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Alec Black
Basic Information
Location:Sanford, Fla.
Birthday:May 15
Short Desc:(NFL) Never Forget Loyalty Ent.
Description:Born May 15th, 1982 in the small town of Waycross Ga. Instead of my first weeks of life being filled with my mothers loving touch and warm kisses, I had to endure long tubes in my nostrils and throat. Born two and a half months premature I began my first battle of overcoming the odds of living life. Once I beat the odds, everyone knew this child would be special! I knew growing up in the small town of Waycross, the chances of being a star, were slim to none, more like nonexistent. However, my mother Thelma Black always kept a positive influence on me. I fell in love with old school music at a young age. My favorite song was "Me and Mrs. Jones". As I grew older I began practicing free-style rap in my bedroom. I would practice alone for hours where I developed my confidence and got my "swagg" down pat. I then began jumping in and out of sessions making a name for myself in my hometown. Still not quite satisfied, I began taking my lyrics from my head to a notepad. As I began to develop my music, my school work was declining. I was kicked out of school weeks before graduation. Instead of transferring to another school, I quit. Like a lot of other young black males, I made the streets my haven. This cost me dearly. Because of wrong decisions, I was incarcerated for a short period of time. It was during my incarceration period that I realized my purpose in life. Coming from a family of singers,I grasped the realization that I was blessed with a GOD given talent, my voice. I knew th

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