Funch The Camden Kid thisSaturday on The Media Bee Show talking about his writing andproducing process, the importance of having a strong team, and themagic that happens when a city as critical and resilient as Camdenstands behind you.

Click Link Below To See The MusicVideos for "Shooters" feat. Money Carsin and "Sorry" Available on "My Turn" out now on all streaming platforms!!

Funch The Camden Kid- "Shooters" Ft. Money Carsin

Funch The Camden Kid- "Sorry"

Follow: @funchiePOS900 &@ funch_the_camden_kid on SocialMedia to stay up to date on everything Funch.

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Money Carsin: The State Of The Rap Game


Money Carsin: The State Of The Rap Game

Click Link Below for the FULL interview from The Media Bee Show with Money Carsin telling ushow he got his start in the music industry and his opinion ofthe current state of the rap game.

Catchthe interview with Money Carsin THIS Saturday May 5th during TheMedia Bee Show at 6 pm- 10 pm Est on Evolve Radio! Go to listen or download the FREE EvolveRadio 247 App from your App Store!


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Bianca Ingram On Staying True To Yourself: The Media Bee Show

You don't want to miss my interviewwith top charting recording artist Bianca Ingram!! She's dishing allabout her upcoming project "Assimilation" and just how hardit is to stay true to yourself in the music industry.


Catch the my interview with BiancaIngram THIS Saturday April 7th during The Media Bee Showat 6 pm- 10 pm Est on Evolve Radio! Go to to listen or download the FREE Evolve Radio 247 App from your AppStore!


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The Media Bee Show: Exclusive Interview With Writer/Director Greg McFarland

Tune into my interview with Greg McFarland, the writer and director of the new stage play Behind The Door. Hear him talk about his time as an employee of the justice system and how he turned his feelings of hopelessness into a project of awareness for the community. He speaks about the three characters he created that embodies just some of the hurt and pain that he saw everyday. McFarland describes some of his personal experiences with the incarcerated population and the unseen wars they  faced in the world, and within themselves. He along with his fiancĂ©, Imani Pugh, aim to shed some light on the never ending revolving door of men- a lot of them convicted of petty crimes- that continue to get recycled and never really treated for the traumas that landed them there.

Log onto or download the FREE Evolve Radio APP in your App Store to catch the special The Media Bee Show/Unsigned Hype cross-over interview with Evolve Radio's own Storm!

Behind The Door Debuts On April 6th & 7th @ 7pm And April 8th @ 5 pm At The Community Education Center 3500 Lancaster Avenue Philadelphia, PAClick The Link Below For Your Tickets Now!!


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